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Sunlight skimmed at the edges of Sakura's closed eyes and she groaned, throwing an arm over her exposed face. 'Huh... what happened to my bloody blinds...' She turned from the bright shaft of sunlight, and then opened her eyes to the very unfamiliar wall. 'Eh?' Sakura mumbled, confused.

'Awake Missy Pinky!?'

The overly enthusiastic voice cut the peace then and Sakura jumped up with a yelp. 'Did you sleep well?!' Over the initial shock, she slowly turned her eyes on a bright orange mask, nose to nose with her face.

Sakura's eye twitched as yesterdays' events came flooding back to her. Flour and all. With that, she was reminded of where she was at that moment, plus who that orange mask belonged to.

'Tobi... what are you doing?'

Sakura sighed and roughly pushed Tobi's face away with the palm of her hand. He fell back with a slight yelp onto the hardwood floor.

'Well...' She swung her legs out of bed as Tobi picked himself up and started to chatter. 'Tobi got bored and couldn't sleep...' Tobi tapped the end of his mask. 'So he decided he'd come and here and wait with Miss Cherry Blossom... but she was still asleep. So Tobi sat in that chair and waited by himself' He sighed unhappily and rubbed his hair.

Sakura fumbled with her huge, stained t-shirt Hidan had so lovingly lent her for the night. Tobi was one thing - watching her while she slept was creepy, yet it was also oddly cute. But she couldn't help throwing a suspicious glance to the ceiling and to the end of her bed for any more bored Akatsuki eyes fixed on her. Once satisfied she and the dunce were completely alone, she stood and walked towards the window to look out on a dreary looking day.

'Shopping... with the Akatsuki.' If Sakura hadn't been so tired from the day before, she probably would have fretted all night about the concept. Luckily she had slept like a log however but the daunting task just seemed all the more worse.

She turned back on the eager Tobi, bouncing on his toes behind her. 'Listen... you...' Sakura hesitated on using Tobi's name (she had heard it enough already and the day had hardly begun). 'You wake the others kay'? I'll get dressed and we'll head out.'

Tobi made a few happy noise of which she concluded as a yes and satisfied, Sakura started to bend down to pick the clothes up from the floor. Only to freeze all of a sudden, eyes widening at the feeling in her chest.

'No... not here, not now.'

A cough racked her body, then another, which caused the girl to fall to her knees. 'C-crap!' Sakura immediately clamped a hand over her mouth, trying to silence it, but it came out anyways, as choked gasps of pain.

Tobi, who was halfway out the door, doubled back curiously and then with fright at the sight of Sakura struggling to breath on the floor. 'Miss! Miss! You all right? Will Tobi pat your back? Will he get some water?? Will he-' He frantically went down through his list of options. Sakura simply shook her head though and waved him angrily away from her breathing space.

Then, after what seemed like an eternity, her coughing finally died and she gasped the welcome air. 'O-oh god...' She muttered as she wiped her mouth.

Tobi, apprehensive, watched from afar and once she was standing again, dared to speak. 'U-um! ... Tobi will go get that glass of water...' Sakura glared at him and Tobi flinched. 'And?' He thought hard - something Sakura imagined was difficult for him. 'Go... Wake... Everyone... else...?' He asked hopefully then.

'Good boy.'

That idiotic compliment alone seemed to poke the incident, minutes ago, out of his mind instantly and Tobi beamed through his mask with pleasure. 'Good Boy, yup, Good boy!' He repeated in a sing song voice as he danced out the door, Sakura staring stupidly after him.

As soon as he was gone, she glanced carefully down on her hand, and her face screwed up angrily then at the sight of what her choked coughs had given her.

'Fuck.' Sakura reached across to the bed and wiped off the blood onto the sheets, then turned the sheets upside down.


For a group of mastermind evildoers, Sakura couldn't believe the attention they received in this town. That being absolutely zilch. The villagers hardly looked twice, as if they were used to seeing the crowd of obvious Akatsuki pass on through these certain streets.

Then again, this part of town did seem too remote for anyone here to recognize them. It was surprisingly large, but one quick look round the streets and Sakura could tell it was near being deserted. Half of the buildings they passed were boarded up, while the street they walked down was covered by patchy dirt and grass. Honestly, a town as their choice of hideout hadn't been the best, but at least the morons had found a suitable place in that town, that wasn't completely obvious.

She glanced up, at the unfamiliar mountains then sighed. 'Worst of all, I haven't a damn clue where I am....' Her day-dreaming of a moon-less night escape was becoming less and less likely.

