Demon Body, Human Heart By DemonSaya

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Chapter 16: Purification


Inuyasha stared up at Kagome's face as the light exploded from her. Her eyes were glowing and her face was blank. His eyes widened as he felt the pain seeping from him and looked down noticing the bleeding had stopped entirely.

Kagome stared at Inuyasha without seeing him. Instead, she was seeing a woman she'd seen once before smiling at her gently. She didn't hear the high pitched ringing that everyone else heard, and instead, she heard a gentle voice whispering thanks to her. She didn't see the jewel complete it's form without being touched, although it floated directly between Inuyasha and Kagome's faces.

Sesshoumaru winced at the bright light but didn't look away. This was something one didn't see often, and he was determined he was going to watch it till it's last moment. The light burned his eyes, yet it felt as though it were reaching in and touching his own heart. He kept his face emotionless, but deep down, he was close to tears.

Miroku and Sango had no problem expressing the tears which flowed down their faces. They also stared into the light, unafraid. They could feel the pain being pulled from their body and stared at Kagome, who was at the center of it all, her hair flowing around her.

Naraku and Kikyou had very different reactions. They combined their powers, trying to sheild themselves from the purity of the girl who's purity would no doubt destroy them all. It wasn't enough though.

"NO!" Kikyou screamed as the barrier was crushed and she felt the pain of all the evil she'd done came rushing back to her. She felt Inuyasha's pain at her betrayal as she'd tried to kill him all those times. She felt the confusion of the souls she'd snatched from their dead bodies, rather than letting them move on and be reborn. Everything came rushing in on her at once and she felt her heart explode as she wasn't strong enough to fight the purity of the girl before her.

Her body disintegrated as if a nuclear bomb had detonated inside her stomach.

Naraku wasn't as lucky. He felt Onigumo's heart clawing at him, and all Onigumo's evilness as well as the hearts and evilness of the demon's he'd absorbed in all that time came bubbling to the surface and all their feelings of regret grasped him, ripping his soul apart, and destroying his mind. With an animal-like shriek, he flew apart, then was rebuilt, and flew apart again, but he couldn't absorb the body of this person into himself, because the girls purity wouldn't let him. Finally, his entire being disappeared into a whisp of smoke.

Inuyasha stared up at Kagome, his eyes concerned as her body mocked gravity by floating above the ground and righting itself. He stood up, watching as she hung there, suspended in midair, her arms flung wide, her eyes shining with an alien light. The white kimono billowed around her as if moved by an unseen wind.

Had Inuyasha been able to look in a mirror, he would have seen he was completely human at the moment, despite it not being the new moon. "Kagome..." He whispered, and almost reached towards her.

Her eyes rolled back and she screamed as power exploded from her once more. She threw her arms wider and felt as if her body would burn away like paper. She heard Inuyasha calling out to her and tried to respond to him, but she couldn't will her lips to move.

Sesshoumaru put a hand around Inuyasha's wrist, and Inuyasha looked towards his now human brother in confused shock. "Ningen?!"

"You too. And the kit as well." He brushed his long black hair over his shoulder and looked at Kagome through intense blue eyes. "It's only temporary, though."

"Is Kagome alright?!" Inuyasha insisted, his eyes worried.

Sesshoumaru looked towards Inuyasha. "Trust her. Would she ever leave you?"

Sango felt a hand touch her hair and looked up, surprised to see the big innocent eyes of her younger brother looking down at her. "Kohaku..." She whispered.

"Anee-ue..." he whispered, then smiled, throwing his arms around her neck.

Miroku watched the pair embrace and noticed he didn't feel the normal pull of the air rip anymore. Cautiously he unwound the rosary and looked down at his open palm. The hole was gone. The abyss was no more. Tears of joy leaked from his eyes and he fell to the ground beside Sango and kissed her full on the lips.

Sango blushed when she heard her brother giggle.

"It's about time you got a husband, anee-ue." Kohaku teased softly, regretting what he did, but happy to be reunited with his sister.

Finally, the light dimmed and faded, and Kagome dropped to the ground, caught only by Inuyasha's arms. He gently pillowed her fall, his hand lacing with hers as they fell. He felt her pulse pounding erratically in her palm and let his head fall back to the ground beneath them. "Kagome..." He whispered, stroking her hair tenderly, his eyes letting happy tears fall down his cheeks.

She had been so beautiful with the waves of power caressing her, and flying around her. She looked like a regal priestess, and even now, drained and limp on him, he'd never thought she'd ever looked more beautiful.

Kagome opened her eyes painfully. "Inu...Yasha?" she whispered, looking up at him, physically exhausted feeling like she'd done a two kilometer swim alone.

He sat and pulled her onto her lap, staring down into her pale face, though her cheeks were flushed with red. He cupped her face in his hand and gave her a teary smile. "Are you real?" He asked softly. "Am I allowed to have you?" He stroked her cheek with his thumb and watched her smile gently.

"Do I feel real?" She whispered, too tired to get her voice any higher than that. She couldn't even muster the strength to lift her hand to his.

He leaned down, kissing her passionately. Her lips responded as willingly as the first time, yet parting and giving him permission to taste her mouth. He licked her lips and caressed her tongue with his own, then pulled back. "You are real..." He murmered, leaning down to kiss her all over again.


