Title: wait for me
Uchiha Sasuke x Haruno Sakura
#30 kiss
Word Count: 767
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I probably should have said this when I started this anthology. The lyrics in the summary are from brighter than sunshine, by Aqualung.

And okay, READ THIS (it'll help you understand the story better): so I was watching the trailer for the upcoming Naruto movie in which – according to some stuff I've been reading – Sasuke returns to help Konoha, I think. So um, obviously if he went there, for the sake of canon, he'd have to leave again… So yes.



"Don't worry, you're going to be okay," she said to the pregnant woman who had fallen down a flight of stairs point during the attacks. Sakura smiled warmly at the couple. "And your baby is still perfectly healthy, although we would like to keep you here over night for observation."

The woman nodded and as Sakura walked out of the room, she heard her break into sobs of relief while clutching her husband.

Sakura stifled a yawn as she rolled her stiff shoulders. Two days had gone by since Sasuke and Naruto destroyed the Flying Stone Fortress and its soldiers that were attacking Konoha. Sakura had checked in on Naruto about an hour ago only to find him half way out the window, hoping to run away to Ichiraku for some decent food. She had merely rolled her eyes at his stuttered excuses and walked away, allowing Naruto to leave.

She eyed the room at the end of the hall wearily.

It was Sasuke's.

When her two former teammates had returned to the village beaten and battered, leaning against each other for support, Sakura had immediately rushed over to them to heal.

They went on for a few moments, proudly declaring Sakura should heal the other first, during which Sakura scanned for who had the most life-threatening wounds. Naruto, having the Kyuubi was healing slowly on his own, so Sakura worked on Sasuke first.

Slowly, Sakura opened the door to his room and stepped in.

The lights were off and the room was dark. The only light came from the open window and the moon outside.

Sakura closed the door behind her and walked over to the window. She crossed her arms over her chest and stared at the crescent that stood off in the dark sky. Her gaze lowered down to the torn city. Many of the buildings were in shambles. Much damage had been caused by the invasion and it would take a while for Konoha to return to how it was before.

Behind her, judging by the rustling of clothing, Sasuke was changing out of the hospital gown and back into his own clothes. She heard the clank of his katana as he slipped it between the layers of his belt, confirming that he was fully dressed.

She stiffened immediately when she suddenly felt him standing behind her.

"You don't have to knock me out this time," Sakura murmured, still coolly regarding the city outside.


Sakura turned around to face him and he unexpectedly stepped forward, forcing her back to hit the wall. He was so close, Sakura noticed painfully, feeling his warm breath against her face. She kept her gaze lowered, focusing on the column of his throat to avoid his smoldering eyes. He raised both arms, pressing his hands flat against the wall on either side of her head.

"Are you going back to Orochimaru?" she asked slowly, entranced by the way his Adam's apple bobbed when he swallowed.


"I see." Sakura smiled bitterly, still avoiding his eyes. "Don't worry, Sasuke-kun, I'm not going to try to stop you—"

He cut her off when he kissed her harshly, moving one hand to the back her head and running it through her hair. The back of her lips ground against her teeth at the force of his kiss before he pinched something in her neck causing her to groan into his mouth. He took the opportunity to force his tongue into her mouth, rubbing it against her own. Slowly, she allowed herself to kiss him back, moaning as his other hand began to roam against her body.

Sasuke pulled away when he felt her growing breathless and stepped back to give her more space.

She leaned against the wall as she struggled to catch her breath. "What was that?" Sakura panted, frowning at him.

He merely moved away from her to stand in front of the window. He crouched on the window sill, disregarding the damaged village. He seemed hesitant to jump out and leave, Sakura observed with confusion in her eyes. "Sakura…" he muttered.

Sasuke then looked at her over his shoulder.

"Wait for me."

Her eyes widened a fraction at his request and impulsively, she reached out to grab him before he jumped. "Y—you…" She didn't seem to know what to say, she just didn't want him to go. "I… You… helped save Konoha…"

He waited patiently for her to release her inhuman grip on his shirt. Slowly, she did so.

"Sasuke-kun… thank you."

With a curt nod, he jumped out the window and vanished once more.




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