The Complete User's Guide

A/N: Yep, a USER's guide for ATLA… there must be one in every selection but here by now So, since I had this mostly planned out before I turned in my laptop for the summer and AWDS is hitting especially hard this year-

+EDIT, 07+ OK, computer back, new season starting in, oh about an hour… lets get this ball rollin'!

Disclaimer : I own zip. Really. I barely own this idea. I do, however, own a MAI who would be more than happy to attack you.


Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of an AANG. To be sure that he is a happy little monk, follow these instructions carefully.


Name: AANG

Element/Nation: AIRBENDER

Height: if he'd come off that air-scooter, I'd tell you

Weight: light

Putting Your AANG Together:

You should have a small cardboard box. Don't freak out, your AANG is fine. He's probably daydreaming about KATARA or penguin-sledding.

1) Open the box

2) Place box at top of hill (we recommend the SouthPole Play-set)

3)Add a penguin. If your AANG still does not emerge, place a KATARA outside as well.

4)He will then ask you to go penguin-sledding; accept

5)Your AANG will become content and associate you with OWNER

Cool Things That Your New AANG Comes With

You will not have to spend oodles of time and money on your AANG. He comes with many things to keep him entertained even when you don't want to ride Elephant-Koi or play Air-ball.

Orange-and-Yellow Airbending clothes

Brown Airbending boots (2x)

Airbending Glider/Staff- to be used outdoors, doubles as an excellent nutcracker

Appa (+)- Now with Improved Snot-Shooting Action!- six-legged, 3 ton, flying monster. Great for long trips

Momo- a clever little lemur, perfect for cuddling. We are not held responsible for any stolen foodstuffs

Multi-propose Disguise Kit- curtisey of Appa! Need a disguise fast? AANG's got you covered…

(+)Now with Improved Snot-Shooting Action!

Cool Things That Your AANG Can Do

Airbending tricks- just give him a marble and watch him go!

Water-bending: good for cleaning out a room (room may not actully be 'cleaned' but more along the lines of 'flooded')

Earth-bending: he's still new at this, so you may want to purchase a TOPH to teach him (we are not held responsible for the solo/combined damages this may/will possibly/defiantly will cause..)

AVATAR State: for outside use only- use at your own peril

Peace-keeper: pretty self-explanatory

Prankster: despite being the world's last hope, your AANG is still a 12-year-old and loves his- AANG! NOT WHILE I'M WRITING! (water-balloon exploding noise, laughter- pranks…

Compatibility With Other CHARACTERS

SOKKA- COMPATIBLE, they are friends

KATARA-COMPATIBLE, he has a huge crush on her… only friends

TOPH- COMPATIBLE, they are friends… during Earthbending lessons, not so much

ZUKO- SEMI-COMPATIBLE, ZUKO once rescued AANG but ZUKO still wants to capture him; could become friends…?

IROH- COMPATIBLE, everyone likes an IROH!

SUKKI- COMPATIBLE, SUKKI respects AANG not only as the AVATAR but as a friend

AZLUA- DEFINITELY NOT COMPATIBLE- the thought them being even remotely friendly scares most OWNERs out of their minds

MAI- NOT COMPATIBLE as she is part of the 'Ozai's Angels COLLECTION' (and far too gloomy for your AANG)

TY-LEE- NOT COMPATIBLE as she is part of the 'Ozai's Angels COLLECTION', otherwise, they would probably be friends


(Limited Addition) FOAMY!!! tm COM-actually, we're not sure. Prolonged exposure may cause extensive foaming to your FOAMY!!!tm


Q: My AANG is acting all depressed and mopey. He's just no fun anymore! Can I return him?

A: Your AANG has lost his Appa! This is huge emotional blow to your AANG, and you must replace the Appa right away. Call our toll free number at our Desert Office to receive a new Appa. (If your new Appa is sandy, it might even be the same one!)

Q: My AANG is acting weird. He won't bend, is eating lots of meat, and says he wants to kick FireNation butt! And he seems taller too. Please tell me what to do!

A: This is not an AANG! Your SOKKA is (poorly) disguised as an AANG as part of a secret plan to protect the AVATAR mode. If you have any FireNation CHARACTERS, I suggest you hid them until you foil the GAang's plot!


Seeing as your AANG is a Limited Addition AVATAR tm CHARACTER, why would you want to return him?


A/N: This was fun to do, and I hope fun to read as well! I'm thinking of either KATARA or SOKKA next…

If you have any suggestions, please feel to review or PM me! (Also, I'll have to make up questions on my own unless you suggest some. Hint, hint.)


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