'Fucking-Jashin-fucking-damnit! This isn't being sneaky' Hidan wasn't holding back on the swearing today, after he had nearly turned purple from keeping in all the atrocities. Kisame, on the same mind-track, nodded eagerly in agreement. 'Yeah did all of us have to go?'

Roughly translated 'Why did YOU all have to come?'

Deidara, who was walking in front, rolled his eyes dramatically and sighed, 'We're not going to let a lady carry all that shopping y'know, un.' Kisame muttered something under his breath. 'How much are we planning to buy anyways?' Itachi calmly asked then.

'Better question being, how much can we buy?' Sasori, who ignoring the conversation up to now, butted in. The Akatsuki automatically looked towards Kakazu, at the mention of money, who sighed and pulled out a sheet from his cloak. After glancing down on it for a second with a mutter of calculating, he looked up and shrugged. 'We have enough I suppose.'

Sakura perked up from her daydreaming as they reached what seemed like a main street. The dusty road seemed far from the centre of a metropolis, but at least it didn't look totally abandoned. A few stragglers walked up and down it, their heads bowed, not even glancing to the large and strange looking group of men and one single female kunochi. Which she admitted, was rather strange.

They came to main shop close to the end of the long road. Weirdly enough, it was quite a substantial shop, though a little patched in a few places.

'Chocolate!' Was the first thing she heard along with the small tinkle from the bell above her head in entrance. She didn't even need to turn to know that a Deidara was battling with over-excited Tobi.

Fluorescent hell was the only way to describe the inside of it though. Sakura had to blink a few times to stop her eyes from hurting. Once that was done, she glanced round at the rather sparse collection of vegetables and noodles. 'Right...' She turned back on the waiting, bored looking group of trained killers. 'I'm going... to go get what I need. Er... try not to make a mess?'

She started to move off, hands reaching automatically for a shopping basket but her groping hands found none. Sakura looked down, puzzled. 'God... should of known. Hey!' She called out to the obedient Akatsuki still blocking the entrance to the shop. 'One of you, give me a hand to carry some of the stuff will you?'

Hidan, being the closest to the edge of the group was shoved slightly by Kakazu forward and with a very verbal swear, he mooched up to Sakura, glaring the whole time. '... Fine fucking whatever.' Sakura glared straight back and turned up the baking isle section without a comment. Down through her mind, she listed what she needed.

'Flour being first.' She said outloud to herself and immediately stepped to the right, picking up a huge bag of the white stuff and turned to Hidan who was following grumpily behind her and dumped it into his hands. 'Oomph! What the fuck?'

His loud exclamation was followed as she pushed another bag of flour into his hands. 'H-heavy...' Hidan thought as he strained with the seemingly impossible sacks. 'That too much?' Sakura said sarcastically after a moment of scanning the raisins. 'Fuck off no!' Hidan strained a little but straightened his spine anyways.

'Whatever you say...' Sakura mumbled and continued searching the shelves for Rose's Brand Self Raising Flour. At the end of the section, she spotted the thankfully familiar coloured box and walked over, picking up the box that was at face level.

'EEK!' Sakura let out a shriek at the Itachi-head behind suddenly popped out where she had just picked up the self raising flour. For that fleeting second then as she fell back four feet, she wondered if someone back at the entrance had become edgy and bored, decapitating the Uchiha and setting the head behind a raisin box for a joke. It seemed like the sort of thing Hidan would do, of course, that thing stood groaning behind her with a ton of flour in his hands.

And Itachi-head had also been glaring at her. Though she wouldn't put that past Itachi even in decapitation.

'What... the hell?' Sakura blinked, regaining composure after a second. 'See anything Itachi??' A voice called out from the aisle over. 'No... now pull me out damn it Kisame... It's the baking section anyways.' There was a shuffling and a mutter behind and Itachi suddenly popped out back into his own aisle.

'Great... They're going to end up either killing someone... or making a complete mess of the place' Sakura thought as she picked up the box again with an angry frown. 'Though did I expect them to stand still while I shopped?' Her fears were confirmed as suddenly, an over excited Tobi ran past, arms full of lollipops, with a Deidara hot on his heels. She had to step back right into the shelves as the lollipops flew all over the place, but before she comprehend what exactly he was screaming, both of them were gone down the next aisle

'Sorry about that.' Sasori calmly came around the corner, picking up the small sugar coated lollipops Tobi had left in his wake and then too disappeared down the aisle.

