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(A/N: This story contains MAJOR spoilers for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology. If you haven't beat the game yet, then be warned.)

Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology II: Trials of Life

Prologue: Sudden Rebirth


In space...

Above the world of Terresia, the dark abyss of space was silent. The stars seemed to fill up the blank void surrounding it, giving the place a serene feeling. Below the stars was a blue- green planet, Terresia. If one could look from space, they could see all the different regions of the planet, such as the green plains of the Ailily region, the rocky terrain of the Doplund region, and the cold land of the Gavada region. The planet was revolving around a sun, it's moon keeping the same orbit.

Suddenly, near the moon, a blue light shaped like a circle appeared. The light expanded, and when it was cleared, a new object stood in space above Terresia.


The monstrous looking world started orbiting the planet, but was slowly starting to descend towards Terresia. All of the sudden, a green dome surrounded Gilgulim from out of nowhere, and encased it, shining in the darkness.

On the highest point of Gilgulim, Widdershin's dead body suddenly materialized, hitting the floor, lifeless, his face showing no emotion. Suddenly, another blue light that looked like a portal appeared a few feet behind Widdershin. Without warning, four figures stepped out of the portal, and the portal then dissapeared. One of the figures approached Widdershin's body.

"Foolish Widdershin. That bastard didn't even realize what he was actually doing when he fed our world to this place. Ah well, it looks like he got what he was coming to him." The figure stated, kicking Widdershin's body. The figure was a tall man who looked like he was in his 40s-50s. He had dark brown hair the shade of chocolate with amethyst eyes that reflected the light radiating off of the sun. He wore dark black armor, with red shoulder plates, with yellow lining on the edges. He wore a black cape, and had a sword strapped to his left hip. He then turned around.

"Alright you three, the time has come. Before we can begin our drop operation, we need to land in a safe place. I'm going to assign you tasks. One of you is going to install the control unit, another will control this place, and the last one will help navigate the landing. Which one of you will take care of the control?" The man asked, adressing the three.

"I'll do it. I think I can get it done quickly." The first figure replied. It was a man who was about 35 and was about 6'4. He had blue hair that was cut short, and had light brown eyes. He wore dark green armor with blue shoulder plates with silver lining. Strapped on his back was a long golden spear, it's tip shining.

"Heh heh heh...then I'll take care of the piloting." The second figure replied. It was another man was about 29 years old, and looked to be about 6'1. He had dark green hair that stood up, and had dark blue eyes. He wore a grey cloak that covered his entire body with a zipper going through the middle. He had silver gauntlets on, which he apparently used for hand-to-hand fighting.

"Well... then I guess I'll be the navigator." The third figure stated. Unlike the other two, this person was a woman who was about 5'9, though it was mainly because her armor made her look taller. However, none of her physical features could be seen, as her entire body was covered from head to toe in brown armor, with a helm that concealed her entire face. On her right hip was a big sword.

The leader nodded. "Alright then. Let's get to work." He then reached into a pouch on his left hip, and pulled out a small metal pellet. He gave the pellet to the blue-haired man. The blue-haired man turned around, and walked towards the end of the platform. He threw the pellet on the floor. When it hit the floor, the entire ground flashed green, and soon, all of Gilgulim was shining green, all four people watching it. When the light faded away, there was a chair with a small steering wheel in front of it.

"Very good. All right, go ahead and begin piloting." The leader told the second man.

The second man nodded, and walked over to the steering wheel. He sat down in the chair, and grasped the wheel. He then looked out towards Terresia, and then towards the woman.

"Look, I've never been to this damn world before and I didn't bother gathering information on it. Where the hell should I land?" The second man asked the woman.

The woman looked down at Terresia, and examined it. "I would recommend you try to land near the Ailily region. According the the recon we've recieved, Ailily is the weakest of the three regions. Therefore, we should land there, as it will give us an advantage."

The second man smirked. "Heh heh...I like the sound of that." He then turned the wheel, and Gilgulim suddenly started moving, the place shaking a bit.

The leader smiled. "Finally...when this world is taken care of, our plans shall finally be complete...Widdershin truly was a fool...he didn't realize the true potenital he could achieve with Gilgulim..."

The woman then looked down at Widdershin's lifeless body, and behind her helm, she smirked. "When we return back to Vascallus, let's bring the body with us. I'm sure the people at the lab could use an interesting guinuea pig to work with."

