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What's your problem? Can't you see it? And you go and blow it. Like everyone knows you will.

Don't leave this rock unturned cause you could like what you find. A sure shot hit with your name attached to it. Will you keep me in mind? I won't cast the first stone. Or leave the first mark. But I will leave a lasting impression. You believe what you want. And you said what's been said. And I do hope you learn a lesson (do hope you learn a lesson).

What's your problem? Can't you see it? And you go and blow it. Like everyone knows you will.

What's your problem? Can't you see it? And you go and blow it. Like everyone knows you will.

Allen finished singing and Lavi and Linalee wrapped up the song with their solos.

"Great practice guys," Allen said. "We're some serious rockers!"

"Yeah," Lavi said. "Despite the facts that we're pretty much high school nobodies."

"Don't say stuff like that Lavi," Linalee said hitting his arm. "We'll get somewhere in life."

"Yeah, playing as the opening gig for the House of Blues," Lavi said slumping down on the couch in Allen's garage.

"It could be worse." Allen said.

"How could it be worse?" Lavi asked.

"You could be Kanda," Linalee butt in.

The boys smiled at the thought of their classmate. Kanda was a sulky boy who was quite often alone. He was a year older than them, but had been held back a year because he usually didn't show up for class. When he did show up for class he was unprepared and never really accomplished anything. He would just sit in the back and write in his little notebook. Rumor was that it held secret family spells that he could use to kill you.

"I so wish I could see what's in that notebook of his," Lavi said.

"I so wish my boyfriend would grow up," Linalee said sitting down beside him, kissing him on his cheek.

"I so wish you two would get a room," Allen said sitting between them. "No PDA on my couch please."

"Why? Just cause you don't have anyone to perform sexual acts with doesn't mean we should stop." Lavi said.

"Seriously Allen. All the girls talk about how hot you are in the change room. Why don't you just date one already?" Linalee said.

"What do they say about me?" Lavi asked.

"You don't need to know sweetie." Linalee said.

"That's girl code for nothin'!" Allen said poking at his friend. "And honestly Linalee, they just want my body. They want nothing to do with my troubled artist soul."

"What are you, a chick? When the hell did you get a 'troubled artist soul'?" Lavi asked.

"When I found out it was dark and mysterious and made me seem like a real rock star."

"Or you're gay," Lavi said bluntly.

"WHAT! I'm not gay," Allen said falling sideways.

"Think about it, you've never made any indication of having feelings before." Lavi said.

"He's right now that I think about it." Linalee said agreeing with Lavi.

"And you never took a girl to a school dance, even when the most popular girl asked you."

"He's right again."

"And you never stole Victoria Secret magazines to jack off too."

"Aga- what?"

"Oh, nothing Linalee, just an inside joke," Lavi said laughing.

"Linalee," Allen said in his announcer voice. "It's 11 o'clock. Do you know where your panty magazines are?"

"Shut up Allen." Lavi said.

"Linalee," Allen said continuing. "It's 12 o'clock. Do you know where your panties are?"

"Allen, SHIT UP!!!"

"Linalee," Allen said one more time. "It's 1 o'clock. Do you know who your boyfriend is killing?"

"You," Linalee said.

"Yeah I know. Sucks to be me don't it?" Allen said jumping up and running away from a deranged Lavi. "Run, run as fast as you can. You can't catch me I'm the sexiest man!" he yelled.


Yuu Kanda sneezed. Someone was taking about him.

"Tiedeul!" Kanda yelled.

"Yes?" he called back.

"Give me a three digit number!" he yelled back up.


Kanda did the math in his head and counted out the letters. L.

"So either Lavi, or Linalee, or both of them are talking about me. And Allen's probably with them. Which means that Allen's talking about me too," Kanda blushed slightly at this thought. A lot of people thought he was a creepy gothic dude who wrote down names of people to kill later on. He was actually drawing most of the time. His subject? Allen Walker. He hadn't figured it out until grade eleven. He loved the boy. HE thought he was safe though because he only had music class with Allen because he had taken it a year late. Unfortunately the shock of finding out that he was gay he had stopped coming to school for a while and had flunked in the end. Now he was back for his fifth year and was in the same English class as Allen.

Kanda sighed dragging himself up the stairs to his room.

"Where are you going?" his adoptive father asked.

"To my room to mope," he said.

"When you say 'mope' do you really mean fantasize about Allen?"

Kanda stopped in his tracks. "What did you say?"

"Isn't Allen the boy you have a crush on?"

"How did you find out about that?" Kanda said blushing.

"When you started moaning 'Oh, Allen' and 'Allen, do you like it when I touch you there?' and 'God Allen, your so tight'. It's like free porn."

"That's it, no more poker nights with Cross. He corrupts your soul."

"Why don't you come to one of our poker nights?"

"What could possibly make me go to a poker night with you guys?"

"Well, Cross is Allen's uncle and Allen comes. Actually now that I think about it, Allen's always the one that wins. He actually owned half the house at one point."

"What do you mean he owned half the house?" Kanda asked.

"We, I ran out of money so I put up half the deed to the house and he won it. He gave it back though. For a price."

"And what was the price?"

"I had to give him all the old furniture so that he could make his house better."

"He lives on his own at eighteen?" Kanda said. 'I live with my adoptive father at the age of nineteen.' He thought.

"Of course not. He lives with his two friends. Oh what are there names?"

"Lavi and Linalee."

"Yes. Those are there names. They have their own band you know. Call themselves Moyashi."

Kanda was already well aware that Allen had started a band with his friends. He often heard the younger boy talking about small bar jigs and new lyrics. Allen was the singer, Lavi played bass, and Linalee was on the drums. Kanda himself played the keyboard but he didn't want to make it seem like he wanted to be part of the band.

"I'm going to bed," Kanda said for the second time that night.

"Sweet dreams," Tiedeul called.

"Oh shut up," Kanda said storming up the stairs.

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