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"I just can't win with that woman! What does Tsunade expect me to do? Just stand there and watch!" A flustered blond threw his orange jacket across his tiny apartment. "So I got a little riled up and slipped into Kyuubi mode during the mission. Big deal. At least the mission was completed. So what if there were some minor injuries..."

"They weren't exactly minor, Naruto." A pink-haired tomboy said while falling into a comfy chair. Her emerald eyes observing the attractive 17 year old in front of her. She loved his tanned skin, his cerulean eyes, his golden hair, and his bright smile. She picked up Naruto's jacket, folded it, and then placed it on the couch next to her. "You should just be glad that I'm a medic."

"Yeah, yeah.." Naruto untied his black Konoha headband and tossed it on a dresser.

"Not to mention, it's lucky that your punishment this time only lasts for two weeks." Sakura peeled her black gloves off and strolled over to Naruto putting her arms around his waist. "But, I suppose two weeks off from missions could be a good thing," she purred into his ear.

"Not likely." Naruto pushed the seventeen year old girl away and walked into his bedroom to change into something a little more comfortable.

Sakura pouted. "I'm only trying to help, you know." She walked in front of the hall mirror taking note of her girlish figure. Although a little flat up top, she chose shirts that flattered her such as the red one she wore today. Denim jeans hugged her hips and flared down her long legs. "I wish Naruto would take our friendship to the next level." Sakura thought to herself.

Naruto emerged from his bedroom wearing a black t-shirt and baggy jeans along with a small chain around his neck. "Hmmm...I wonder what I should do with all this free time I recently acquired." He slumped onto the couch. "Two weeks in this dumpy apartment could get dull real fast."

"Why don't you just cooperate and stay in your house like you're suppose to. I'm getting tired of covering for you." Sakura crossed her arms and glared at Naruto.

"Then don't. I don't care." Naruto drank from a leftover ramen cup.

"You know I can't do that. You're my best friend." Sakura rubbed her temples. "Although sometimes I wonder why I do the things I do for you."

"Because you like me." Naruto flashed a bright smile and then pulled Sakura on the couch and started to tickle her in a playful manner.

"HA! HA! HA! Stop!" Sakura laughed. "Stop! I give up!"


"Who's there?" A teary-eyed Sakura yelled.

"It's Sai. I have an urgent message from Tsunade." Naruto jumped up and opened the door. There stood a pale individual with the most unusual style of dress. He wore a black crop top with a grey mini jacket and solid black pants. Taller than Naruto, he always wore a smug expression and relished in making rude comments about the blond.

"Hi, Naruto. Look what I drew today." Sai held up a beautiful sketch of Naruto in the infamous pose of David. "Of course, I did have to change something." He laughed.

Naruto just shoved the drawing out of the way. "What's the message?"

"Well.." Sai stepped past Naruto and took a seat next to Sakura on the couch. "Tsundae says there have been a lot of ninjas disappearing. But not just any ninjas, the best of the best ninjas."

Sakura's eyes widened. "How?"

"That's just the thing. No ones knows exactly. It's the strangest thing really, since the missing ninja aren't even known to be missing until they don't show up for practice the next morning. And then there is this business of an invitation."

"An invitation?" Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"Oh don't worry, Naruto. I'm sure you won't get one." Sai mocked. "I don't think anyone's interested in your 'unique' ninja skills. You simply don't make the cut. Not to mention that you are under village arrest again." Naruto give Sai a death stare. "I, on the other hand, have received one. I guess these people know good talent when they see it."

"Let me see it." Sakura eagerly bounced on the couch.

"It's right here." Sai pulled out a beautifully decorated card from his jacket. Judging from it's appearance, it looked to be extremely old. It was made of golden parchment paper and had the image of an origami bird on the front flap. "So, being the Anbu that I am, I'm to go to the stated place and time and see what this is all about.

"So what does it say, Sai?" Naruto raised his azure eyes to clash with black ones.

"That is for in-vit-ed ninjas only." Sai smirked.

"Aw man" Sakura sat back on the couch. "I would love to know what's on that card."

"Well, I couldn't care less about what's in that invite." Naruto stood up. "Good-bye Sai." He opened the door.

