the sequel nobody's been waiting for

Beckett's on the run.

Elizabeth's in trouble.

Armed with nothing but their wits, a baby and a broken gun,

another crazy escapade ensues with our bantering duo...

With lives hanging in the balance, can they learn to trust each other?

Of course not.

Yes! Beckett and Elizabeth will soon be back in a second adventure, full of deception, motherly love, drama, handcuffs and full-on insanity. The sequel will be to the original ending--the one where Beckett leaves the island; there isn't really anything that can continue the other ending. In the Alternative Universe, Beckett runs off to join the navy.

In the Alternative Universe, Beckett tries for a new life.

In the Alternative Universe, Beckett's new life ends up leading straight to certain death if he's not careful. Things are about to get messy in the cushy life that Beckett planned out for himself. He ends up alone. On the run. Wanted by every soldier in the country. He has nothing to bargain with, and nobody to run to.

...or does he?

Cue cheesy theme muic! The first chapter will be up tomorrow[Addition: It's out now!

It just so happens that an unfortunate twist of fate brings Beckett crashing back into Elizabeth's peaceful world, and again, they are both dropped straight into a complete madness that they can't get out of--but this time, lives are at risk, and the air runs thick with blackmail and lies, especially thanks to an unknown man who's making it oh-so-harder. Oh dear--fate just wont leave them alone, will it?

Yup. This probably wont be as popular as the original. They never are. But those plot bunnies just demand to be let out. So let's see what happens, eh? I've managed to sort the entire plot in my head--so now it's time for the sequel; the Runaways. It will, of course, be posted as another story. Exam times are coming around, so the updates may be less frequent--I'll try my best to come online for ten minutes or so and post up a chapter a day, though, and reply to the reivews... that is, if I get any. ;)

squeeks x