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Zomara is property of Robert Jordan, from the Wheel of Time series. Zomara are mind-reading servants, with the memory span of about 5 seconds or so. Doesn't really fit, but I love the name, lol.

The song is I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Death Cab for Cutie.

We'll Try

As she walked into Edward's room, Bella saw everything through new eyes. This was it. They were finally married, and her one demand would soon be fulfilled. She could feel her stomach churning, but it was just out of nerves. Edward looked at her and grinned, aware of her situation from her racing heartbeat.

"Are you sure, Bella? Would you rather wait until after the change? It'll only be in three days' time," Edward asked, concern now tinting his eyes.

"Of course," Bella said, stubbornly and a bit annoyed, as they had gone over this multiple times. She was ready, she WANTED this, it was just so… well… embarrassing!

"Well then…" Edward murmured, chuckling at her sudden blush. He slowly walked over to Bella and then kissed her with as much reserve. She closed her eyes and gave in to him. His hands soon had other ideas. They roamed her body, playing with the lace on the wedding dress, tangling in her hair, massaging her body wherever they could. Bella's heart was beating so fast and hard she was afraid the entire town of Forks could hear it. The back of her knees hit the ridiculous (although she was glad for it now) bed, and Bella realized he had been slowly backing her to it. Bella's eyes opened and involuntarily widened.

Edward sighed then, still with a smile on his glorious face. "What am I going to do with you, Bella?" He returned to kissing her, pushing her torso down onto the bed and gently resting his weight on top of her, feeling her heart reel and her breath heave even faster. He moved to nuzzle and kiss her throat, collarbone, and shoulders, which were bare because of her strapless dress. Bella was gasping for breath, already almost fainting from the sensations. "Breathe," he laughed. He pulled back, and gently, but so fast that he was a blur, shifted the rest of her body onto the bed and a pillow under her head. Bella thought she felt a tugging along her back, but she couldn't be sure. She noticed that the jacket to his suit was gone, thrown somewhere in the room.

Cuddling close to her, Edward stared deeply into her eyes. "Bella, your heart will stop at this rate before I can even come close to biting you." Bella couldn't focus on his words, his cool breath on her face distracting her and making her dizzy. She could never become used to the sweet scent of his breath.

Edward held her close for a few moments, waiting for her heart and breath to calm so he could be sure she would not die of a heart attack or pass out from a lack of oxygen. Bella, once relaxed, reached up and pulled Edward back for another kiss. While he tangled his hands in her hair and froze her lips with his own, Bella unbuttoned his shirt and pulled his chest tight against her. She was glad for the icy chill that went through her and made her spine tingle. She suddenly found that she was hot, not cold, and gripping to him with strength she didn't think she had.

Edward's shirt was quickly thrown onto the floor, and he began to tug at the sides of Bella's dress. Bella's eyes widened when she found that the dress was coming away from her body. The tugging at her back when Edward shifted her must have been him pulling the zipper down.

Edward's eyes looked hungry as he looked over her nearly-naked body. She was wearing skimpy, sexy lingerie, which included a thong, something he was not expecting to see on Bella. He drank in the sight of her, a quiet, sexual growl coming from his throat. His eyes returned to her face when he felt her hands tugging at the button on his pants. Bella was, of course, blushing a bright red, but determined to undo the button and zipper.

Edward laughed quietly, but let Bella continue to struggle and fight with his pants. She finally won her battle, grinning as she did so. As the zipper came undone, Edward disappeared in a blur of speed. He quickly removed the pants, and they too were now strewn across the room. Bella gasped when he unexpectedly was on top of her, his cold body touching every naked inch of hers, his lips at her throat again. He moved with anxious speed now, growling sexually and hungrily, his hands tracing every inch of her body that was not already covered by his. Bella felt his hands under her thighs, gasping again when she felt him spread her legs just enough for his own legs to settle down between her thighs.