"Huh. Looks like it's time for me to leave." Sai bowed goodbye to Sakura and then proceeded to the door. "Jealousy always was a bad color on you," Sai whispered to Naruto as he left.

"Sakura, I think you better leave too. It's getting late." Naruto gave Sakura her gloves and helped her out.

"Alright. Don't let Sai get to you, Naruto. He just gets a thrill out of seeing you get mad." Sakura kissed Naruto on his three whiskered cheek and left. "Night."

Naruto slowly closed the door and then went to grab a pillow and blanket while he watched the end of a bad scary movie. "I've always loved these movies about vampires." As it approached 1 in the morning, there was a knock on the door. Naruto was so into the B rated movie that the sudden noise startled him. "Wha?" He got up and opened the door. "Hello?" No one. He scratched his sun kissed hair and looked all around until a small envelope laying in front of his door caught his eye. "What's this?" Carefully opening the envelope, he realized that this was the same invite that Sai received. Naruto folded back the flap to reveal the contents inside. He noticed the words were done in calligraphy and were within an intricate design consisting of a bat entwined with roses and thorns. He read:

You are among the elite selected to attend a special event.
Bring this invitation to the Brigami Castle.
Your time slot is 3:30 am. tonight.
You will be directed where to go when you arrive.
Directions are on the back of this invite.

"3:30 am.! That's in 2 hours! I'd better get going! And Sai said I wouldn't get one!" Naruto laughed as he made his way to the castle.

"Wow! This castle is amazing!" Sai stood outside admiring it. He ran his fingers across the stony edges eager to find a time capsule as a link to the history of it. Without any luck, he sought out the courtyard. Once there, he saw many shades of pink and red flowers located throughout the lush landscape. The way the moon was highlighting them made Sai dance with joy. "I just have to sketch this!" He opened his sketchbook and began to doodle.

"I'm sorry, but you aren't allowed to do that." a blue-haired woman, dressed all in black, came from behind him and yanked the notebook away. "I have strict rules about this sort of thing." The sketchbook went up in flames as she snapped her slender fingers.

"Hey!" Sai whined. "All my favorite pictures of Naruto were in there!"

"And here I thought you were a landscape artist," she mocked and continued towards the main entry into the castle. Her blue hair was fastened in an up-do and she walked in a graceful way, her hips swinging seductively back and forth.

Sai felt a blush cross his cheeks before yelling, "I could be both you know!" Suddenly, he heard a heavy pant come from the dense forest behind him.

"Wait...up..." Naruto gasped for breath as he entered the courtyard.

"Naruto?!" Sai was shocked. "What are you doing here?"

"Recognize this?" Naruto held up a now crumpled invitation. "It seems you were wrong."

"Hn." Sai placed his hands on his hips. "I didn't know they let dick-less boys in here."

"Shut up, Sai." Naruto caught his breath. "Do you know where the meeting place is?"

"Of course I do." Sai smiled an evil grin. "It's at the old church right next to the cemetery."

"Cemetery?" Naruto gulped, for he hated places like that.

"Well, that's where it is. And you'd better hurry up. I highly doubt they like it when people are late."

Sai started to walk toward the cemetery.

"At least I'll beat you there." Naruto ran off.

"Ah, Naruto. You are so dense sometimes." Sai retraced his steps and walked toward the correct meeting place, the main foyer within the castle.

"Look at all those humans milling about down there." A seventeen year old boy licked his lips as he leaned out the window to get a better view. "If only they knew the real reason why they were here." Sasuke smiled as he ran his hand through his ebony locks. The velvet fabric of his black and red robe fell revealing a very lean arm. "Humans are such stupid creatures."

Itachi joined his younger brother, of five years, by the window observing the group of 50 people below. "Perhaps you could find yourself a slave this time, Sasuke."

"I don't want to hear it, Itachi." Sasuke pushed past the older Uchiha. "I'll find one when I'm good and ready. It's not like I'm on a time limit."

"But you're missing so much." Itachi leaned down to whisper into his younger brother's ear. "I know you've heard and seen all that Deidara and I do."

