Brooke Davis was the kind of girl everyone wanted to be. She had velvety long chocolate colored hair and hazel eyes with gold specks that glittered in the light. Her dimples formed small valleys on each side of her face and they were constantly present since she was always smiling. Her body was curvaceous and she looked good in any clothing you put her in. She could've come to school wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt with her hair pulled back messily and no make up, and boys would still want her and girls would still want to be her.

But Brooke Davis would never dare to go out like that.

She wasn't the brightest star in the sky, but being the captain of the Raven's cheerleading squad wasn't rocket science. She didn't have a boyfriend, but she could easily snag any guy she wanted. And she did. Every weekend, Brooke woke up with a serious hangover and a different boy's arm around her.

That was just how she did things.

Girls envied her. You could almost see them turn green as she walked by smiling. The halls were Brooke's runway and damn straight all of Tree Hill high school knew it. Jealous whispers began to circulate whenever she walked into a room, but in true Brooke Davis fashion, she'd just laugh and talk about how crazy the last party she attended was with her friends.

Brooke Davis's friends were ones not to be fucked with.

First of, there was Peyton Sawyer. Twisted and insecure with her platinum blonde short locks, Peyton and Brooke had been a duo since kindergarten when Brooke had helped Peyton do her makeup for the school play. Yes, she had gone a little crazy on the blue eye shadow, but that was Brooke for you. While Peyton was moody, Brooke was cheery. When Peyton spent her weeknights drawing, Brooke spent them picking up guys at a bar. They were complete opposites, and maybe that's why they worked. One blonde, one brunette. The social butterfly, the loner. Peyton didn't have a boyfriend, and maybe it was best since her motto was "People always leave." But if your biological mom and step-mom died, along with the fact that you rarely saw your dad due to work and the love of your life had to leave his hometown to run from his child's psychotic mother, you'd be pretty fucked up too.

But, despite their differences, they just clicked.

And then there was Haley James-Scott. She had come onto the scene recently due to her marriage (junior year of course, in true 'Naley' fashion) to Nathan Scott, varsity basketball player. Haley was the mother of the group. She kept their heads on straight and picked up the pieces when everything fell apart. Even when things were rough with Nathan (because even the most perfect relationships had their downs), Haley still had time to help with any problems: math or personal. Whether it was your boyfriend or your calculus, Haley was the dependable one.

Then came the vixen of the group; Rachel Gatina. Rachel was a more malicious version of Brooke, but she had been cleaning up her act. The former coke-snorting-malicious-bitchy party girl was turning herself into someone better due to… love. Marvin "Mouth" McFadden had finally had the balls to ask her out on a date. Ever since then, the two were always together and Rachel finally realized what love was.

They were a quad, and they knew it. The whole school knew it. Hell, the whole town knew it. When these four girls showed up to a party together, you knew you were in trouble. Who could resist Brooke Davis and her gorgeous friends?

No one, that's who.

But as Brooke put on her mascara in her bathroom's mirror, she couldn't help but wonder why she felt so distant from her friends lately. They all seemed to have their own things going on. Nathan and Haley were attached at the hip, which Brooke understood. They were married. And her partner in crime, Rachel, was finding the 'meaning of life,' as Brooke liked to call it, with her first real boyfriend. But Brooke understood that too. It was love. And Peyton had been with her dad since he was only home for a month.

So, Brooke finished putting on her make up and grabbed her cell phone, keys and purse and headed out to the party of the weekend solo.

Her shiny red Mercedes, a guilt gift from her rarely present parents, sat idly in her long driveway reflecting small shards of light from different directions. She clicked the doors opened with one fell swoop and soon found herself driving up the winding Tree Hill roads. She turned up the music to drown out the silence in the car. It was unusual for her to be alone and she didn't like the feeling. She had always had someone around with her whether it be the four nanny's that raised her, her "quad" or one of the many boys she'd slept with in her time.

Yes, life was good for Brooke Davis.

As she pulled up to a large house a few minutes later, she immediately heard the noise coming from the backyard. She parked her car a little down the block knowing that she'd probably be driven by [insert name of boy-toy of the night here in the morning to come pick it out since she'd slept at his house.

That's just how it went.

She stepped out of the car clad in a tight fitting pair of dark skinny jeans, red heels and a white v-neck shirt. Plain, yes, but she looked phenomenal. Her hair sat in loose curls cascading across her shoulders. She checked herself in the side-view mirror of her car one last time before heading to where the party was taking place.

The backyard was luscious green due to the recently ending summer. There was a small deck that had been altered into an alcoholic's dream. A makeshift bar was set up. Three long tables had been set up across the deck and every type of vodka, rum and whiskey you could name sat primly with red cups stacked infinitely. Not to mention the two kegs to each side of the extended table. It was definitely a huge party. The lawn was packed with teens holding cups filled with strongly mixed drinks while others mixed stronger ones by the "bar." A few people had set themselves up in a corner of the yard with a bong and people were taking turns hitting it.

Brooke had never been a marijuana girl, so she headed straight to the bar, strutting her stuff as she walked. She felt a few eyes on her and as she reached the bar, some of her peers cleared a small space for her.

