Last Chance To Love

Disclaimer: Characters taken from JKR's Harry Potter © and used in this fanfiction do not belong to me.

Summary: (Not including DH and parts of HBP) Harry is in his sixth year when a transfer from Beauxbatons arrives. She is smart, beautiful and head strong. She is a new challenge, especially since she doesn't treat Harry like any other girl he's ever met……But what happens when Harry has to make a choice, either to love or to fight?

Chapter 1: A Whole New Year

The landscape of London rushed by from the inside of the car as a pale jet black haired boy stared out of the window. He looked strange with his bright green eyes and contrasting black hair, but his strangest and most interesting feature was a tiny scar shaped like a lightening bolt on his forehead.

He was staring blindly at the passing buildings and listening to his aunt and uncle talk about all their plans during the time he would be away. Harry Potter was used to his aunt and uncle totally ignoring him in this way. He actually preferred like this, but at that moment Harry was not thinking of anything his aunt and uncle were saying. He was thinking of returning to Hogwarts, his real home.

Harry couldn't wait to see Ron and Hermione, especially since he hadn't been able to talk to them in the two weeks leading up to the first day of school. He hadn't seen them in Diagon Alley because his school things had been sent to him through Dumbledore, so he had been able to stay home. Now with Voldermort loose, it was hard to send post through owls. No one knew if it was safe. And he had been kind of isolated from them in the beginning of the summer as well because of Sirius…..

Harry's vision blurred as he remembered Sirius and the tears that had threatened all summer, began to approach again. He wiped his face quickly as the car began to slow down at King's Cross Station. Harry sat up as the car stopped and his Uncle Vernon looked back at him.

"Well, here's your stop boy. We'll pick you up here at the end of the year" Uncle Vernon grunted. Harry nodded and got out. He moved to the boot of the car and took out his trunk and Hedwig's cage. She had been staying with Ron for the summer.

Harry closed the boot and dragged his trunk to a trolley and pulled it in. He wheeled his trolley around in time to see his aunt and uncle drive off in a puff of smoke.

Harry watched them fade away and then looked at his watch. It said, 10:51. Good, he had time to get on the train. Harry quickly wheeled his trolley to the barrier between platforms 9 and 10. He nonchalantly leaned against the barrier and fell through with his trolley close behind him.

Harry looked up and saw the gleaming scarlet train, and the hundreds of children running around the platform. Harry smiled and took in a deep breath of the smoke of the train and sighed. He was almost home.

He moved down the platform and got his trunk and cage loaded onto the train. He got on and began looking into each car for the two people he wanted to see the most. But as he caught a glimpse of a head of bushy brown hair, he was shocked at what he saw inside the car.

Their was Hermione and Ron, locked in each other's arms in a passionate kiss. Ron's hands were running down Hermione's back and her fingers were in his hair. They both looked disheveled as if they had been kissing for a long time. Harry laughed lightly and stepped into the car.

Hermione looked up lazily and noticed Harry standing there, looking down at them. She pulled out of the kiss and disentangled herself from Ron, with some difficulty, considering he was still trying to kiss her.

"Ron, stop." Hermione pushed his face into the seat, away from her. He looked confused and muttered, 'Why?' into Hermione's hand.

"Hi Harry." Hermione said loudly. Ron sat bolt upright at the sound of Harry's name. He was red all over and was not meeting Harry's laughing gaze.

"Hello Hermione, Ron. How are you guys? Had a good summer? Done anything interesting?" Harry asked with cool sarcasm. Hermione smiled shaking her head and moved over to hug Harry.

"You are something else Harry. How are you? We lost contact with you around the end of the summer." Hermione said as she hugged him. He pulled away and smiled at her.

"I know. I just needed some time to be alone and…..process. Get it?" Hermione smiled softly and stroked Harry's arm. Harry looked at her sad smile and turned to Ron, who had gone back to his normal coloring.