"How can I not?" Sasuke's eyes following Itachi all the while. He couldn't help but envy his older brother in terms of appearance and skill. Itachi was well toned and had silky black hair that was usually tied in a low, loose ponytail, but tonight was different, Itachi chose to wear it completely down. His robe was similar to Sasuke's but he preferred a more relaxed look as it draped loosely from his shoulders revealing a black silk shirt underneath. Despite being a vampire, Itachi's skin had a creamy look and his red eyes were filled with desire. As for his abilities, Itachi could get anyone he wanted, whenever he wanted. Although they looked fairly similar, his older brother's closeness made Sasuke tremble with inferiority.

"Aren't you curious to try it for yourself?" Itachi started to nibble at Sasuke's ear as he unzipped the younger Uchiha's robe exposing Sasuke's lean frame. "You can have this feeling as often as you like." Then he proceeded down Sasuke's neck kissing him in a pleasurable way. Sasuke let out a soft moan. "You're so beautiful, Sasuke." Itachi wrapped his arms around his brother pulling him closer. "You deserve a slave just as much as a slave deserves you." Itachi began to nip at Sasuke's neck intending to break the skin.

"But...I...haven't..." Sasuke panted.

"Just remember, I'm your truemaster." Itachi smiled as he bit Sasuke's neck. His fangs going deep to absorb the warm red liquid that began to flow. Sasuke's body twitched as he felt immense pain fill his body as the older Uchiha fed.

"Hmmm..." Sai studied the other kids in the main foyer. "So let's see...who else is here?" Glancing around, he noticed the others looked to be in their upper teens and had an athletic build much like himself. "Well, looks like there are quite a few of us, and here I thought I was special." Sai pouted.

"I still can't believe that Naruto believed me. He's so gullible!" Sai laughed out loud.

"Do you mind?" a dark haired girl punched Sai square in the shoulder. "I'm trying to hear what's going on in the front of the pack. "

"Hey! Who are you to push me around?" Sai steadied his balance.

"I'm Kin and you better remember it." She crossed her arms. Her long raven colored hair flowed straight down her back allowing Sai a view of her very feminine figure. She wore a grey tank top and black/white/grey cargo pants.

"Relax, lady. Our slotted time isn't for another thirty minutes. By the way, I'm Sai." He bowed to the angered girl. "Isn't this an amazing castle?"

"Yeah, real exciting." Kin rolled her eyes. She wasn't really interested in history.

"Its like this place has been frozen in time." Sai continued. "Rich with history and elegant with decor." Sai's eyes marveled at the interior of the majestic castle. There were multi-colored banners that housed either an origami or fan symbol embedded within the silk material. The couches were the softest to the touch complete with candles burning brilliantly. "What a place to get laid." Sai smirked.

"Pervert." Kin struck him again, this time hitting Sai in the groin. "Let's see you think about that now."

Her ears perked up as she heard an announcement.

"Next group, please come forward."

"Looks like we're moving," Kin skipped ahead. Sai gathered himself and edged closer to the woman at the front of the foyer.

"Welcome everyone." A woman addressed the group for the second time. "Thank you all for coming."

"Hey! That's the same woman who burned my sketchbook earlier." Sai muttered to himself. "Just wait until she's done. She's going to have to pay me for a new one."

"My name is Konan. I expect everyone to treat both me and my castle with the utmost respect. Anyone caught damaging anything, will be punished." Konan observed her last group of humans. An evil smile gracing her lips revealing sharp canines. "Now, everyone will be handed a number. Keep that number with you at all times while here. One by one you will walk into one of three side rooms and be questioned by one of my assistants. If your answers are satisfactory, then you will proceed to the next and final stage. If not, you will be asked to leave. Understand?"

"Yes, ma'am." the crowd responded in unison.

"Sounds simple enough." Sai cocked his head arrogantly. "I'm definitely going to make it to the final stage."

"Not before I do." Kin ran in front of Sai eagerly grabbing her number from Konan. "Number 42. Hah!" She spit out her tongue.

"I bet you've used that a lot." Sai smirked. Kin furred her brow at his derogatory comment.

"Let's just see who makes it and who doesn't." Kin placed her hands behind her head as she waited patiently for her turn while Sai did the same.

