The Banshee: by T'Sara

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Rating G
Genre: Angst

Archive: yes

Summary:Written for the Home front –Challenge on Triaxiansilk

Trip reads a letter he received from Lizzie shortly after he was assigned to Enterprise. Takes place sometime shortly after the events in The Forgotten.

Spoiler's: The Expanse. The title comes from said episode. Trip tells Malcolm that his sister would wail like a Banshee if he didn't take her with him to the movies.

Special thanks to my Beta, Dinah and Evcake. You girls are wonderful!


Finally he was at peace. Charles Tucker the Third lay in his bunk and watched the stars streak by. Sleep just seemed to come easier these last few weeks.

Writing that letter to Crewman Taylor's family had helped heal his grief over his little sister, and for the first time Trip could think of Lizzie without feeling suffocated by his grief and anger.

A soft smile came to his lips as he remembered the subspace letter she sent after his assignment to Enterprise. So young and full of life and promise; she had written him to tell him of her plans for future and to reminisce on her Banshee days. Moving from his bunk he sat at his desk and called up the letter.

Lizzie's face comes up on the screen with a soft smile on her face.


I hope this letter finds you well. Mom and Dad told me that Jon requested you on Enterprise. I know you must be thrilled! Chief Engineer! I am so proud.

I always knew you would go far…I just didn't think it would be so literal[/i

Lizzie said while laughing. Trip again let a small smile come to his face…no matter what it always seemed that Lizzie had a healthy zest for life and often laughed over it.

[iThings for me are going well. I don't know if I have told you but I've been asked to give a lecture at University of Florida on Monday for the multicultural Architectural program UF is hosting. It should be nice to see some of my old professors and the campus again. Seems like only yesterday I got my degree, doesn't it?

Speaking of only yesterday…Mom and I ran across some old family photos. Most of them were from when we were kids. I found the one you took of that damn garden snake that you later put in my dollhouse. No I still haven't forgiven you for that. And a few of our old dog Bedford, but the one that I think I'll keep is the picture of just the two of us after seeing "Frankenstein".

I remember being so upset when you and your buddies wouldn't take me with you, and so happy when you finally caved! I'll admit I used my tears to an unfair advantage, and that It wasn't fair of me to coerce you into taking me.

But I am not going to lie and say I regret doing so. Seeing that movie with you was probably the best time I've ever spent with you and one of my fondest childhood memories. I thought you should know that.

Well big brother I need to head to bed. I have a long week ahead of me and I need to prepare.

Please take care of yourself, and give Jon my regards.

Hopefully, when things settle down and you get some leave, we can all get together and go to the condo on Siesta Key for a week.

I love you very much.[/i

Lizzie bent over to end the transmission but paused to blow kisses before doing so.

Trip sat back for a moment before brushing away a single tear.

"I love you too, Elizabeth."