The Complete User's Guide to ATLA


Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a SOKKA. To be sure that he is a happy little warrior, follow these instructions carefully.



Element/Nation: WATER TRIBE

Height: tall enough to be the tallest in the GAANG

Weight: heavy-ish

Putting Your SOKKA Together:

You should have a small cardboard box. Don't freak out, your SOKKA is fine, he's probably sleeping again.

1) Open the box.

2) Place meat outside of box.

3) Blow bullet-horn.

4) SOKKA will emerge and eat the meat.

5) Your SOKKA will become content and associate you with OWNER

Cool Things That Your New SOKKA Comes With

You will not have to spend oodles of time and money on your SOKKA. He comes with many things to keep him entertained when you run out of meaty foods.

WaterTribe Club (1x) good for well, clubbing

WaterTribe Boomerang (1x) your SOKKA is very protective of his boomerang- DO NOT LOSE IT!

Warrior's Wolf-tail – it's fun and perky!

WaterTribe pants (1x- prone to ripping), shirt (1x), parka (1x), and boots (2x)

Kysoshi Traditional Warrior Dress (1x) (kinky)

Cool Things That Your SOKKA Can Do

Sleep – well, what did you expect? It's a SOKKA!

Mechanic – if he can disable giant drills and other FireNation war machinery, he can definitely help you fix your sink! (We hope- have we mentioned that we can't be held responsible for your SOKKA?)

Brother Mode – what better mode to protect your KATARA from characters like JET? Especially JET…

Warrior- he's the best in the entire South Pole! (also the only warrior in the South Pole, but don't tell him that you know)

Sarcasm- it's his best feature. Really.

Compatibility With Other CHARACTERS

KATARA- COMPATIBLE, as they are sibling units


SUKKI- VERY COMPATIBLE unless training and SUKKI kicks your SOKKA's but

TOPH- COMPATIBLE until TOPH 'accidentally' kicks SOKKA's but in training, fighting, or mocks him

ZUKO- NOT COMPATIBLE especially since he discovered 'Zutara'

JET- NOT COMPATIBLE, particularly when KATARA is near a JET

HARU- NOT COMPATIBLE as HARU is wimp and pretty boy


AZLUA- NOT COMPATIBLE- not only is she FireNation, but she is trying to take over the world. Also because she is part of the special 'Ozai's Angels COLLECTION'

MAI- NOT COMPATIBLE as she is part of the 'Ozai's Angels COLLECTION'

TY-LEE- SEMI-COMPATIBLE as TY-LEE is very flirty with SOKKA


Q: My SOKKA seems depressed… every night he stares at the moon and won't even talk to me. I tried giving him more meat in his food, but that doesn't seem to be helping

A: Not even meat's cheering him up? Your SOKKA's got it bad then. He is pinning for YUE and may be unresponsive to the world for a while. It's best to just let him get it out of his system… the fastest way to cheer up your SOKKA would be a buy him a SUKKI if you'd like your SOKKA back to normal.

Q: My TY-LEE, SUKKI, and YUE are all acting strangely- mostly toward SOKKA. What should I do?

A: Uh-oh, it sounds like trouble. All three of those CHARACTERS are romantically involved with SOKKA- they might have found out SOKKA's been seeing all of them and could be planning revenge. You have two options unless you want to see your SOKKA beaten to a bloody pulp. One is to buy two more SOKKAs (which is highly expensive to buy/look after). Choice two is to send TY-LEE, YUE, and SUKKI to the Dai Lee Headquarters to have their minds erased of finding out about SOKKA's cheating. (Be careful not to get brain-washed yourself as the Dai Lee may get you pay them several times over)


Your SOKKA cannot returned or traded unless he's been hit by Sozin's Comet on his left elbow twice.


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