Ahem, just to make it formal…

Surprise! I'm back!

You guys...wow. I honestly didn't think I was going to come back. Some personal stuff just kept interfering and I just never had time to write anymore. I know I said I could never quit it, but it was just becoming impossible for me to do anything. I guess you could also say I was a little burnt out. And then I came back to find all of these positive comments and the fire was rekindled bigger and better than ever!!! Honestly I've never been this fired up before about writing :)

So over the next few days I'll be working on editing and refining the chapters I've already written, fixing little mistakes, changing some wording, etc. And then next week I'll be working on writing the next chapter!! Now, I'm not sure when it'll actually be ready because I'll probably taking it slow for a while, but it'll be there.

Okay so a few notes:

1) If you noticed, I changed my pen name. The story is on my profile. If you really care that much, check it out.

2) A million thanks for all the reviews you guys! It really means so much to me. Kaylee your comment really stood out to me. That's the sweetest thing someone has told me about my writing! I doubt Stephenie would care about a fanfic I wrote about her book, but one of my future goals is to write my own book. :) Now that's just one person who stood out particularly but you all are so amazing and helpful! I wish I could put an individual thank you in this note to everyone who reviewed, but I'm trying to keep it under a page... ;)

3) Speaking of helpful, Justin, thanks so much for pointing those things out! I probably never would have noticed! (The ride to Port Angeles is one of the scenes I'll be changing. What I was trying to say is that she sang along to various songs on the radio for the entirety of the car trip. Of course I knew what I meant but now that I've gone back and read it I see how it's confusing) :) Also I hate to disappoint, but it's going to be pretty different from the book. Originally, it was going to follow the exact same track as Twilight, but once I kinda got into Alice's character more I realized that Bella just does things that I can't see Alice ever doing. And I got bored.

Well that was a lot longer and more detailed than I'd initially planned...

So sit back, relax, and give yourself a pat on the back for helping me get back in the game!