Bella felt her bra and thong get pulled almost roughly from her body, and found herself reaching for Edward's boxers. Both of their breathing was now ragged, and, Bella was sure, audible to everyone else in the house. Bella cursed vampire hearing over and over in her head. She blushed even more furiously as she thought about that, but would not be stopped by something so simple. Not an entire coven of "non-vegetarian" vampires who hadn't eaten in two months bursting in the door could stop her now.

Bella softly cried out as Edward took her nipple in his mouth and began suckling, partly from the shivers it gave her all over her body, and partly because it broke her train of thought and took her by surprise. She arched her back to press herself to him, and cried out louder as she felt his fingers in a spot she didn't entirely expect.

Edward released her nipple from his mouth in a gasp of his own. "It's… so hot… so wet..." The difference between his own cold, hard skin felt incredible. He moaned and pressed his face into her stomach, moving his fingers faster and harder than before. The growls he seemed to be constantly emitting were growing louder.

The cold from Edward and the heat of her own body seemed to be battling inside Bella. She was sweating from head to foot, yet was almost constantly shivering. She found that she was enjoying both sensations very much, and didn't wish either to stop. Her nerves were buzzing from the feeling coming from Edward's fingers, and she would occasionally give an unconscious twitch or spasm because of it. Bella began to rock her hips, meeting his fingers to create more of a sensation. She had closed her eyes and was now tossing her head as waves of feeling crashed over her.

Edward shifted again, spreading her legs a little farther and holding himself up on his arms. "Are you… ready, Bella?" he asked between labored breaths. She nodded fiercely, unable to speak because of her own erratic breathing. He positioned himself, then lowered himself so she could feel his body against her own, but have no weight on her. "Bite me if it hurts and you need to, Bella," he suggested, smiling his crooked smile at the irony.

She looked up at him with love and trust, giving herself entirely to him.

Edward thrust, and she took him up on his offer. Bella bit down into the side of his neck to avoid crying out, fearing speaking to the rest of the Cullen family after such an embarrassment as that. The pain did not last long, the cold that was him instantly driving the pain away by almost numbing her. It took Bella a minute to realize that Edward had not moved after his initial thrust, and turned more attention to him.

Bella saw that he was completely still, the growls now coming from him less from sexual desires and more from hunger. She froze, realizing what had made him like this, instantly ashamed of herself for not thinking of this before. Blood. He calmed himself enough after a minute to stop growling and move again.

"I'm so sorry, Edward. I didn't think… the blood…Are you ok?"

"It's more than that, Bella," he began with a wry twist to his mouth. "The scent of your breath, of your throat… it has been so much more appealing with your arousal added to the scent. It's almost too much to bear, I can't go on." He was looking away, unable to meet Bella's gaze. He started to pull away, feeling guilty and ashamed that they would be unable to share the best and most intimate feelings while Bella remained human.

"Wait," Bella gasped before he could move very far. "What if you weren't so close to my throat, my breath? What if we had less contact? Would that be any better?"

He thought about it for a moment, and then a cruel grin took over his face. "I promised I'd try, so we'll keep trying." Acting on impulse, he quickly bent and ran his tongue through her wet folds. She drew a sharp breath as her hips twitched from the sudden feeling. Looking into her eyes, looking for her reaction, he licked her several more times, pausing when she jumped or made a sound, his tongue darting quickly. "That takes care of the blood," he muttered, again with a wry smile.

"Are you sure that's… oh!... safe, Edward?" Bella gasped when she found the breath.

"What else would you suggest?" He asked as he pulled away.

"Well…" Bella began, but cut off, too embarrassed to say more. She was far too innocent to make herself say any of the things she was thinking. The tingling feeling she was experiencing in her lower region was getting too intense and demanding for her to ignore. It was almost an ache, now. "How about we go for a little change?" she asked, grinning at a thought as she pushed Edward to his back. Edward looked up at her with slightly widened eyes, interest and want smoldering in his eyes.

Bella pushed herself up and onto her knees. She moved to swing a leg over and straddle Edward, but her balance failed her. Edward reached up and steadied her, laughing. "That's my Bella," he murmured, pulling her down for a kiss. But she pushed herself back, and, leaning back so as to keep her breath as far away as possible, rode him. Tensions rose again fast, and they were soon lost in each other's rhythm.

