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Summary: A sixteen year old girl Dorothy was forced to enter the parallel world; MÄR heaven. There, she meets her former friends, her brother, her sister, her enemies and her lover. With the help from new companions, Dorothy attempt to find the way back to where she originally belongs to.

- - - - - - - - -


I look outside the window to see a bunch of my friends grinning up at me. Man, they have come uninvited again! My friends have no shame at all! Huh… I may sound ungrateful, but the truth is I am really glad they came. Today has been such a boring day; my elder sister and my big brother were not around. They always leave me alone in this big house. Nanashi is still in his school uniform although I can see his shirt is untucked. He was waving at me enthusiastically. Ginta, Alviss and Snow were there too. I rush downstairs to meet them.

"Hey guys! What's up?" I asked as I stood on tiptoes to allow Nanashi to give me a quick kiss.

"Nothing," drawled Nanashi, "Just come to see you, Beautiful!" I blushed at the compliment. I love Nanashi for being so romantic. The others just rolled their eyes.

"Get a room, you two!" Snow screeched. "Dorothy, we're here to ask you if you can join us hangout at MÄR Heaven Mall."

"Sure. Why not? I'm so damn bored today till could die of boredom! Going out with you guys will help refreshing my mind," I muttered blurrily. They all laugh. I locked the door and we then headed for the mall.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

"Wow, what a numbers of people!" Ginta gasped in surprise. I turned my head to scan the view. He's right, there are so many people wandered around MÄR Heaven Mall today. Nanashi was about to chased some girls when I suddenly appears and knock him off. "Can't let your sight away from girls, do you?" I grinned at him, Nanashi's sweat drops. "Wow! A fiesta! Did somebody just passed away and held his death ceremony at here?" I asked Snow, in a very sarcasm tone.

"Don't know. Could it be Mega Sales?" replied Snow. Her face brightening and she looks very excited. I know this girl; she loved shopping and would spend several hours on it! "Her future husband must be freakin' rich!" I thought to myself. Ginta and Alviss were chatting happily. I turned to face them but before I could ask anything, Alviss who was chatting with Ginta just now said, "The people are here to watch the display."

"Display? What display?"

"The Gate Keeper Clown Exhibition," Alviss stated. Snow, Nanashi, Ginta and I frowned, too astonish by the answer. "What is this Gate Keeper Clown?" I asked anxiously. Alviss sighed. His beautiful navy blue eyes were sharpen as he continued, "It was called 'Monban Pierrot'; a door which connected two dimensions."

-- the sound of the wind blow away --

"A dimension connector? Hahahahaha!! It's stupid beyond crazy, man!" I let out a hilarious laugh. Snow and Nanashi chuckled. Ginta, on the other hand didn't like the fact his boyfriend being mocked. Slowly, I approach Alviss and with a sly smile I said, "I see…. Being with Ginta has made you behave just like him and I believe it was called assimilation." Alviss's face turned red. He is probably mad with my words. Honestly, I can't figure out what kind of spirit has entered Alviss's soul. I mean, I was too shocked to find out such a person like Alviss would actually believe in such a stupid tale!

"There's another world outside there…" Snow said in a worried tone. "Then the monsters will enter our world and–"

"Idiot! Such a thing will never happen!!"


"Stop your freaking imagination or else I'm leaving you here!" I fumed as I walk away, but not before Nanashi suddenly appears in front of me. He stared at my furious eyes.

"What's wrong, sweetie? You look so mad today."

"Am I? Great then."

"Yeah… really great…" replied Nanashi. "You look more beautiful when you angry." I blushed. Nanashi then gave me a very charming smile. I feel like all of my anger has gone. Nanashi… what kind of spell has you mesmerized me? He kneel his left leg and kisses my right hand. "Nanashi…" I could not say another word. My feelings were too strong. "My dear Princess, do you have any place you wish to go? I'll gladly escort you!" I thought for a second. A place that I wanted to go? Hmm… Got it!! "All I wanted to do now is go ice-skating!"

"Huh?" Ginta flinched.

"Ice-skating? I loved it!" Snow exclaimed happily.

