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"Which jeans, dark or light?" Brooke asked, holding up both pairs next to each other for her best friend.

"Why do you care? You two are 'just friends,'" Rachel said, doing air quotes for emphasis.

"I don't care!" Brooke protested. "You know I always like to look my best!"

"Whatever you say, ho. But we all know you're gonna fuck him and then forget him, just like every other guy. I like the dark ones better."

"Aw thanks best friend," she said sarcastically, rolling her eyes. "Yeah, I like the dark ones too."

To be honest, she was excited to go out with Lucas, even if it was just as friends. She had no intentions of sleeping with him. He had a girlfriend! Not that that had stopped her before… but Lucas. Lucas was different. She couldn't place her finger on what made him different. He just was.

"Okay! You need to go home! He's gonna be here any minute!" Brooke said as she caught a glimpse of the time.

"But I wanna meet him!"

"If you meet him, you'll steal him. He's that cute," Brooke smiled.

"You mean steal him from his girlfriend?" Rachel smirked.

"Oh shutup!"

"Just watch your heart, Brooke. I know you have a crush on him, and that's great, you haven't had a crush on a boy since, what? Middle school?" Rachel smiled sympathetically. "But he has a girlfriend. You're playing with fire, so try not to get burned."

"Just friends, Rach," Brooke said trying to reassure not only Rachel, but herself. "Now get out of here! You have a boyfriend. Shouldn't you be having sex or something?" she teased, knowing about Rachel's sexual… troubles.

"Don't remind me about the virgin-issue. We start making out, and I start unbuttoning my shirt, he freezes, and next thing I'm doing is talking about kittens and rainbows. I thought virgins loved that stuff!" she said, pouting.

Brooke giggled, said a quick goodbye to her friend, and listened as the door slammed and Rachel started her car and sped down the street.

She checked the mirror a final time, adjusting her bra to expose a little more cleavage. Just because she had a tiny-little-nothing-baby crush didn't mean she was going conservative.

She applied another thin layer of clear lipgloss and grabbed her Chanel clutch just as the doorbell rang.

"Coming!" she yelled, rushing toward her signature red door. Not a lot of people knew how much she loved that door. Red was not only her favorite color, but she loved the way it stood out against her plain white mansion. It always caught your eye, even from a few blocks away. During the winter, when all of Tree Hill was covered in snow, her red door stuck out brightly from the mesh of the white house and the settled flakes.

Her red heels clicked against the wooden floors as she made her way to the door. She opened it slowly, as if providing anticipation for Lucas.

"Hi you," she said in her most sultry voice.

"Hey. Wow, you look great," he commented from the doorway.

"You clean up pretty nice yourself," she commented. He smelled heavenly and she couldn't help but feel slightly intoxicated from the fume. He was wearing a white button-up shirt and khakis. Even though it was simple, it managed to look like a million dollars on his toned body. The sleeves were rolled up slightly, revealing the contours of his delicious muscles.


"We ready to go?" he asked, breaking her from her fantasies of him.


And with that, she slid out of the door and locked it mechanically. She and Lucas walked down the path from her house side by side, their arms grazing occasionally. She wasn't sure if she was the only one who felt sparks with each touch, but she hoped she wasn't.

The got into Lucas's car and began driving down the road.

"So, Chris was thrilled when I told him I was going out with you tonight," Lucas said smirking.

Brooke laughed. "Hm, maybe I'll come over for a quickie and go out for breakfast with his roommate after. I hear he's sweet."

Lucas looked over at her and smiled. "Kinda cute too," he flirted.

"I guess… I was more into the food though the first time around," she teased.

Lucas looked at her, trying to force an angry face, but he couldn't help but smile at how gorgeous she was.

"So, what bar are we going to?"

"You'll see," he answered mysteriously.

"Oh goodie! I love surprises," she smiled.

A few minutes later, the two pulled into the parking lot of a bar Brooke had never been to. She never thought she'd see the day where a local bar would be unfamiliar to her, but there was a first time for everything.

Lucas stepped out of the car and walked around to Brooke's side. He opened the door for her and she was taken aback at his manners.

"Your mother would be proud," she said as they walked toward the entrance.

Once again, he opened the door to the bar for her. They stepped inside. Brooke looked around. Smoke filled the air and there were various pool tables. Random two-seater tables were set up with barstools. She loved it already. It was mysterious.

"So, I was thinking, I kick your ass at pool over a pitcher of beer?" Lucas said smirking.

"Oh, you are so on," Brooke said, smirking back. "Loser buys next round?"

"Deal," he said, holding his hand out for Brooke to shake. She gladly took it (another excuse to touch him) and let it linger a second after the shake was over. She looked into her eyes as she pulled her hand back slowly and flipped her hair.

He could feel the adrenaline pumping through his body, but he refused to show his excitement.

"I'll go get the beer, you rack 'em," Brooke said before smiling at him seductively and turning on her heel.

He watched her curvaceous body as she walked toward the bar and wondered how he would ever be able to be just friends with a girl like her.