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Don't You Hate Awkward Timings?

"Bella, let's do something special for Valentine's Day," Edward suggested, leaning in close and whispering unnecessarily.

Bella turned her face slightly to look at him, interested.

"Besides the occasion, I think you need a distraction," he murmured, kissing her along her jaw.

"Oh really?" she challenged him, raising and eyebrow with a small smile on her lips.

"Yes, actually," he countered, pulling himself closer to her. "There's been a lot going on lately," he kissed her lips once. "You've made a complete change of life," another kiss, "you're studying new things in a new school," another, "and things became a little hectic when Craig came," with yet another kiss. He slowly backed her to a wall, his arms forming a cage around her. "You need some relief from stress," he breathed, barely audible to even their ears.

"Alright," she agreed, a little out of breath. "I'll take you up on your offer," she said, smiling coyly. He gave her a wicked grin, and brought himself even closer to her. Kissing her more deeply and passionately, he pulled her body so that it was tight against his.


Craig hadn't visited his vampire friends in a while, and he figured he'd do so before they decided to pay him a surprise visit. At the end of class, he would walk to their house. He'd been designated as the person to bring her forgotten homework with him (had there been any) anyway, so he could use that as an excuse.


Things were really starting to heat up. Or rather, remain the same, cold temperature, but become more crazed. Moving toward the bedroom, feeling each other anywhere their hands could reach, they were racing toward the bedroom. At least, racing as fast as they could while staggering blindly. And racing with articles of clothing disappearing from their bodies.

But Bella pushed against him before they could get in the room. Edward blinked, confused by her seeming rejection. But Bella winked at him, turning and quickly running to the bathroom. When Edward heard the water in the shower turn on, he bolted into the bathroom as well.

With the rest of their clothes dropping quickly to the floor, Bella kicked the bathroom door almost completely shut. Edward half moaned, half growled into her mouth, truly aroused now. They stepped together into the flow of water, the water's initial cold temperature obviously not having an effect on them.

As the water quickly warmed and became quite hot, they reveled in the amazing effects. The warmth that usually didn't grace their bodies now enveloped them. Their bodies were pressed tightly together, touching at every inch. "Oh, Bella," Edward growled softly between kisses. "This is almost what your body was like when you were human. Only you were softer."

"Really, Edward? Then maybe this was what you were like, as well," she considered. "Although we never had this experience when I was human," she added with a grin against his lips.

As they continued kissing and feeling, the water added its own effects to their intimacy. The intensely hot liquid was running over everything, the steam building and adding to the atmosphere. The water running down their faces and between their lips as they kissed was incredibly sexy, although neither of them could explain exactly why.

Edward had been squeezing her breasts, but now he dropped a hand down to her opening, trailing it along her body. With his pointer and middle finger, he first rubbed along her lips, slowly working inwards. She growled and dropped her own hands from his back where they had been holding Edward to her.

She gripped him firmly, causing him to jump when she did so. And then growl as she pulled and lightly squeezed at him. He pumped his hips slightly, eager. Bella took him and rubbed him against her stomach, down as far as her hair.

Unable to wait any longer, he picked her up with both hands under her bottom and rested her back against the tile wall. She wrapped her legs around his waist to help hold herself up.

Pressed hard against the wall, shifting and straining, they were almost afraid of breaking the tile or even the wall underneath the tile. They soon had to shift to the corner in the shower, for a sturdier support. After a while of pumping, they came, both completely satisfied.

Contented, they kissed tenderly. They cleaned themselves off quickly, as they were in the shower. After they were finished in the shower, Edward took Bella's hand and led her into the bedroom. There they cuddle for a short while, but were kissing again soon enough.

Things were slower this time; more intimate. They moved together in a rhythm, almost predicting what the other wanted. It was slow, but passionate. Edward fondled her slowly, moving his fingers in a circular motion. They began to unhurriedly move against each other, until they shifted into position. Edward shifted himself down between her legs, pumped his hips a few times, and then completely stopped, shocked.

"Oh no," Edward breathed. "Why right now?"


Craig opened the front door, as it was never locked, and walked in slowly. "Cullens?" he called out, expecting them to meet him at the door. But he had a strange feeling of unease. He started to feel REALLY awkward when he spotted a few articles of clothing on the floor leading towards the back of the apartment, but the broken lamp intrigued him. The apartment was quite warm.

Before he could move, Edward's voice came from the back of the apartment. "Not right now, Craig! PLEASE!" He sounded breathless.

Bella's fingers were all over Edward's face. She was periodically and silently kissing his face anywhere she could, and constantly shifting her body beneath his. He couldn't catch his breath.

"Please, Craig, come back any other time! Just remember to call first, give us some warning," he forced out. But then…

"Edward," Bella breathed as a whisper in his ear, her fingers lightly stroking his cheek. "Edward…" Even quieter this time.

He turned his face to her, gently nudging her cheek with his nose. "Shh, Bella."

"Come, Edward," she Commanded, gently biting his earlobe.

His eyes instantly widened as all of his muscles tightened, obeying her. He couldn't help but cry out loudly, all his muscles taught and twitching.

Craig had only been aware of Edward telling him to leave, and not Bella's whisperings to Edward, but when he heard Edward cry out in such a fashion he freaked. He had been quite sure of what they were doing, but did they have to continue when they knew he was there?!? That was just nasty. He turned and fled from the apartment as fast as possible.

Edward sighed after things had calmed down. "Now why did you have to do that?" he asked Bella. But she only laughed.

"We're alone again, aren't we?" she inquired as she pulled him closer to her.