"Grip the bed, Edward," Bella said, breathless, when she noticed him trying not to reach out and break her. Grateful for her suggestion, he spread his arms wide and grasped the bed, focusing on keeping his hands there.

"Hold still, Bella. Don't move." With that, he increased their pace to an inhuman rate. Bella's eyes were as wide as they would go, her breath coming in jagged gasps. She couldn't believe how fast he was moving, although she knew how fast he could run. The friction caused by his speed was absolutely incredible. She couldn't hold back noise this time, and didn't even bother to try. After a very short time, Bella came hard, with a scream.

Immediately, Edward stopped and let both of them catch their breath. Bella thought she heard a slight noise in the hallway, but she wasn't sure that she could trust herself with anything at that moment. "Everything's fine," he quietly breathed to Bella, smiling.

"Hell of a lot better than fine," Bella growled back playfully, with a smile of her own. Then she heard a booming laugh from the hallway; Emmett. A blush blazed to life on her face. Edward had been talking to Emmett.

Laughing along with his brother, Edward pulled Bella gently down on top of him and kissed her. "Yes, a hell of a lot better," he whispered in her ear. Then they both heard more laughter from downstairs as Emmett related the story to the rest of the family. Bella's face blushed even brighter.

They lay like that, cuddled together, until Bella started to shiver from cold. Edward moved her and covered her with the sheet and blanket to keep her warm, but then lay on top of them to hold her. "What are you thinking, feeling?" Edward asked her.

"I'm just so happy… husband," Bella replied with a tired smile. "I'm actually quite tired, too," she added with a yawn and a faint blush. "It's been a long day."

"Go to sleep, then," he said with a soft smile. "Wife," he added with another smile. He began to sing her to sleep with her lullaby, and she knew she could never remain awake at that moment.

When she awoke the next morning, Bella opened her eyes and smiled to find Edward still so close to her in his big bed. He smiled back.

"Good morning, wife," he whispered, already nuzzling at her neck.

"Good morning, husband," she whispered back, still not fully awake.

They held each other for a while, happy to be together, their eternity together to begin very soon. Then Bella's stomach growled so loudly they both had to laugh. "Let's get you some breakfast," Edward laughed.

After dressing, they went down to the kitchen. Edward got Bella a bowl of cereal, the only form of food available from the few times that Edward had "kidnapped" her. He switched on the radio for some background music, coming on in the middle of a song. It was only a man singing, with a guitar as quiet harmony.

You and me, we've seen everything to see

From Bangkok to Calgary, and the soles of your shoes

Are all worn down: the time for sleep is now

But it's nothing to cry about

'Cause we'll hold each other soon

In the blackest of rooms

If heaven and hell decide that they both are satisfied

And illuminate the NOs on their vacancy signs

If there's no one beside you when your soul embarks

Then I'll follow you into the dark

Then I'll follow you into the dark

Edward crashed into Bella, giving her the tightest hug he would trust himself with. Bella was crying, having realized that this song had been their story, still was their story, until she had completed the change, which would happen that very morning. And like the song, it might fade into their past after an endless number of years.

Edward tilted Bella's face back and kissed her, a comforting kiss. They kissed for a short while, until Bella's stomach reminded them why they went downstairs in the first place.

"Alright, alright," Bella granted to her stomach's complaining, wiping the tears from her face. "Cereal," she stated, moving towards the table to eat. Edward sat close next to her.

"Bella… if we could have a baby, would you want to put off the change? To have one?"

Shocked by the question, she dropped her spoon, halfway to her mouth. She stared at him for a few seconds before answering.


He chuckled, yet still studied her with his eyes. "A one word answer?"

"Yes," she answered, straight to the point.

He chuckled again, and then asked, "Why?" He was still studying her.

"With my luck, our child would come home from its first day of high school in love with and engaged to a zomara." He laughed, knowing this would probably be true.