- - - - - - - - - - -

I pulled Nanashi into the ring and we both began skated gracefully. Nanashi was a good skater, I feel so pleased to skate with him. From afar, we could see our friends. Snow was having fun. Ginta however seems to not doing well. Unlike Nanashi, Ginta doesn't know how to skates and looks like Alviss was teaching him how to balance his movements. We skate around the ring happily. I feel like I'm in Ginban Kaleidoscope where I'm Tazusa and Nanashi is Pete. We two hold hands together while smiling and look into each other's eyes.

"Nanashi…" I said, in a most soften tone.

"Dorothy…." Just as we were having fun, another skater came and blocked Nanashi full force! He fell down; but not before he releases my hand to avoid me from falling with him. The crash has force me to move backward. I turned to look at the skater.

"Hey! Watch out, psycho!" I shout, angrily. I then got even angrier when I saw it was the no-good Phantom! He laughed evilly as he watched Nanashi struggle to get up.

"What a loser you are, Blondie!" cried Phantom gleefully. I skated up to him and tried to lay a punch on his irritating face. He laughed as he dodged the punch and stuck his tongue out at me. "Ne.. ne.. ne.. You missed me, Dorothy-chan!" he jeered as he mimicked the way Nanashi calls my name. No one mimics my Nanashi. No one! But just as I was about to knock Phantom out, a tiny hand blocked my fist. It was that evil little Belle!

"You better not touch my big brother, Dorothy!" Belle said coldly. I hate to say this, but Belle is a little bit too strong for me. I maybe got a black-belt in Tae Kwon Do and Karate but she's got the superhuman strength! She once has picked up a car with just one hand. I backed off slowly after I realized all my friends were with me. Alviss and Snow were right beside me and Ginta was beside her, Nanashi on the other hand was already up; standing behind us.

"You too Bell! You'd better not touch Dorothy or Nanashi!" yelled Snow. She gave Belle a smirk and continued, "You may be super duper strong but you're also an idiot!" Belle glared hatefully, so does Snow. The two have become enemies ever since childhood and they just can't stand facing each other.

"Belle, let's go."

"But brother–"

"People like them will never understand us. The only thing they do is screw everything," taunted Phantom as he stares at us. At first Belle refuses to leave, but she then consent with her brother and the two skated away. I don't know what's up with those two but they were always bullying me ever since kindergarten. They seem to hate us. It's weird but Phantom always bullied me the most. I don't know what I did to him but I'm the one he loves to bully!

"Thank God, we made it on time to save you guys," sighed Snow.

"Thanks Snow. You too, Al," I said. "Belle only stops beating us whenever she sees Alviss. I think Belle is crushing on Al-chan big time!" Alviss snorted angrily. "I don't wanna go near that lunatic Belle! Not in a million years!" Snow and I giggled. "She can hope all she likes but Alviss is mine!" cried Ginta possessively. He immediately leaped into Alviss's arm and hugged the bishonen. "Yuck!" Snow turned away from them. "You guys are worse than Nana and Doro!"

I finally decided we had to get on with our shopping. Well, actually it's window shopping since we don't usually go out and buys things; just look at them. When we went into this cool shop called "MÄR Heaven", I started trying out all these trendy kind of clothes and I thought I had a really sexy figure as I studied myself on the full-length mirror. Yup! Super sexy figure… I noticed my breasts had grown larger over these few years and that I had a waistline and a cute perky butt… blush! This is so embarrassing! But it's good to know I have got assets! It will help when the time comes for me to give up my virginity to Nanashi. gulp AHHH!!! What am I thinking?!! I'm still a student!!! At that moment, I was standing in front of my friends in nothing but a bikini.

"Well… What'dya think?" I asked confidently as I did all these sexy poses I studied in the magazines. Nanashi eyes were staring fixedly at my breasts and a second later, a river of blood was pouring down his nose. Alviss stared at me and my body with this expression that looked like he was looking at some fancy dinner. Ginta and Snow just blushed furiously. I laughed at their reactions. "You guys like it?" I said as I arched my back and brought my breasts up.

"You look so gorgeous!!" Nanashi said breathlessly as he stared at me. He pulled me by the waist and kisses me. I laughed even more as he tickled me at my ribs then made a grab at my breast.

