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Chapter One

Seto sat at his desk doing work on his laptop, when all of a sudden the picture of the one person whom he had feelings for appeared to him and he started sweating and his body began to get excited so bad that his pants became very tight he thought to himself "god, why now why did he have to start thinking about him, and he needed to relieve himself or he thought he would go out of his mind.

Getting up and walking with such pain he went to his door and locked it and then he went over to the couch and sitting down he unzipped his pants and his member sprang out and he wrapped his hand around it and he closed his eyes and imagined that Joey was standing in front of him dirty dancing naked and he started to masturbate and soon he moaning and then he came and semen flowed from the top of his erect member and ran down over his hands and he breathed a sigh of relief.

Seto then closed his eyes and readjusted himself, he then reached for some tissue to wipe off his hands then he stood up walked back to the door and unlocked it and returned to his chair and began working again.

He had been sitting there for over five hours when his eyes felt like they were so heavy and he ran his hand over his eyes and he closed his laptop and put it in the case then he walked to the door opening it and he walked to the elevator and pressing the button the door closed and he ended up in the garage and he walked over to his car got in and told the driver "please take me home."

As the car came to a stop outside the Manor, then driver got out and opened the door and as Seto stood and stretched, he walked up the steps and opening the door he walked in and went up the stairs to his bedroom opened the door and laid down on the bed and as soon as he closed his eyes he was asleep.

He started dreaming and in his dream he and Joey were walking down a long road and they were holding hands and laughing at something that one of them said and then they stopped and Joey turned to him and said "I love you Seto."

Then the alarm went off and Seto sat up so damn fast that he fell out of bed and hit the floor. Sitting there he started laughing and then his door opened and Mokie stood there looking at him as if he had lost his mind.

"Seto why are you on the floor?" He asked while trying not to laugh.

Seto glared at his younger brother and then he said as he was getting off the floor "what do you want?"

Mokie then told him "breakfast is ready and Helga said if we were late she'd throw it out and we'd go to school with an empty stomach." The he turned and ran as Seto threw on of his shoes at him and it hit the wall.

Seto stood there laughing at his brother and then he remembered the erotic dream he had just had and his body began to get hard and he groaned and whimpered "not again."

He then walked to his bathroom and took a cold shower which didn't help and he stood there under the cold water and willed his body to mind and then when he was able he got out, dried off and changed for school and went downstairs to the kitchen and had breakfast.

As he and his brother sat in the limo and the driver took them to school he closed his eyes and there he was again, the image of Joey teasing him till his body started to react and he moaned out loud. "Seto what's wrong are you sick?" Mokie asked him.

Seto took a deep breath and he said "nothing I'm just thinking about the Algebra test we are having this morning." Mokie knew that something else was bothering his brother but decided to let it pass and he said "Seto, you're a genius when it comes to numbers you'll do great on that test."

Seto opened his eyes and he looked at his brother and said "thanks Mokie." Mokuba's eyes fill with tears whenever his brother used his special name he had give him younger brother when they had been in the Orphanage and at times like now he would still us that name.

The driver stopped outside the school and opening the door he said "we're here." Seto and Mokuba got out and Seto turned to the driver and what he said bothered not only the driver but Mokuba, he said "thanks." Which was something that Seto almost never said to any of the people working for him either at Kaiba Corp. or at the Manor.

The driver bowed and said "you're welcome" then he got back into the limo and went back to the Manor.

Seto and Mokuba walked down the halls of the school and Mokie went to join some of his friends, while Seto went to sit alone till the class began. That was the biggest difference between the two brothers. Mokuba knew how to make friends, while Seto had thought that it was a big waste of his time to even thing of letting anyone get near to him.

Mr. Hall opened the classroom and they all walked inside and went to their desks and waited for him to begin class. Joey sat on the other side of the room with Tristan in front of him and Yugi behind him. Seto sat in the back of the class and if he looked he could see Joey sitting there and he'd get so excited that at times it was painful to sit through class.

Most of the time he tried to hear what Mr. Hall was saying or he was busy with business on his laptop, but then he would hear Joey's laughter as it rang through the class and he'd have to close his eyes and pray that his body wouldn't embarrass him if he had to get up and walk.

Today Mr. Hall announced "class we are going to be divided into pairs and then each pair is going to be given an assignment to find out everything each pair can on the subject they are given. This will count as twenty-five percent of you grade, so I hope that each pair really puts their effort into this.

Then he started announcing who each pair would be and then he said "Joey Wheeler and Seto Kaiba."

There was complete silence in the class room and then Joey turned around to look in Seto's direction and when their eyes met, Seto's body betrayed him again and it took every ounce of strength that he had not to groan out loud.

What Seto didn't know was that in some weird way Joey had been thinking about him too, but without the erotic dreams, even though his body did get hard when he did think about Seto.

The bell rang signaling the end of class and Seto was putting his laptop away when he heard "well Kaiba I guess we're in this together. How do we do this? Do we meet at the library and do research there or where do you want to meet?"

Seto wanted to die, but he said "we can meet at my place we have an extensive library and we can do the research in relative peace and quiet." Joey then said "tomorrow alright with you?"

Seto said "that would be just fine" and then he had to get out of that classroom and somewhere he could breathe and oh, god what he just said? Joey was coming over to the Manor, how would he be able to handle this? He closed his eyes and walked or tried to walk to his next class. Thankfully Wheeler was going to be there.

Seto finally got through the rest of the day without making a scene and as he and Mokuba rode home in the limo he thought about how he was going to handle being that close to Wheeler.

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