A/N: Wow. I'm weird, but my friends all love it, so I present to you….THE SNAPE RAP.


My name is Severus Snape

And I live in the Hood

Y'all thought I was bad

But really I'm good

I was a Death Eater

Returned to Dumbledore's side

Told Riddle I was faithful

Well, sorry, I lied!

That crazy Dark Wizard,

He killed my girl.

Me, stay on his side?

The thought makes me hurl.

She had emerald eyes

And lovely dark red hair

She was a Muggleborn

But I really didn't care.

She loved James Potter

And she had his kid

I told Voldy not to kill her

But—guess what?—he did.

So I joined the light

And I fought with my head

Then the Dark Lord took his snake

And it killed me dead.

So the last thing I saw

As I fled these mortal skies

In James Potter's face

Were Lily's green eyes.