"Hey! Get your hands off, pervert!" I cried in mock anger. Nanashi obeyed and did the puppy eyes. "That's how much you love me?" he whimpered sadly. I laughed and we started kissing again.

"Urg! Stop it! You disgust me!" Snow fumed as she looked away quickly.

"Al-chan!" cried Ginta, "Stop staring at Dorothy's boobs!! I know I don't have them but I love you unconditionally!" Alviss stopped looking at my breasts and turned to smile at Ginta. "Don't worry Gin-chan, no girl is better than you. I love you"

"Oh, Al-chan!"

"Oh, yeah! Way to go at making a girl feel less lonely, you guys!" said Snow sarcastically. The rest of us chuckled. "Sorry, Snow… I forgot you're the only one that's single!" said Nanashi, sheepishly. "But you know, you could've been my girlfriend too if you hadn't been so stuck up. Dorothy is easier to get…" he added cockily.

"NANI?!!!" both me and Snow yelled at him. "I wouldn't want you even for a million years in a cave with Belle tied to my foot, you pervert!!" cried Snow angrily. "I WAS EASIER TO GET?!! YOU MADE ME SOUND LIKE A SLUT!!!" I screamed. Nanashi looked scared for a minute but he then slowly started to undress. "N-N-Nanashi?" I stunted. I don't know why he does that, but when he was completely shirtless (shirt only!); Snow, Alviss and I just stood there gawping at his impressive torso.

"AL-CHAN!!!" Ginta cried, closing the bishonen's eyes.

- - - - - - - - - - -

When it was time for all of us to go home; Snow, Alviss and Ginta split up with us. "Bye guys," I said as I waved at a drunken Alviss who was wearing a dress, Ginta who was mumbling "Al-chan! Kiss me!" and Snow who was grumbling about "Stupid bishies that are gay!" Nanashi and I walked a couple of blocks together in silence. Even though we were not talking, Nanashi and I were holding hands and smiling at each other. Oh… he is so cute when he smiles! It seemed like such a long time had passed but in reality it was only a few minutes when I found myself back to the front of my house. I looked up at Nanashi, into those beautiful blue eyes that were gazing back at me intently. Oh God! I felt my heart beginning to beat faster.

"Nana…." I said breathlessly and Nanashi swooped down to kiss me passionately. I love it when he kisses me like this; he makes me feel like I'm the only woman on earth! After minutes of kissing, we broke apart. I giggled and Nanashi chuckled. "Good night, Sweetie!" he said, kissing my forehead and turned to leave. I smiled dreamily as I watched him go. Nanashi and I have been going out for about three months and we are always had crush on each other. I have known him since we were kids. Just as I was about to turn and go into my house, I caught a glance of something, or someone… Getting a little creped out, I steeled myself and yelled, "Who's out there?! Show yourself or I'll kick your ass!!" A soft chuckle was my reply. Hey… I know that voice… It's… Phantom!! Phantom stepped out of the shadows and looked at me with his ever sinister smile on his face.

"Hello, Dorothy-chan!"

I got so angry this time, I didn't wait to think and just ran straight at him aimed for a direct blow at his irritating head. He caught my hand and with his other arm he circled my waist.

"You liked kissing Blondie now, didn't you?" he whispered maliciously into my ear. A strange prickle went down my spine as he said this. "So, what if I did?" I retorted indignantly. I struggled to free myself from his grasp but he only pulled me in tighter; closer. "I wonder if you will actually enjoy another man's kiss just as much as you enjoyed your beloved Nanashi's?" His face was only half a centimeter away from mine and I was trembling in fear of what might happen. A kiss… That was what happened between me and Phantom! Phantom kissed me and I felt myself kissing him back! It was different from Nanashi's powerful electrifying kisses that made my toes curled in pleasure. Phantom's kiss felt more like a fire spreading and devouring at the same time. It was dangerous, but also very pleasant…

"……… Ph… Phantom…what are you–"

"What the hell are you doing to my girlfriend, bastard?!!" a voice rang out and I quickly pulled myself away from the kiss.



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