She began pouring a drink happily as she swung her hips to the music someone had begun playing from their iPod speakers.

She felt someone approach her to her right and she looked over. You're the lucky winner for tonight, buddy, she thought to herself as she looked at the boy. He was tall with brown hair. He ran his fingers through the locks to push it out of his face and then smiled at her. He had the most gorgeous eyes. His left one was completely blue while his right one split diagonally in a perfectly straight line, the upper half being blue and the bottom half being brown.

"Making something for me, I assume," Brooke flirted as she moved closer toward him.

"Depends… do you like strong drinks?" he said locking his eyes with hers.

"I like everything strong," she said as he handed the cup to her. She kept her eyes firmly on his as she took a sip. He was right, it was strong. But nothing she couldn't handle.

"You like it?" he said as he began mixing his own drink.

"I like you," she said moving closer to him. Their thighs grazed each other as he looked down at her, her head slightly cocked back.

"I'm Chris."

"Brooke Davis," she said in her provocative voice. "Wanna get to know each other better?"

"Does it involve being alone with you?" he replied, flirting back, with a cocked eyebrow.

Brooke nodded slowly as if to tease him. And with that, he offered her his hand. She placed her hand into it slowly and felt his large, smooth skin engulf her own.

He led her into the house slyly, trying not to draw attention. They weren't supposed to go in the house, but Brooke Davis rarely followed the rules. It was almost pitch black inside, the only light coming from the occasional window, as they slowly cascaded up the staircase. Brooke squeezed his hand tightly to show her anticipation and Chris began walking faster.

They finally reached the hallway that contained the bedrooms. After checking the first two rooms, they finally reached what looked like a guest room on their third try. Brooke immediately stepped ahead of Chris and pulled him in slowly. Once he was in, she leaned up against the door and pulled him close to her. He rested on hand on the door and one hand on the waist of her jeans as he slowly pressed his warm lips onto hers.

They began kissing more passionately, his tongue caressing hers fiercely. His hand began wandering from her waist band to the hem of her shirt. He slowly inched up underneath it as she placed a hand on his back pulling him in closer.

He kissed her harder and Brooke moaned in bliss. He pulled her shirt over her head, breaking them apart momentarily.

"The bed," Brooke whispered breathlessly during the interim.

Chris nodded rapidly as she ushered him toward the edge of the bed. She pushed him down and smiled at him seductively.

Her shirt was now completely off, left astray on the floor near the door. She slowly unbuttoned her jeans letting him watch with hungry eyes. He reached out to bring her closer, but she just shook a finger at him. She shimmied off the jeans completely now, leaving her in a barely-there thong and bra. Chris began pulling his own shirt off in anticipation, never veering his eyes from her tempting body. She reached over and unbuttoned his pants particularly slowly to keep him excited. Once she reached his boxers, she immediately saw the rather large indication of his stimulation.

He pulled her into him, unable to contain himself anymore. He kissed her fervently, his hand on the back of her head pulling her as close to him as possible. She pulled back reluctantly, only to slowly unhook her bra and he watched as it slowly drooped off her revealing her chest. He reached a solitary hand out to cup one in his hand and she moaned as she grabbed his wrist. She led his hand to her silk thong and ran it over the thin string. He grabbed it and slowly eased the right side down before going for the left. She pulled the panties off completely and discarded them onto the floor across the room. His hand lingered on her hip bone and slowly he eased it to where she wanted him to be. He looked up at her, unsure if this was what she wanted. She nodded at him and kissed him softly, as if reassuring him. He slowly slid a finger into her, rubbing slowly at first.

She let another small moan break away from her at the initial thrill. She leaned in and kissed him, her tongue begging for entrance as her tongue pried his lips opened carefully. He pulled down his boxers, the only article of clothing separating them, with his free hand. The other hand rubbed her, moving faster with each passing second. She felt as if she was going to burst any moment as she suppressed her cries of pleasure. She hungrily kissed him and he began rubbing harder, his fingers easing in and out of her.

Unable to take anymore, she pushed him backwards and straddled him. Feeling him enter her was bliss. His hips grinded against her as sweat began beading on both of their heads. He grabbed her ass and pressed himself further into her.

"Harder," she urged him loudly while emitting a loud moan. His eyes closed in ecstasy as she ran his hands over his body. He felt amazing inside of her and she was going to enjoy every last second of it. He gripped the small of her back as he felt her reach her orgasm, and his soon followed.

They both collapsed onto the bed, the smell of sex lingering in the air. He ran a moist hand over her stomach up to her breasts and rubbing them affectionately. They both breathed heavily, their chests heaving as they each tried to catch their breath. Chris let out a content sigh as Brooke turned onto her side to face him. She rested her hand on her elevated palm. Her hair was messy and small strands stuck to the side of her face.

Damn, she is gorgeous Chris thought to himself. Brooke smiled at him and cocked an eyebrow.

"What's on your mind?" she said as she reached her idle hand out to finger the small shell hemp necklace he donned around his tanned neck.

He rolled onto his side to face her, elevating his face in the same way she had her own.

"Come stay at my place for the night," he said in his sexy voice.

And that was just how Brooke Davis's life worked.