A/N: Being an Officially Licensed Spin-Off Product to ArgenteusDraco's story 'Understanding', an AU in which Luke talks to dead blue ghosty Anakin after the death of Mara Jade. You don't really have to read that to read this. That is a serious story (and quite good.). This is not a serious story at all. All the reader really needs to know is that Mara's funeral has just been held, that afterward Luke talked to Anakin and at some point Anakin puts his hand on his son's shoulder, and that you should check your sanity at the door. Flames will be sent to Mustafar where they belong.


Back at the Yavin temple, Luke only wants to go to bed. He is comforted by the Spartan-Zen atmosphere of his dorm room. He is about to take his black shirt off when he notices residue from where the glowy blue corona around Anakin touched his arm.

Luke's expression can only be described as "?!". He wearily monologues, "What is this? Is it a new sort of life form? Is it toxic? What should I do with it? How should I deal with it? What will it do to the rest of my laundry?"

He pokes the stain.

The goo sticks to his hand. He violently shakes it off.

"What is it going to do to the walls?!"

He attempts to use the Force to lift the goo off of the walls. Due to its mystical properties it rises, levitates in the air shimmering faintly, then splashes to the floor like blue rain, also spattering Luke's head and shoulders with glowy blueness.

R2-D2 emerges from a corner and looks at Luke.

The droid screeches just like he does when being shot at with lasers and skids back into the corner.

Luke's expressions can now best be translated thus:




(Meanwhile, the author is begging Obi-Wan to ignore her obvious fangirlness and let her sneak up on Grievous to steal his feet for wordswithout. The Sithman sits in the common room eating leftover popcorn and occasionally trying out an evil laugh. Tremolo experiments with composing a song to make college students feel sorry for poor band members and give the Musician's Guild money.)

Even after all this, Luke has not figured out a solution to the blue goo issue. He has tried rubbing the goo with tissues, turning the shirt inside out and shaking it, and Force lightning.

The blue goo looks deceptively innocent.

Luke has forgotten about the funeral. He has forgotten that he has to wake up tomorrow to teach a class he insisted he attend. He has forgotten that he is a Dignified Jedi Master With Inner Conflict.

He activates his lightsaber.

One ruined shirt later it appears that the goo has escaped onto the nearby walls and floor. Artoo tries to vacuum it up with one of his gadgets and Luke glares at him. Luke is thinking, This is my nemisis.

Sweeping, stomping, spitting, cursing, and kicking do not deter the inclement ectoplasm. Relieved of some of his tension, Luke sits on the floor to begin his next assault. It is one more suited to his abilities. He shuts his eyes and reaches out for the Force. With willpower and some vague hand-wavings he levitates the goo again and forms it into a compact circle.

It does not explode yet. It bobs in the air of its own accord. Luke opens his eyes and suspiciously peers at the substance.

It floats out through the door.

With a yelp of surprise Luke opens the door and follows the goo. It drifts down hallways and stairways. It is dark outside the small windows, but he does not see.

He tries to grab the goo sometimes but it is a slippery cloud of…goo.

The incorporated group of goo leads Luke to the hanger where the starships are kept. The Jedi Knight and pilot Corran Horn is standing underneath his X-Wing, improving it. He especially likes the green racing stripes. The blue goop floats innocently behind Corran Horn before exploding and knocking the diligent Rogue onto his face.

Luke resists laughing.

As Corran yells and looks around with his lightsaber drawn Luke spies a bucket nearby. He grabs it and starts pushing the goo in. It falls through the bucket's sides.

Luke mutters, "It's selectively insubstantial? That explains how Obi-Wan sat down on Dagobah."

Corran roars and attacks the goo with water from a hose, shouting about his precious X-Wing. The goo seems to be deciding what to do with the 'just add water' approach, jittering— And then exploding again. When Luke opens his eyes he tries to shake the goo out of his hair, wondering what the students will say behind his back tomorrow if ghostly goo doubles as hair dye. Corran laughs. Luke uses the Force to hand him a mop.

Luke tries to go back upstairs. Some goo follows him in a surreal, enthusiastic, slightly creepy procession.

Leia finds him half an hour later when she comes to check on him. He is lying as if dead, but is in fact inwardly considering going to the dark side if it would only rid himself of the blue stain. He is still spotty with it, and some has condensed between his eyes. Leia thinks it would be cute if it were not so very weird.

Han would end up doing something like this, but Han would be drunk.