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Chapter One

A broken heart and a light bulb

The years came and went for Raven, Eddie and Chelsea, and it seemed like yesterday that they were in high school sending messages during the classes. Now they were enjoying their last days of the college break before their last year.

It's funny how some can change lives. Eddie was improving his songs each passing day, since he entered to the college. Now everywhere he went, Eddie T. rhymes were known and respected. Not that he complained, because his social life with the girls was going very well. He lived in a small apartment, and Raven and Chelsea couldn't help but avoid going, fearing to find Eddie in an uncomfortable situation with a girl. Speaking of Raven and Chelsea, their lives have changed as well. The girls were sharing an apartment near the college since their freshman year. Raven's talent as a designer made her one of the best students of her classes, and she had no doubt that her dream to go to Paris wasn't so far away anymore. Her relationship with Devon didn't work out, but they were still friends. She had some dates here and there, but nothing serious.

Chelsea was proving to be an excellent environmental biologist student. Her convictions about what she wanted to do to save the environment were stronger than ever. Unlike Raven, Chelsea was dating a boy for almost two years. Her relationship with him was not what you can call perfect. It had some ups and downs, but Chelsea had the control of the situation. However, in the last months, it hasn't been really easy, and she was starting to believe that it wasn't just a thing that would pass in a heartbeat.

And that's exactly what she was thinking in a cloudy Saturday afternoon. Usually, she wasn't supposed to be lying on the couch staring at nothing in a Saturday, but Eric, her boyfriend had called her to say that he was busy doing some 'things' at his mother's house. She understood, of course, but still she couldn't help herself to feel a little depressed. Sighing she got up and made her way to the window to enjoy the view. She looked at the dark clouds and felt the breeze hit her face, making her hair fly out. The girl closed her eyes letting her thoughts go away with the wind. She was so absorted on that moment, that she didn't even hear when the door opened.

Raven stepped in and let her bag on the couch. All she wanted to do in that moment was to take a shower and relax watching a movie. She was making her way to her bathroom when she saw Chelsea. Raven lifted an eyebrow thinking what Chelsea was doing at home on a Saturday afternoon. Knowing that she wasn't going anywhere by her own suspicions, she decided that a questioning was the best way to get her answers.

"Hey, Chels!" Raven greeted in a animated voice. The redhead turned around and smiled at her friend.

"Hey, Rae! What are you doing here? I thought that you had a date today." She said sitting on the couch beside Raven.

"I can ask you the same question. What about Eric?" She watched as Chelsea dropped her head, but she didn't give up. "Weren't you supposed to be with him right now?"

"Yeah I was, but he called me saying that he needed to help his mother with some things."

"Oh, well, maybe he has another plans for you tomorrow." Raven said trying to make Chelsea feel better.

"I don't think so. He said that he would call me tomorrow at night." She took a deep breath and looked at Raven. "I don't know Rae, but..."

"But..." Raven encouraged lying her hand on Chelsea's.

"I have the feeling that Eric is avoiding me." Chelsea said sadly. Raven gripped Chelsea's hand.

"C'mon girl, this is ridiculous, why would he do that to you? I mean, you are everything a guy could ask for! Where else could he find a beautiful, intelligent and funny girl like you?" Chelsea smiled and blushed at the compliments.

"Aw, Rae!" She said hugging her best friend. "Thank you, I don't know what I would do without you." Raven giggled as they broke the hug.

"That's what friends are for, right? And you've done this for me more than I can remember." Chelsea smiled and Raven got up from the couch bringing the girl with her. "And you know what? We are going to take a shower right now, put on some sexy clothes and take a walk. Let's see how many guys are going to look at us this time." Chelsea's smile grew even more as she jumped up and down with enthusiasm.

"Ok, Rae!"

The girls made their way to their bedroom to chose their clothes, and thirty minutes later they were in the corridor waiting for the elevator. As they waited, Raven looked at Chelsea from the corner of her eyes. She didn't want to admit it to Chelsea, but she was really worried about her. She had noticed that her friend wasn't being the same in the last few weeks. She was very distracted, and she could have sworn that she had heard Chelsea cry in the middle of the night. When she got home and saw Chelsea like that, her first decision was to take her out of that house, and she was glad to see how excited Chelsea was. Raven smiled taking a good look at Chelsea, she was sure that the redhead was going to take some breaths away. While she herself was very good looking in a jeans, a white tight shirt and heels to complete her outfit, Chelsea was wearing a skirt with black ribbed tights, side-zip batgirl boots and a green shirt, making contrast with her red hair which was falling over her shoulders gracefully.

Raven's thoughts fade away when she felt Chelsea's hand on her shoulder.