'... Can we get a fucking move on?' Hidan's angry voice was accompanied by a grunt. Sakura sighed and moved on, quickly plucking what she could from the shelves in the baking section then rushed to the counters, Hidan behind her now laden down with an assortment of different flour types.

'What the fu-??' Sakura exclaimed as they turned the final corner, they were greeted of the sight of a few very happy looking members in the fruit section. Deidara in particular, who was having far too much fun licking all the oranges with... were those mouths on his hands?! 'Look Miss! It's like a bunch of mini Kunai's stuck on a melon!' Tobi flew in front of Sakura, proudly holding up a huge pineapple. 'Ohgod...' Sakura freed a hand from her load and rubbed her temples. 'Ohgod... Tobi...' He had managed to rummage through the big pile of pineapples, apparently searching for the largest and the rest had spilled out onto the floor. Zetsu was already on the scene though, eating his way through whatever had fallen onto the floor... spikes and all. In the least, the rest of them had gathered to watch the little amusing show all in one place.

'Right I'm done-' Sakura started 'Thank fucking Jashin!' A Hidan moaned behind her. '-So, um, I need some money to buy this stuff.' Everyone automatically at that point looked towards Kakazu, who heaved a sigh and rather grudgingly handed out a small handful of coins rather grudgingly.

The shopkeeper had of course been gaping at the group the whole time, but didn't even manage a word as Sakura dumped the whole collection of baking materials on his counter. Eyes still boggling out of his head, he started to beep the baking stuff through the system. Of course, the Akatsuki saw their chance and started dumping onto the counter whatever they could get their nail polished hands on. Tobi was the first, pulling a bag of lollipops from god knows where onto the counter. Deidara snappily brushed them off, then himself hypocritically threw a couple of bottles of shampoo on. Just as Kisame was sneaking a ten pound salmon on then, Sakura burst and pushed them away roughly, throwing the extra assorted goods onto the floor.

'Sorry.' Sakura snapped quietly to the still flabbergasted shopkeeper, paid, then walked smartly out of the shop, Akatsuki trailing after her.

'Hell. That was an experience and a half...' Sakura glared around at the now bored looking Akatsuki then looked down at her arms, double checking the baking supplies. 'Eggs. Damnit.'

Sakura started to turn back where she had just came from. 'Where you going un? We have everything right?' Deidara called back from the Akatsuki group who had begun to tramp home. 'Uh. Forget eggs...' She called back. Deidara shrugged and starting moving with the herd of blacks and reds.

'I'm free...?'

Was the first thought that crossed her mind as soon as they left her behind. Of course, plenty more factors the Akatsuki and her could take in, lack of supplies, no knowledge of the area and also the fact that a bunch of S-classed criminals could quickly track down her within a matter of hours. After knowing them for twenty-four hours though... was it more likely they trusted her to stay put?

'D-don't think w-were f-fucking s-s-stupid...' The near collapse Hidan still stood there though, eyeing Sakura with painfully intent pink eyes. 'Go get your fucking eggs, then were going...' He breathed a sigh of relief as he placed the bags of flour down finally. Sakura glared back and disappeared into the shop, re-appearing a moment later.


The walk back with Hidan wasn't awkward, more like a silent space between two people who knew a lot better then to talk. Sakura didn't mind all that much; it was better then him swearing in the least. After spending just a few hours with him, she could see why Kakazu loathed him dearly.

She glanced down at the supplies snuggled close to her chest. And the material they rested against. Sakura frowned. She had been stuck in the same starched nurse's uniform for a day now, and it was likely to be a week - if ever - til' she got a hold of something clean and more friendly to the eyes. Why couldn't people take along spare clothing when they took hostages?

Sakura shivered. The sun had all but disappeared in the place of threatening rain clouds when they had been in the supermarket and a chill breeze blew about her uncovered arms and legs. Behind her, Hidan made yet another swear at what she assumed was the weight of the flour. She held her arms closer, trying to force the goosebumps away.

As they reached the end of the main road a shop caught Sakura's attention. Its' windows were dirty and fogged up, but just through the grime, she could catch a glimpse of a rather nice looking red outfit. It was by no means fancy, but it least the sweater coupled with a long skirt looked warm.

'Maybe I should steal it?' Sakura slowed for a second, then pushed that idea away into her brain. 'Woe is me... I'm meant to be the good one. Might as well act it...' She sighed and shook her head, following the swearing Hidan quickly who had overtaken her.

'Or make Tobi do it.' She couldn't help but grin.

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