Demon Body, Human Heart


Prologue: A Bad Omen


Inuyasha glanced towards Kagome, his gaze soft. He

didn't understand it. This girl managed to affect him

in ways that shouldn't be possible. She treated him

with unaccustomed tenderness. UNDESERVED tenderness.

He didn't understand. When she was near, he wanted

nothing more than to hold her. His heart was torn

from his chest every time he saw her cry. Such things

shouldn't affect a great demon such as himself.

He wasn't paying much attention to what was going on

around him as he turned and stared into the fire. He

didn't understand these feelings. He shouldn't feel

anything for her, yet...she was important to him. He

wanted to protect her like nothing else. Even

Kikyou. It had never been like this with her. This

felt so...he didn't know how it felt, but he knew it

was getting harder to put out a legible sentence

around her. He'd spoken to Myoga about it, and the

old flea had readily named it.


But he loved Kikyou. Even if he was in love with

Kagome, it hadn't felt this way with Kikyou and he

knew he'd loved her too. He frowned, noting the fire

was barely embers now. He picked up a few sticks and

dropped them on it, blowing into the fire.

It lit brightly, the dryness from the drought causing

the brittle limbs to catch quickly. He stared into

nothing, wondering why they lit a fire when it was so

god awfully hot outside anyways. He glanced towards

Kagome who was sitting, slumped, with one of her

spell books in her lap and frowned. "Can I put this

out?" He asked.

No response.

She stared at the page blankly, as if she weren't

totally there.

Inuyasha crawled towards her and gently shook her.

"Kagome? Can I put out the fire; it's too hot for


She snapped out of her dazed state and looked back at

him. "Oh, it's you..." She shivered slightly and

nodded. "Sure...I just needed the light. I think I'm going to sleep."

He looked at her worriedly and scooped some dry dirt

onto the fire. "I still can't believe you want us to

go back to the village now..."

She yawned, curling up on the sleeping bag.

"Yes...but...if we don't, they could die..." She

murmured, her eyes closing slowly. "'Sides, if we go

back...I can go home...get water..." She slowly

drifted into sleep, unaware that Inuyasha was watching

her, quite contently.

Inuyasha knelt beside her head, looking down at her

peaceful face. He wore only his hakama as it was too

hot, as did Miroku and Shippou. Sango had traded her

kimono in for a outfit similar to Kagome's. She'd

called them shorts and tank tops. He shrugged,

looking at her hair, wondering how even in a drought,

she managed to find springs and such to bathe in. Her

skin was slightly dusty, yet, she looked clean. Her

healthy glow shone brighter in the moonlight.

Without realizing what he was doing, he gently brushed

her hair from her face, his fingers caressing her face

as they returned to him. She was important to him,

but he didn't know why. How could such an irritating

child steal his heart? It shouldn't be possible.

Perhaps it was her compassion that made his words turn

to gibberish, or her protectiveness that made his

heart race. Her obvious feelings for him. She didn't

hide them well. He wasn't sure if he was much better

at concealing his own, though. After all, Myoga had

figured it out.

He looked into the skies and frowned. The bare tree

beside where Kagome lay held hundreds of crows. The

symbol of death. His eyes narrowed. He grabbed

Kagome's hand desperately. They wouldn't take her

away from him. She was HIS. He'd be dammed if he let

anyone take her away.

He slowly released her hand and picked up a rock,

hurling it up the tree and hit the truck, not far from

a crows head. He gave the birds a harsh stare and

picked up another rock. They took to the sky.

To his surprise, they flew in the direction they were

headed. Towards Kaede's village. From where nearby a

neat column of smoke rose from his forest. His eyes


This was a *very* bad omen.

Very bad...


End Prologue


Author's Notes: Bwahahaha! Revisions begun! My author's

notes are going to be changed, and I'm going through for spelling

and grammar errors (Most of the grammar errors wont get

changed, because some people LIKE sentence fragments!) In later

chapters, I'm probably going to be doing major edits (like

additions and such), things I'd been going to put in, but never got

around to doing, ya know. No changes in the story, just the

possibility of added scenes. Enjoy! ~DemonSaya~