"The elevator is here." Chelsea said . Raven smiled as they entered in it. There were some seconds of silence until Chelsea broke it.

"So, are we taking my car or yours?"

"None of them, we are walking." Chelsea's eyes widened in surprise.

"Wow, Raven Baxter wants to walk? Gosh! That's the end of the world!" Raven smiled and punshed Chelsea's arm.

"Chels!" They walked happily out of the building keeping a good conversation. Their destination as unknown, but neither of them cared. Raven was thinking about going to the mall when Chelsea caught her hand.

"Ice cream! Aw Rae, let's go!" Raven rolled her eyes and followed the girl. The place wasn't too full, which was good, because Raven wasn't in the mood to wait in a big line. Raven looked at the options of ice creams, and decided to pick up strawberry and chocolate. She smiled knowing which one Chelsea was going to chose.

"Hey, Chels, what did you chose? Besides vanilla of course, I chose..." But she lost her words when she looked at Chelsea. The girl had a shocked expression on her face, like she couldn't believe in what she was seeing. Raven followed Chelsea's gaze and just then she understood everything. Eric was there, kissing a girl in a deliberate way. Raven felt angry; angry because she knew how hard Chelsea was going to take it.

"Chels..." She began, but Chelsea wasn't listening. She made her way to Eric's table and began clapping. Raven had never seen Chelsea so bothered before.

"Isn't this beautiful?" Chelsea said out loud. Eric pulled way from the girl and looked at chelsea surprised.

"C-Chelsea, baby, w-what're you doing here?" He said getting up and Chelsea stepped behind. Raven hurried up to her side to prevent anything bad happen to her friend. Not that she needed some help, Raven thought.

"Funny, I was going to ask you the same question." Chelsea said coldly. "Weren't you at your mom's house?"

"I- I was, but I..."

"You are a jerk, you know that? Chelsea said, tears were forming on her eyes. "And you know what? You can stay where you are with your new girlfriend. We are over." Chelsea was about to leave but Eric caught her arm.

"Chels, baby, wait!" And for his surprise and Raven's as well, Chelsea did something very unlike her: she turned around and slapped him with all her force. Everybody was looking at them now.

"Don't call me baby! Actually, never talk to me again!" Chelsea stormed out of the place with Raven running after her.

"Chelsea! Chels!" Raven called. But Chelsea didn't stop, all she wanted to do was close her eyes so everything could disappear. As she made her way home, she didn't even notice that Raven was right behind her. When they entered in the building, Chelsea ran upstairs, she didn't want to see anyone. Raven followed her without knowing what to do. She watched as Chelsea opened the door and sat down on the couch. Raven closed the door and sat down beside Chelsea. She could see that the girl was fighting hard to keep her tears from falling, but she wasn't doing a good job. Raven gently hugged Chelsea, resting her head on her chest. She heard when Chelsea began to cry, and felt her heart breaking to billion of pieces, she hated to see her friend hurt.

"Shh, it's going to be ok." Raven said rubbing Chelsea's hair. She planted a kiss on her forehead and rested her head on Chelsea's. She felt her trembling and hugged her thighter.

"I do have something wrong, right?" Chelsea asked.

"No, Chels, of course not! Don't even think that!" Raven said genly.

"I do h-have, Rae! It seems like every guy I go out with gets tired of me."

"That's not truth..."

"It is! Do you remember Sam? Huh? And Jake? And what about Danny? After the prom, he never called me again! And Ben? We only stayed together for two weeks!" Raven didn't know what else to say. She ran her hands through Chelsea's arms to comfort her.

"Listen to me Chels, there's nothing wrong with you, you heard me? Nothing. You are going to find a very special person, and do you know why? Because YOU are special, Chels, and you deserve much more than these guys." Chelsea broke the hug and looked at Raven.

"Thank you, Rae. You're the best." Raven simply smiled and wiped Chelsea's tears away. They hugged again, and a few minutes later Raven felt that Chelsea had fallen asleep. She didn't blame her, the girl had had a bad day.

As she held Chelsea, Raven thought about their years in high school. She remembered in how many troubles they had faced together. She smiled; Chelsea was always there for her, and she knew that she always would stay by her side. She wondered if there was something she could do for her friend. "YOU are very special, Chels." What she had said was truth, Chelsea was wonderful. That's why she protected her too much. Her memory went back to the day when she dressed up like a boy to teach Sam a lesson. She smiled at how disapointed he looked when she said what he had missed. Chelsea felt much better after that. And then this realisation hit her like a punch. She knew what she had to do to make Chelsea feel better. She only needed a plan, and she had a feeling, that it wouldn't take her much time to put it into action.

Chapter two will be up soon...

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