The blue haired man smiled. "That's a smart idea. A corpse of an actual Descender...the people at the lab will go nuts when they see this."

The woman nodded. "Not only that, but we could use various samples from his body in order to help our magic developement. This is going to be very interesting."

All four of them smirked as Gilgulim slowly descended towards Terresia, the green dome still around it...


Terresia, the Foot of the World Tree...

The World Tree was silent as always, a peaceful sort of feeling lying around in it. Various animals were wandering around the tree as always, just going on with what they did. The scent of plants could be smelt, a mix of various scents creating a pleasent smell. The water was clear as always, a few animals drinking from it. The area was slightly humid, causing it to be a warm feeling.

In one section of the tree, the light was dim in a somewhat dark area of the tree. Several balls of light floated around the area, looking like falling snow. As the balls of light landed on the ground, suddenly, the tree shook for a few seconds, feeling like an earthquake in the tree. Suddenly, it stopped.

The balls of light seemed to be speaking. "What's this? It seems as though Terresia is in danger once again. We never thought we'd have to do this again, but we must. You must save us again...good luck."

Suddenly, the balls of light were appearing rapidly. Circling the ground, they all headed towards each other, and combined into one. As they collided, a loud screeching sound was heard, and the light blinded the whole room. When the light faded, something else was on the ground.

A young man lay on the ground, unconcious. He looked to be about 17 years old, and was about 5'11. He had light brown hair, and was wearing red leather clothes, wearing pants that reached over his knees. He wore leather gloves and had leather boots, and had a simple looking sword on his left hip. He seemed to be wearing some sort of chain necklace, but whatever was hanging at the end of the chain was unable to be seen, as it was under his shirt. The man slowly opened his eyes, revealing sea blue eyes.

The young man shook his head, looking around in confusement, eyes showing wonder.

Where...where am I...Who...who am I...It...it feels like I have no memory...what am I? The man thought.

Groaning, he placed his hand on the ground and pushed himself up from the ground. He stood up on his legs, but wobbled when he tried to walk forward, knees shaking. He grabbed his legs and walked slowly, trying to walk easier. As he walked around, many thoughts passed his mind.

Who or what am I? I can't remember anything...is this amnesia? It feels like I'm just an kid...having to learn how to do everything in life again. This place...it seems familiar somehow...but how?

Walking forward, the man kept looking around the place in wonder, trying to process what he was seeing. As he moved ahead, he suddenly saw a Rhinosaurus looking straight at him, eyes filled with hunger. Without warning, the Rhinosaurus suddenly charged at full speed towards him, tusks extended. Instinctly, the man drew his sword, and suddenly, something popped in his head.


The man jumped in midair, pointed his sword at the Rhinosaurus, and launched himself forward at the monster. He hit it right in the head, and landed on the other side of the Rhinosaurus. The Rhinosaurus cried out, then fell over, dead. Meanwhile, the man was confused.

What...what was that technique I just performed? It just...it just seemed to pop into my head out of nowhere...just who am I? If I don't have a name, I might as well be no one.

In the central room on the base of the Foot of the World Tree, the man decided to take a rest, sitting down near the water. He looked into it and gazed at his reflection with a somewhat sad look on his face. Suddenly, his eyes caught onto something in his reflection in the water, and he stared at the object.

"Huh? A necklace?" The man wondered out loud.

The man grabbed the chain and pulled the rest of the chain out, viewing it. It was a long, silver chain with several links on it. At the end of the chain was a beautiful deep blue crystal, which brightly shined in the light of the World Tree.

As the man stared at it, his mind went blank and he suddenly remembered something...


(Flashback) (A/N: This flashback takes place during TOTW:RM, but I made it up and it's not actually in the game. This scene takes place the day before the final battle.)

The man was sitting on a bench in a table in an inn, various people walking around. On the opposite bench was a young, pink haired, green eyed girl. She wore a white dress with yellow on several spots of it, and black on the arms. She had black leggings that reached her feet, where she wore white and yellow shoes, reflecting her dress. Her hair was braided, and she wore a black ribbon on her hair. The two were silent.

"...So, tommorow's finally it." The girl stated.

The man nodded slowly. "Yeah. Tommorow, I'll stop Widdershin and his plans. Finally, Terresia will be safe."

"...Yeah." The girl replied, but in a sad tone.