Sasuke slowly opened his eyes. "Damn it, Itachi. I'm not your fucking blood bank." He rubbed his neck slowly easing the pain. "Now I have to feed to replace what you took from me." Sasuke went into one of the many bathrooms to clean up the mess Itachi so gracefully left him in. "Bastard." He showered and then walked into his bedroom to put on something fresh. He put on a navy t-shirt and some black cargo pants. "I don't have time to wait for Konan to let us know which ones are right or not. I'll have to find something else." He was just about to head to the reserves when his nose picked up something. "A human? Outside the barrier of the foyer?" He smiled to himself. "Looks like this may be my opportunity." As he ran down the stairs, he glanced out the window spotting a blond head of hair outside in the cemetery. "So that's where you are." Sasuke's eyes changed purple as he focused on his prey.

"Why did the meeting have to be here?" Naruto stood at the entrance to the cemetery taking note of a faded sign that pointed him to the church. "Just figures...the church is on the other side of the cemetery." He took a deep breath and slowly entered the field of the dead darting his eyes back and forth as if expecting something to jump out at him. Scattered throughout the graveyard were various mausoleums, damaged headstones, and several angel statues. Heavy fog was everywhere and it was deathly quiet. "This has got to be one of the scariest places ever." Naruto hugged his body as his carefully walked around the plots of the deceased. "Well, maybe it won't be such a bad walk over there if I read some of the tombstones." He looked around for what he believed to be the least scariest of rows. "This looks good. Alright first one."

1652 – 1666
May His Sacrifice Never Be Forgotten

"Hmmm...I wonder what he did?"

1670 – 1685
No One Ever Really Knew What Gender He / She Was

"That's a strange thing to write. I wonder if it was really that hard?"

1679 – 1694
Beloved friend of Deidara
Condemned for Witchcraft

"Witchcraft, huh? People certainly were skeptical back then." Naruto continued scanning the headstones until he ran into a black iron gate. "Owww..." Naruto rubbed his head as he glanced ahead at the church before him. The place was in sham bulls. The stone walls were barely holding up and the place was pitch black. "This has got to be one of the stupidest places for a meeting." He pushed open the gate and strolled onto the front yard thankful to be out of the graveyard. As he proceed up to the church, he looked around.

He found it odd that the two thickest trees had rope hanging from them and there were some iron brands highlighted by the moonlight. "This is one messed up place of worship." Naruto entered the church. No one was there, but he was too absorbed by the images depicted on the walls. They showed images of torture such as hanging, whipping, and burning at the stake. Hexes and various images of snakes and rats, made from blood, intertwined the grotesque images. "This is weird." Naruto placed his fingers outlining the image of a red head being burned, but quickly removed them when he felt a thick liquid cover his hand. "Yuck! What the?" Naruto held up his hand and saw blood. "I better get out of here." As he backed up, he tripped over a broken pew.

"AHHH!" Naruto crashed with a loud thud slamming his elbow on the cold stone ripping it open. Blood began to pour from the newly opened wound. "Damn it." He stood up holding the injured elbow.

"I can assist you with that," Sasuke's voice spoke softly in the darkness.

"Who's there?" The darkness of the church prevented Naruto from seeing anyone. "And no thank you. I think I could attend to my own wound." Suddenly, Naruto felt someone grip his forearm startling him.

"Don't do that." Purple eyes bored into Naruto's blue ones. "I like it fresh." Slowly Sasuke lowered his lips to Naruto's elbow.

"What are you doing?" Naruto tried to pull his arm away from the young male.

"I don't want it to get infected." The frightened blond fidgeted as Sasuke began to gently suck at the free flowing blood.

"You really don't have to do this." Naruto rapidly moved his eyes trying to get a better idea of who this person was. Sasuke, on the other hand, has excellent sight and took in every small detail of Naruto's body. He let his tongue graze his pale lips licking up the remaining drops of blood as Sasuke slowly stood by up.

"'re good." He caressed the blonde's cheek. "Would you be so kind as to let me have more?" Naruto shivered from the cool breath that feathered his cheek.

"More?" He gulped. "Wait a minute. I received this invitation." The sun haired boy pushed Sasuke away as his reached into his pants pocket. "I know I have it somewhere."

"I don't care about that." Sasuke pushed Naruto against the wall pinning the shocked blonde's arms above his head. He smiled revealing two large canines. With his free hand, Sasuke tugged on Naruto's chain separating them by mere inches. "That's not as important as you are."

"It seems you've found yourself a slave, Sasuke." Itachi grinned from the shadows.

--- END CHAPTER 1 --

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