"That's okay mate. We were just worried about you. That's all." Ron said. Harry raised an eyebrow at him.

"So worried that you guys couldn't control yourself before I got here?" Ron and Hermione both blushed. Harry laughed and hugged Hermione again.

"Its alright you guys. I've been expecting this for a really long time, so I'm cool with it. You don't have to feel weird about it." Ron sighed and Hermione just sat their smiling.

"We wanted to tell you as soon as it happened Harry, but with all that you were going through about Sirius, we just thought it would be good to ease you into it." Hermione said as she turned to look at Harry.

"Yeah, we wanted to tell you mate, but we didn't know how or when was the right time." Ron said.

"It doesn't matter because I'm okay with it. I was okay with the idea when you guys started flirting with eachother in second year and-" Harry was interrupted by Hermione.

"Oh my gosh Harry. Ron and I never flirted with each other." Harry scoffed at her disbelief.

"Oh yes you did. Here's why, you guys never hugged because it was to awkward. Plus you guys were always fighting because you liked eachother and Ron you got insanely jealous of Viktor Krum in fourth year. Just as Hermione got jealous of Fleur in fourth year. So I've been expecting it for a long time. So don't wor-" But Harry was interrupted yet again as the door to their compartment flew open and a beautiful dark haired girl looked in. She looked around and smiled. She had light brown skin and long wavy black hair. She had hazel eyes and full curvaceous lips.

"Sorry. I was looking for someone." She smiled down at them awkwardly and smiled a little brighter at Harry and then closed the compartment door. Ron was looking at the door and then shook his head.

"Okay…..what was that about?" Ron asked. Harry shook his head. But Harry couldn't get that beautiful girl's voice or face out of his head as he chatted with Hermione and Ron. But before he knew it, they were being told that they were ten minutes away from the school and should be changing into their robes.

Suddenly they were almost there. Only a carriage ride away from the castle where he felt the most at home. Harry heard the familiar call from the large man on the platform with a lantern.

"Firs' years. This way. All firs' years, over here. Hello you three." Hagrid called.

"Hey Hagrid." The three of them said. Hagrid waved and continued to call for the first years to follow him. Harry, Ron and Hermione made their way through the crowd to the carriages which were being pulled by the strange and beautiful Thestrals. Harry went and stroked the head of one of them.

"Harry can you just get over here? Its so weird when you stroke those things. Come on." Harry moved to the carriage and jumped in. As he closed the door, he realized they weren't alone in the carriage. Harry smiled at Ginny, Neville and Luna who had joined them in the carriage while Harry had stroked the Thestral.

"Hiya Harry." Neville said as he smiled at him.

"Hi Neville. Hi Ginny. Hi Luna. How was your summers?" Harry asked. Luna didn't answer, she just sat their looking dazedly out the window. Neville was about to answer when Ginny nearly jumped out of her seat with excitement and looked at Harry.

"Oh my Gosh Harry, its been so bad at our house. We've had to deal with Phlegm. Oops, I mean Fleur." Ginny said as she crossed her arms.

"Ginny, don't call her Phlegm. You know its not nice." Ron said as he glared at her.

"Whatever Ron. You just liked it because she called you her 'little Ronniee, 'ho saved 'er sister'. Anyway, Mom doesn't like her either." Ginny said and Hermione's face began to get red. Harry looked really confused.

"Okay wait a second. What was Fleur doing at your house this summer?" Harry asked.

"Well, Bill and Fleur are engaged. You know how they met at the Triwizard Tournament, well soon after that they began dating and now there getting married. But its so crazy, they've known eachother only a year. And I really don't like her. You never get any guys to notice you when she's around." Ginny finished and Hermione just sat there quietly with a red face. She was staring at the floor with glazed eyes. Harry didn't notice.

"Don't worry Ginny, I notice you when Fleur is around." Harry said. Ginny smiled and moved to kiss Harry on the cheek.

