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Chapter Twenty-Five

It has been five years since the Wedding of Seto and Joey and there have been a few things that have happened to the people of Domino especially to the ones living at the Manor. This is what happened………

The first thing that happened was:

Serenity is now seventeen and today she's decided to talk to her brother and father about the real reason behind her mothers death. She's terrified to know but needs to know so she asked to talk to them in private.

When Joey closed the door to the den and turned to face his sister he knew that what was going to happen today would change their lives dramatically. Serenity stood by the desk for support as she took a deep breathe and let it out slowly as she looked directly at her brother and said "How did momma really die?"

Joey stood there for a second trying to get the courage to tell his sister and then he spoke "You remember when momma left you here with dad and me and went to Paris? Well she went to live with her Uncle Pierre and for awhile things were going alrightbetween them, then one day I guess he snapped and that's when it happened. He started using momma as a sexual toy and he really hurt her badly, so badly that the doctors couldn't save her."

Tears were flowing down their faces as Joey told them both what really happened and then Serenity went over to her brother and she hugged him and said "Thank you for loving me enough not to tell me the truth when I was younger and for telling me the truth now. I know how much it took for you to keep the truth from me and for that I will be forever grateful."

They all stood there holding onto each other for support and strength that had kept them all going since the death of Linda Wheeler.

The second thing that happened was:

Hank and Marsh had been seeing each other for awhile now and their daughters have become closer too, so Hank decided to pop the question and ask Marsh to marry him and when she did, well she accepted and so two weeks ago Hank and Marsh had a small ceremony and they got married. Now they live in a really quaint house that was actually built to accommodate the owner who was blind, so it was perfect for them. It was a single level home with three bedroom and two and a half baths, a large kitchen that Marsh loved and it was just so perfect for their family. One thing else, Marsh is expecting twins in three months and their daughters are estatic as well as the happy daddy.

The third thing that happened was:

Roland and Sylvia got married at her parents home in Tokyo and her parents invited everyone to come and stay with them till after the Wedding. It was small and very beautiful and both Seto and Mokuba love Sylvia and visa versa. They now live at the Manor in the beautiful house that Roland had built with the help from a few of his friends. They are now trying to adopt two little girls and it looks really good, so good in fact that maybe in the next few days they will be the parents of twin daughter.

The forth thing to happen was:

Helga had started dating Solomon Motou and they decided to get married just because loved each other and didn't give a damn what anyone else thought. Well everyone at the Manor and Solomon's grandson and Yami as well as Arthur Hawkins loved the idea and that's all that counts.

One more thing happened to someone:

Mai gave birth to a bouncing baby boy and they named him after his grandfather who had passed away in his sleep three months before he was born. They named their son James Willis Hartgrove.(I don't know what Valon's last name us so I used Hartgrove.)

Now I saved the best for last:

Serenity, Julie and Mokuba are all going to be graduating soon from High School with just one little difference, Mokuba has asked Serenity to marry him and she accepted. They are waiting till after College to marry but he gave her an engagement ring when he poposed. The three of them share a dorm room together so that Mokuba can keep his lady and her sister safe from the other guys there.

They will marry and Serenity and Mokuba will become the proud parents of three children, one girl and two boys. Joey and Seto have decided to follow in Roland and Sylvia's footsteps and they're adopting a little boy and girl……

Up in heaven is an angel that sits there smiling down on her family and extended family and sends them her love everyday. She's very proud of all of them especially her little girl who faced all the torment and hell that she was given at such an young age and become the beautiful woman she is today………..

THE END……………..

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