Kagome snuck from Kaede's, and hopped on her bike, pedalling quickly towards the well. Her bag was on her shoulders, and she glanced behind her, seeing Inuyasha's white and red form racing towards her. She eeped softly, pedalling all the faster.

"Dammit, bitch, come back here!" Inuyasha yelled, his eyes holding a wicked glint as he chased her.

"I TOLD you, Inuyasha!" She cried back. "I HAVE to go home! I have a TEST!"

It had been over a month since the battle against Naraku, and Inuyasha had kept Kagome as sheltered as he could while he could. Within two weeks, she was able to move around again, slowly, and by the end of the third week, she was able to go on pleasant walks with him in the hot air.

The grass was still green from her power exploding, and Kagome didn't want to try to assume how far her powers had reached. It didn't matter. They had awoken due to her desire to protect her loved ones.

"Keh! What do I care about your stupid tests?!"

"GRRRR!" She glared back at him and eeped when hands caught her around the middle and tackled her off the bike. "KYAAA!" She cried, pretending to fight him as he pinned her to the ground.

The pair rolled around a bit, pretending to be wrestling with each other, until finally, Inuyasha pinned Kagome's hands over her head. "HAH!" He cried triumphantly. "Do you yield?!"

"NEVER!" She cried, then burst into laughter as he began to gently tickle her ribs with his claws. They wrestled a bit more, till Kagome was over him, straddling his waist and pinning him down, although he hadn't given her much of a struggle. She stared down at him, finally releasing his hands and snuggling against him as his arms wrapped around her.

"Promise you'll come back soon?" He murmered against her hair, his hands running through her inky black hair. He inhaled her scent deeply, his eyes closing completely. When they reopened, he almost had to sheild his eyes. "You're glowing again..." He teased.

She smiled, caressing his face. "I'm happy, Inuyasha." She murmered, curling up against him. "I'll be back as soon as I can. All that time in bed gave me pleanty of time to study, so I should be okay, I'll be gone two days at the most."

He stroked her side, his thumb rubbing the soft flesh of her waist. "I hate being away from you...even for a moment." He said softly, his eyes softening as he stared at her.

She gave him a gentle peck on the cheek. "I never said you couldn't come with me." She said softly, giving him her most tender smile.

His heart jumped in his chest and he smiled. "Then why did you run off this morning?"

"Because I knew you'd follow."

"You just wanted an excuse to wrestle on the ground with me." He teased.

She blushed, smiling shyly. "Maybe..."

Something fell from the sky and splattered against Inuyasha's chest and he looked up, noticing the dark clouds covering the sky. "Ame..." He said softly, as the gentle patter began around them.

Kagome smiled at him. "Inuyasha, let's go."

He smiled, nodding at her. "Hai."


Sango and Miroku were about a mile away from the village when the rain started. They ran as quickly as they could to the shelter of Go Shinboku, although they were already soaked by the time they reached it.

Miroku was walking with his hand free for the first time. Sango was holding it with tenderness and they talked of what would be a bright future together.

After a few moments, Sango stepped from the shelter of the tree and spread her arms, lifting her face to the rain. "Miroku." She said softly, looking at them, her eyes smiling gently. "I have something I need to tell you."

He joined her in the rain, his face worried. "Sango?" The night before they had gotten to Naraku's castle, also the night they had found Sango, and the pair had confessed their love for each other, they had shared bodies, and now he was afraid he'd ruined her feelings for him. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." She said with a happy smile. She touched his face gently, caressing it. "I'm.I'm just." She blushed furiously, then looked down. "I got a little sick a few days ago, remember?"

And every morning since, he finished silently. Instead, he just nodded.

She blushed slightly again. "I talked to Kaede-obasan.and she said.I'm." She felt him clasp her hand tightly.

He was totally terrified. "Sango, for buddah's sake, TELL me! You're driving me mad." He pulled her tightly in his arms, shaking. Don't be dying.he prayed silently.

She giggled softly, lifting her lips to his ear. "I'm pregnant." She whispered, and giggled when he picked her up and spun her around.

"Oh, Sango!"

She opened her mouth to speak, but his lips sealed over hers in kiss that curled her toes. Oh, well. She thought with a shrug. I guess the rest can wait till later.


Kagome pointed her puppy eared companion to her window and watched as he jumped up. Then, she walked in, calling out a cheerful 'Tadaima'.

"Okaeri nasai, Kagome-chan. What happened in Sengoku period?"

Kagome paused, looking towards her mother and smiling, while her mind ran through all the things that had happened since she'd last been home. "Oh.nothing much." She ran upstairs and collapsed beside Inuyasha on her bed, shaking with laughter.

"What's so funny?" He asked, looking over at her and putting an arm around her shoulder.

"My mom wanted to know what happened in your world!" She giggled against his chest.

He chuckled. "Don't want her to worry too much, hm.she might not let you go back." He said, gently kissing her forehead.

"Grandpa would have me exorcized." She laughed harder, snuggling up to his side. "Hmmmm."

He smiled, kissing her temple as she dozed off on his shoulder, her face still flushed with laughter. "Aishiteru, Kagome."

"'shiteru, Inuyasha." She murmured, half-asleep already.


Somewhere, not far from the Higurashi shrine, an ancient evil stirred, causing birds to take to the sky and fly away in terror. It had found a new host, a new human corrupted by hatred, a new soul to corrupt.

Naraku had returned.


Owari (?)


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