"Thanks Harry." Ginny said into his ear. He smiled at her and noticed the glint of passion in her eyes. Harry turned his face away from her just as the carriages pulled into the Hogwarts grounds.

As the carriage stopped, Harry quickly opened the door and got out, happy to be away from the love filled look Ginny had given him. As soon as the carriage door opened, Hermione bolted out and ran across the grounds. Harry looked at Ron and then ran after Hermione.

"Hermione!! Hermione wait up!!!" Harry yelled as he caught up to her and grabbed her arm. Hermione's face was turned away from him and as he looked at her, he noticed she was crying. Harry quickly pulled her into a hug. Harry stroked her head as Ron ran up and stood behind them as she cried into Harry's chest. Harry made a hand gesture to Ron for him to stop so he could listen to Hermione.

"Mione, what's wrong? Why are you crying? We haven't even started the school year for you to be crying over homework yet." Harry heard Hermione laugh in his chest and then she sniffled and looked up at him with teary eyes.

"Harry, why wouldn't Ron tell me about Fleur. He told me nothing about her coming over or being there. That's probably why he didn't want me to come over this summer. I just feel so stupid. He was probably just doing it to compensate for his feelings for her. And that's not the worst part, he just kept lying about why I couldn't visit. God Harry, I feel like such an idiot." Hermione buried her face in Harry's chest again. Harry stroked her back and glared at Ron, who looked down in shame.

"Hermione just talk to Ron and find out why he didn't tell you. Isn't that what all relationships are built on? Communication? Just talk to him." Harry pulled away and turned her to face Ron. Hermione looked up at him as he walked toward her. Harry backed away and watched as Ron whispered to Hermione and then kissed her.

Harry smiled, but then turned away kind of sad and lonely at the fact that his two friends had found love in eachother. He didn't know if he'd ever be able to love anyone again, not after everything that he'd been through. Harry knew he needed to harden his heart so that he could fight Voldermort without his emotions interfering. Harry knew Dumbledore had said that love was his greatest weapon against Voldermort, but up to this point all it had done was make him miserable.

As Harry walked into the Great Hall, someone nudged him hard and Harry turned to see the sneering face of Draco Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle. Harry frowned at the sneer that covered Draco's face.

"What do you want Malfoy?" Harry asked with contempt. Crabbe and Goyle cracked their knuckles at him.

"I don't really like your tone Potter. And I hope that you know I'm going to make you pay for putting my father in Azkaban." Draco said in quiet voice. Harry moved and was soon nose to nose with Draco.

"I don't care what you do, because your father is a bloody Death Eater and I hope he enjoys Azkaban because he's going to be in there for a long time." Harry turned away and then on second thought turned back.

"Oh and be sure to notify me when the Dementors decide to give your Dad a little kiss, which they will eventually do." Harry watched Draco's face get even paler then it already was, as Harry walked away. Harry moved to the Gryffindor Table and sat down beside Ron, who was whispering into Hermione's ear as she giggled and kissed him. Harry shook his head as the first years were sorted into their houses.

When that was over, Dumbledore stood up and the entire hall went quiet. He looked down at the students and smiled.

"Welcome back to Hogwarts and welcome all new students. I have only one announcement before we start our feast. I would like to offer a warm welcome to our new transfer student from Beauxbatons. Her name is Vera Minare and she has been sorted into Gryffindor House. I hope that you will all welcome and greet her with open arms. Now let us fill our bellies." And as Dumbledore finished, the plates on the table filled magically with food.

Harry moved to take some food and scanned the table. There he saw the new girl sitting with Lavender and Parvati. Harry looked at her for a split second before she looked in his direction. Harry looked away, but could still feel her eyes on him. But as he had looked at her, his heart had given a funny jump.

Harry swallowed and knew this is what he had to get away from. Those feelings for other people, new people. Harry shoveled down his food as he realized this was going to be a hard and interesting year.