When she finished eating, they sought out Carlisle to supervise and make sure that nothing went wrong when Edward bit Bella. They went back up to Edward's room so she could lie on his bed for the three day period, gathering the rest of the Cullens as a crowd on the way. Everyone except Edward and Carlisle had been hunting last night while Bella slept, so there was no worry that anyone would lose control. After she had lain down, Edward kissed Bella softly.

"Be strong, Bella," said Esme reassuringly, at the same time that Alice said "We'll always be nearby, Bella," with a warm smile.

"Thank you," Bella whispered, tears in her eyes for her new loving family. Carlisle then gave her a large dose of morphine, telling Edward to wait a few more moments for it to take effect. Edward spent those last moments breathing in her scent from her hair, her throat, her wrists. He was going to enjoy the bouquet while he still had it. Then Carlisle told him it was time, and Edward bit into her wrist, enjoying the wine whose bouquet he would never smell again. He bit both of her wrists and her throat, Bella voicing her complaints each time. She felt additional pain near her ankles, but the fire running throughout her body made her unable, and uncaring, to look and see if he had also bitten her there.

The three days passed excruciatingly slowly for everyone in the Cullen household. Bella remained awake for every moment of the change, feeling the fire consume every artery, vein, and blood vessel in her body. Someone was always in the room with her, and the remaining members of the Cullen family stayed within the house. Edward never left her side, feeling the pain anew as he watched Bella suffer. Carlisle would occasionally inject more morphine into her system, slightly numbing the pain for a short amount of time. Her heart steadily slowed, yet did not completely stop until the final moment at the end of the third day. In that final moment, Bella's heart beat its last, labored beat, she exhaled her final breath, and she died there on the bed.

And then her burgundy eyes opened to a new life. Bella was a vampire.

Her eyes opened to the entire family, yet again, in the room with her. But this time, smiles graced their faces, along with pride at the newest member of the family. Suddenly she was pulled away from the bed and thrown into the air almost to the ceiling.

"About time!" boomed Emmett with a laugh. Bella would have retaliated, or at least yelled at Emmett for this, but she was too shocked at finding that she could follow every move that was made by the Cullens. She was especially shocked when she followed Edward tackle Emmett out from underneath her with her eyes. She hit the floor and heard a thump, yet didn't feel anything. She could only laugh.

Edward gave up on Emmett and embraced Bella in a fierce hug. Finally able to let go of control, he held her in such a strong grasp that her body would have been utterly crushed, were she human. She held him back, gripping him even stronger than he was gripping her. He tried to laugh.

"Bella, I can't breathe," he gasped with a grin. Everyone laughed at Bella's newfound strength.

Alice snatched Bella's hand when she loosened her grip on Edward and began to drag her towards the door. "Come on, Bella! There's so much we have to do that you've missed out on!"

"Not a chance," Edward said, regaining Bella in another fierce hug. "I've been in Bella withdrawal for three days," Edward reminded Alice when she gave him a questioning glance. Everyone left the room then, to give the newlyweds a few moments to themselves after such a long period of pain and waiting. They kissed, slowly and lovingly at first, a reunion kiss, but then with more passion. Without any set rules to follow anymore, they could simply forget control and have their way. Soon, however, they stopped to spend time with the rest of the family.

"Alice was right, Bella, you have been missing a lot."

"Then let's go make up for lost time," Bella replied, already smiling. Everything was clearer, more focused, more defined. Bella found that everything had a distinct scent that a human wouldn't have been able to pick up. As they went downstairs, she saw that the TV was on. The people on the news station appeared to be moving very slowly, but she realized that they were moving at a regular, yet human, speed. She hadn't even realized that she had been moving with the incredible speed and grace that the other Cullens took for granted.

"What should we do first?" Edward mused. Bella thought for a second, and then a grin bloomed across her face. She walked straight to Emmett.

"Hey, Emmett… Wanna arm wrestle?" Edward's laugh could almost be heard from the end of their long driveway.

A/N: I'm not sure about continuing the story, I don't really know which way it would go… I'll try and come up with a plot line, and if that goes well I'll continue :D The song part was just my little indulgence lol, I love that song and I think it fits Edward perfectly, at least through Twilight and New Moon.

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