Here's a oneshot that just popped into my head. It takes place after episode 121. After I saw that look…ooohhh…my IchiRuki senses tingled…

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Dear Rukia,

It was something in the way he looked at you, that I realized he would never look at me in any other way that was more than just a friend. I knew at that moment, that he loved you with everything in his heart even though he probably didn't realize it.

My first reaction was to stop healing you and just let you stay that way. I was so hurt that I would you just wanted you to go away, to die…I didn't want you to be here anymore. You're my best friend, and I wanted you to die. How could I be like that?

I wanted to cry with how awful I felt after I thought of that. It wasn't your fault that my emotions were stronger towards Ichigo. I just…I don't know.

I realized of all that you two have been through at that moment. You had come to our world, given him a purpose. I had done nothing except stutter and run away every time he even looked at me. I realized that you had made him more open about himself even if he only told you such things like his mother or anything else as deep as that. I knew that when you were taken away, that he would do anything just to bring you back here. To bring you home.

When we accomplished that and you decided to stay with your family and friends, you didn't know it…but he was just a little sad. He was just a little disappointed that you didn't come back home with him.

I don't know what to say, because there's nothing to say. I'm just the girl who doesn't have any courage to fight for what I want. Ishida–kun says that I'm not a fighter, I don't have to fight because I want no one to be hurt. That's true, I guess. I can't even fight for you, one of my best friends when you had gone away. I can't for someone I know I've already lost.

Rukia, take good care of him. Don't ever lose him. He's worth so much more than what you may think sometimes. Know that I always be there if you need someone to talk to. And from this point on, I'll never be jealous, because I know that someday I'll find the one for me.

Thank you, Rukia. You don't and probably never will know what you've done for him. You gave him a purpose. You gave me a purpose. Goodbye, my friend. Never let the bad take you away from the good. Like the rain connects the sky and the earth, you and Ichigo connect the living with the dead. And you don't know how wonderful that is.

Your loving friend,


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