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"Reality is not a Dream but a Nightmare"


The road was dark even when the moon shined bright. A family traveled the road not aware of those eyes watching there every move. The man driving the wagon didn't want to come thru this road but he couldn't endanger his family. He was aware of that the were-wolves roamed this forest but it was a little safer than that of the vampires. The man turned to look at his wife and found her asleep just like their two little girls. His older girl, Alice, was a beautiful child and was two years and a half older than Jane his youngest so far at the age of seven months.

He was to enthralled in his own thinking he didn't feel the horses stop until it was too late. In front of him were two big wolves ready to pounce. It didn't take half a second before the two wolves were in the air. The man screamed waking his wife and daughters up. The man was thrown off the wagon while kicking and punching the beast. Meanwhile the women got her nearest child, which was Alice, and got off leaving poor Jane alone in the wagon. This movement caused one wolf to lose his attention on the man and turn to them.

The wolf was huge with gray fur and eyes that reveled hunger. The other wolf that was with the man howled a piercing cry which was responded by other howls. The gray wolf approached the women and the child growling fiercely and drooling. It advanced a couple of steps and in a moment another four wolves accompanied it. Three others were now with the man biting and scratching him while he did everything in his power to protect himself and fight them off at the same time.

A cry was heard from the wagon revealing a sobbing Jane left unprotected. The women desperately tried to reach her baby girl but to no avail. Five wolves covered her path and at that moment one wolf flunged at her. She screamed putting Alice behind her protecting her at all cost.

"Jane, Jane," the women sobbed while blood flooded from her cheeks. She turned to look at Jane but found that three wolves hovered around Jane. They studied her while different emotions ran thru their faces. Confusion, amazement, hope, and anger all raced in their faces in a second before a cold mask replaced it. The women didn't know what to make of it but before a sound could escape her lips the wolves had taken Jane by the shirt and trotted off.

A chuckling came from a near by branch. "Well their goes there dinner but I think the baby is to small. Maybe dessert?"

At the sound of the voice the remaining wolves ran to the forest. Not knowing what overcame the wolves the man and the women looked up to where the voice had come from.

"Sir, please help my baby girl. I beg of you!" cried the women.

"What makes you think I can get her back for you?" the man replied in an amused tone.

"I know you are a vampire and a powerful one too by the way the wolves ran away. Time is ticking away and they are getting farther and farther away!" the women shouted cradling little Alice and reuniting herself with her husband.

"You know what I am but yet you question my power? You humans are nothing more than food. Why should I help you? Your troubles mean nothing to me," the vampire replied.

"Sir, if you bring her back we shall be indebted to you greatly. Our child is special to us and has a whole life ahead of her. Please help us!" the man answered. It was the first time he had spoken and you could tell he was deadly afraid for his younger child. They are willing to negotiate with a vampire? The vampire thought to himself. "Fine I will go get her with one condition," the vampire replied.

"Please sir, just go get her!" the women sobbed.

Vampires POV

With that I leaped down from the branch and ran following the wolves scent. Disgusting dogs. Makes you wonder if they even know the word shower. Probably not even the word water is in the their vocabulary! By the irking smell I could tell there was a whole pack and that included the pack leader. They wont be a match for me. A pack of dogs will be a small exercise for me. Dang, not even that but they will be just an entertainment. Maybe I can distract them with a dog bone. At this time I had already caught up with the pack. As I inched closer some wolves turned in my direction and growled.

"Now is that a way to welcome a guest?" I asked them.

The wolves having no manners responded me by attacking me. I dodged them easily reading their minds before they did any movements. I was careless and paid no attention to the alpha as approached me from behind. He threw me off balance, which gave four wolves the opportunity to pin me down. I scratched the wolf that had pinned down my right arm and at that same time throwing him to the other wolves. I got up quickly and decided that I had had enough. They had just ruined my favorite shirt, which was expensive. Well not really because money didn't matter but still it was my favorite! In a split second all the wolves laid on a pool of blood.

I strode to where the girl laid and picked her up. When I looked into her eyes I felt immense power lurking in her tiny body. No wonder the wolves got her. She has a lot of power and would make a great vampire once she grows older. Ah that's it!!

Regular POV

"Oh my goodness! Thank you sir so much," the women screamed with joy as the baby girl, Jane, was deposited in her arms.

"She is safe darling. She is safe now," the man replied consoling his wife.

"Sista sista!" Alice cried as she ran towards her sister stumbling along the way.

The vampire stood motionless watching the family reunited. He probed into the man and women's mind to see if they knew about their child's power. He searched and searched but found nothing. If the wolves and slayers found out about her it would mean war. Good thing that only a few people can detect that much power.

"Sir, we are grateful to you. If I remember correctly there was a condition to saving our daughters life. May I inquire what it is?" the man asked.

"It's quite simple really. At the girls 17th birthday I will send someone to fetch her. My condition really is her," he replied.

"B b but sir…" the man stammered but was interrupted by the vampire.

"If you value your life and that of your daughters you will agree. If you agree you will be under my protection for the rest of your lives. If you refuse I could easily end your life here. Take your pick," the vampire replied in a harsh and cold tone.

The women gasped clutching the baby closer to her chest.

"You should let the baby breath or you will kill her before I do, Lady." The vampire replied. Tension filled the air causing minutes to go by slower dragging time with it.

"Fine, we agree," the man responded with sorrow in its voice.

The vampire nodded and turned to leave. "Oh, before I forget. Don't try anything stupid such as running away or hiding your daughter because you will pay for it with your lives. I will make sure that you die a slow painful death. By the way I will not tell you when I will take her so it could be on her birthday or three days later or even months. You are warned." With this he vanished in the night leaving the parents grieving for the loss that was to come, of their beloved daughter. At that moment they didn't feel like the girls parents but guardians. Right then and there they vowed never to tell Jane about this incident and about the vampire. They had no idea that that vampire was no other than the vampire prince.

With last minute thoughts they reloaded the wagon and headed for the nearest village for a nights rest.

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