Big Daddy's Diary

Chapter 1

In the Bathysphere, rising to the surface, the Protagonist saw a small book. He picked it up. There were a few pages missing, but there was enough for it to be continuous. BD 128 is printed boldly on the front.

"Entry 1, April 6th, 1957: Papa Suchong told me to start writing what I'm thinking through the day. He taught me to read and write, so I'm special from the others. Papa Suchong treats me nicely and hardly scolds me at all! He calls me his experiment. I don't know what that means, but I'm sure it means something good. Well, I don't know what to write, except that I'm going to get my suit in just over a week. It looks heavy and stinky. I'm scared. Papa Suchong said not to worry and that I'm strong enough to wear it. I know he's right. Papa Suchong is ALWAYS right.

Entry 2, April 7th, 1957: Training is going to start tomorrow. Today, as Papa Suchong was giving us our vitamins and stair-oyds he told us a story of Andrew Ryan and of Frank Fontaine. They sound really stupid and selfish. Parasites, says Papa Suchong. I agree. Frank Fontaine wants everyone's money, so he makes Fontaine's Futuristics. They make the Plasmids that make some people stronger than others and some of the weapons that people use for protection from eachother. I can't wait until I can see a person. Papa Suchong says that he's a person, but he's too smart to be a person. Oh yeah, and Andrew Ryan is a Hippo-crit, says Papa Suchong. He tells everyone to not waste and to work for a living, but he just sits in his comfortable office and signs papers. He shouldn't be given just a big house for only doing that, but Papa Suchong scolded me for talking like that. He said that if someone heard me talking like that, then Papa Suchong and I would be put to death. Death sounds scary. I don't want to die.

Entry 3, April 16th, 1957: We got into our suits today. It's heavy but it's not hard to walk around with it on. Papa Suchong says that it's fyuzed to my skin. I don't know what that means, exactly, but I do know that it means I'm never going to take it off. I don't mind. I'm warm. I can walk through water and breathe. I thought it would be bad in it, but I can't get hurt from falling, anymore. It's just hard to get up. Papa Suchong says everything is going to be all right. He would never lie to his children.

Entry 4, April 17th, 1957: Me and the others got to do some testing of our weapons. We were taken apart in half. My half went off and got to try out the Rivet guns. They fire little nails into things really, really fast! We practiced on a wall, then on targets. The tester said that we were the finest group of Rosies he'd ever seen. I guess that's what I am. But later, I heard a couple of Papa Suchong's assisstants talking about us as we walked back to the dorm. One said, "I hate these fucking Big Daddies. They smell awful an' they travel with those wretched little girls. I think the Doc's insane or something." Then, his friend said, "Oh shit, one's watching us. I think he knows what we're saying." The first one said, "No, these little freaks are almost completely morons. They only understand basic vocabulary. Dont'cha you stupid fuck?" Later, I asked Papa Suchong about what they said and his face turned a funny color. I think it was something between red and purple. He started to grind his teeth and said that he'd fire them. I hope he doesn't use that new plasmid on those men. They seemed nice.

Entry 5, April 31st, 1957: We've been trained in our suits for the past 2 weeks and I'm tired! We have to get really strong and fast. They still havne't told us why. The others don't seem to notice that we could be doing something else. This is all they know of. But why am I different? I don't think I should ask Papa Suchong about it. He might scold me again for asking too many questions. I know that he loves me, but we can't talk about certain things in public, or anywhere near a Security Camera. Occasionally, we can talk about things, but he teaches me things very slowly. Papa Suchong told me some more about the outside world. Apparently, people are afraid of me and the others. He told me that we're called Big Daddies and we escort Little Sisters around to harvest Adam. I don't know what any of this means, but Papa Suchong says that it will all come clear in time. I'm starting to doubt that he knows as much as he says he does. He may not be telling the truth..."