Yoshizilla: Well, I got bored, and what could cheer me up? A little Luigi's Mansion fanfic...starring Luigi, of course. What could be the problem this time? Find out...

Disclaimer: Let's see, since Luigi is a character from the Mario series, he is owned by Nintendo, as well as his awesome mansion and its surroundings, objects, and characters/creatures. So don't go and sue me because if you hink t hat I'm NIntendo, then you honestly in all due aspects need to see a medical doctor. Why, I do not know, but it's better than all of the excuses YOU can come up with. Fools.

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"Whatever happened to Luigi?" Ness asked Captain Falcon as they and Jigglypuff were having breakfast in the kitchen of the Smash Mansion.

"Oh, he went off somewhere. Said he won something." Captain Falcon stated as he kept on eating.

Jigglypuff sighed as she placed her puffy hands on her face. "Oh, I do hope he's okay..."

Far beyond the Smash Mansion, Luigi was humming happily to himself, walking down the dirt-paved path. As he approached his green, bright mansion, the sky-blue atmosphere suddenly changed into the thunder booming, dark sky, and the mansion resembled Luigi's won "haunted" mansion.

Luigi screamed, and ducked, holding down his green hat, his legs trembling. All he did was just walk towards the mansion happily humming, and suddenly it reverts to a haunted mansion? WTF?

But then, the wise words of Toadsworth echoed in the cowardly green plumber's head. Luigi, you must go into the mansion...you must go and do whatever you had in mind.

Listening to the old, wise voice, Luigi nodded and got up, running towards the haunted mansion he owned. He was still scared, but he was more determined as he opened the door and snuck inside, cautiously moving slowly as the door closed and he approached the staircase.

"Mamma mia...this place hasn't changed a bit since 2001..." Luigi quietly muttered to himself as he went up the staircase. He approached the parlor door, and opened it. Peeking his head inside, he took out a flashlight from his pocket and shined the dark room.

Several orange ghosts nearby were playing poker, but hearing the shining of the light, they all scattered around, and while two of them mysteriously disappeared, the remaining three ghosts all went after Luigi.

Luigi screamed, and dropping the flashlight, he slammed the door and ran down the staircase. The ghosts flew out of the parlor through the walls and floated downwards. Screaming at the top of his lungs, Luigi opened the main door, ran outside, and shut it closed. The ghosts looked at each other, shrugged, and turned to face the door. Approaching it, they gasped in surprise as Luigi bursted through the doors, smiling with confidence as he held the Poltergust in his hands.

"It's ghost bustin' time!" Luigi laughed victoriously as he turned on the Poltergust and started chasing the orange-colored ghosts.

The ghosts all screamed as Luigi chased them upstairs. Luigi followed a ghost into the main hallway, and sucked it up. Luigi bursted through the Master Bedroom, looked under the bed, to have a black cat attack him. When the cat jumped out of the window, the ghost appeared in the curtains and sucker punched Luigi. Laughing, it disappeared.

Getting angry, Luigi got up, and he ran out of the room. Exitting the hall way and going into the parlor, Luigi captured the other ghost. Exiting the Parlor cautiously, Luigi turned around and waited in the middle, the chandelier above moving slowly, and then falling down, toppling down on Luigi. The last remaining orange ghost laughed before he went up to the ceiling and disappeared.

Luigi moaned weakly, his Poltergust stuttering. "Ach...I guess I won't be able...to get that diamond...in the backyard." He moaned and his head fell. Luigi was unconcious, and the thunder boomed loudly as lighting struck the mansion, shutting down all of the electricity. As it started to pour heavily, we can hear more of the ghost's cackle.