The man looked concerned. "What's wrong? Is it something I said?"

The girl quickly shook her head. "No, you didn't do anything. It's just...you reminded me of Pasca."

The man's eyes dropped. "Oh, umm...I'm sorry."

The girl looked at the man again. "It's alright. Now, I realize there's nothing I can do for Pasca, after Widdershin had lied and used me. What's important now is that we save Terresia so that Pasca's fate doesn't happen to this world. Although I may be the Descender of a destroyed world, I will still do what I can to protect this world!"

The man gave a sad smile. "That's more like it."

The girl noticed the man's sad look and frowned. "What's wrong? Let me guess: you're scared about tommorow?"

"Scared...scared doesn't even begin to describe it. I'm terrified. I'm going up against an enemy who's much stronger than me, smarter than me, more experienced than me, and is close to destroying Terresia. If I could avoid this fight, I would. But I can't. Because I'm this world's Descender, and it's my duty to protect this world. I love this world and it's people, and I'm not going to let them just die like this!" The man exclaimed.

"You're right. I just wish...I just wish I could help you a bit more. All I can do for you tommorow is just buy some time. If only..." The girl replied.

The man shook his head. "Don't think that way. I mean, you're probably my best friend here. You've done more than enough to help me out, and I want to thank you for it."

The girl looked surprised, and the man swore for a second, he could see a blush on her face. "R...really? Then...is there anyway I can help you at all for tommorow?"

The man smiled warmly. "Just wish me good luck, ok? That alone will be enough to reassure me."

The girl thought for a moment, and suddenly she looked up, a thought in her head. "I've got a better idea! Can you do something for me?"

"What?" The man asked.

The girl smiled. "Close your eyes, and put your hand on the table, with your palm open."

The man looked confused, but nodded, and shut his eyes, placing his hand on the table. About ten seconds later, the man felt something on his palm.

"Ok, open your eyes." The girl stated.

The man looked in his hand, and his eyes widened when he saw what was on it. It was a beautiful blue crystal, with a deep shade that could make one mistake it for a sapphire if they didn't look closely enough.

"This is amazing! But...where did you get this? And why are you giving it to me?" The man asked.

The girl just smiled more. "I found it in the Mines one day. I thought it was a pretty crystal, so I took it with me. And as why I'm giving it to you...it's a good luck charm! As long as you have it with you, I will always be supporting you!"

The man smiled widely. "One minute." He then reached into his bag, and pulled out a few tools and a big block of silver. Working with the silver, he turned it into a chain necklace in about ten minutes. He then grabbed the crystal, used his tools to make a hole in it, and placed the crystal on the necklace. He then held the necklace up, and placed it around his neck.

"There. This way, I'll always have your good luck charm with me, and I'll always think of you when I look at this. Thank you...Kanonno." The man explained, smiling widely.

The girl, apparently called Kanonno, smiled back. "You're welcome...Alex..."

(End Flashback)


The man looked back at the necklace now, even more confused. Suddenly, names started rushing through his head like a storm.


"Ad Libitum..."







The man suddenly gasped, and he looked around him in shock. He then looked back at the necklace.

Yes...I remember everything now...I'm Alex...the Terresian Descender...born to protect Terresia...the last thing I did...I defeated Widdershin, destroyed Gilgulim, and then I revived the World Tree among with Kanonno and Mormo...

Upon thinking of that name, the man, Alex, looked back in the water with a sad face. He knew that, despite what he had promised, that he would never see Mormo or Kanonno again...both of them leaving for their destructed worlds in Gilgulim...He would miss both of them a lot...Mormo, who had been his faithful friend and companion for the entire journey. Kanonno, who had been his best friend and whom Alex trusted a lot...even after she had fought with him...For some reason, even though Mormo was his companion the whole time, he missed Kanonno even more, but he didn't know why. Silently, Alex cried tears for his lost friends

I think I should go to Ailily for now. When I'm there, I can think about what I'm going to do with my life. But I'd better disguise myself: I don't want to attract any attention.

With that, Alex got off the ground, looked towards the path that lead towards the exit, and started walking towards there. As he was walking, a shocking thought entered his head.

Wait a minute...Descenders are only supposed to appear in their worlds when the world is in danger. But...what kind of danger is Terresia in?

Alex then slowly walked towards the exit of the Foot of the World Tree, determined to find out the reason for his rebirth...


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