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Summary: A sixteen year old girl Dorothy was forced to enter the parallel world; the world of MÄR Heaven. There, she meets her former friends, her brother, her sister, her enemies and her lover. With the help from new companions, Dorothy attempt to find the way back to where she originally belongs to.

- - - - - - -

"It's all connected!"

A deep voice awakened me. I woke up and saw a monster with clown mask. "AHH!!! CLOWN MONSTER!!!!!!" I screamed. The monster felt down in anime style.

"Duh, I'm not clown monster. My name is Gate Keeper Clown."

"It still clown!! Just who the heck are you and what the hell are you doing in my house and on my room?!!!" I shout. I then grabbed a broom that was held at the edge of my bed and quickly pointed it to the clown. "Don't you dare do anything or else–!!"

"Hey hey… Don't you know that pointed broom to somebody is rude?"

"You're not even a human! Why should I listen to?"

"Man, you're so mean…" he muttered childishly. "You're so cute but have no manners at all, but I guess there's nothing I can do nor complain about it." He then began to step forward. "Now, come with me, I'm taking you to MÄR Heaven."

"Stay away!!" I cried as I hold the broom tightly. I'll not hesitate to attack if you come any closer!"

"You must come with me to MÄR Heaven."

"What MÄR Heaven??? MÄR Heaven Mall has closed an hour ago and even if it still open, I wouldn't go there with a stranger like you! Now get off from my room and my house!!" I slanted my leg and let out a powerful kick at the clown. He dodged my attack easily. "Damn, he's strong!" I thought to myself. I swung the broom across his face. He managed to avoid it on time.

"Miss, both waist and face are important parts of our body," he claimed. I ignored him and swung back the broomstick at his chest. This time, my attack hits him and he was forced to move backward. "Aw… you're a good fighter!" he said.

"Of course I am. Nobody can touch Dorothy-chan!"

He smirked. "I was ordered to treat you gently, but since you're so stubborn and naughty, I guess I must take you there by force." As he finished his sentence, a blue smiley-like symbol appears on the floor. The room turned dark and a mysterious door appears from nowhere. In instant, the clown dashed off and stands beside the door. "Now Miss, would you come with me?" he said, lending out one of his hand to me. "Open this door and enter the world of MÄR Heaven."

I was stunned by his sentences. Just now I got involved in a conflict between Phantom and Nanashi, floppy by the old maid Rapunzel's hysterical lecture, encounter a peculiar clown-like creature and now a door that connected with the other world? All these do not make sense! My curiosity began to ponder. I wanted to ask him what this MÄR Heaven world that he keeps mentioning is, but half of my heart prevent me from doing so. I got to do something! I must ask him. "Hey you prying clown! What the hell is this MÄR Heaven world that you keep mentioning all the time? I bet it is not the one we have on Tokyo."

"Eh? MÄR Heaven exists on this world?" he asked instead of answering. I felt down.

"It's a mall! A mall! The MÄR Heaven Mall!!"

"What is mall? And what is this MÄR Heaven Mall?"

"I'm the one supposed to ask that question! What is this MÄR Heaven world???" I fumed. There was a silent before he suddenly disappears from the spot he was currently stood, and reappears before me. Grabbing my left hand, he led me to the door. "Let go of me!" I screamed. "Where are you taking me to???"

"I told you, I'm taking you to MÄR Heaven."

"What MÄR Heaven? You're not answering my question yet!"

"You will eventually find out soon."

"Hey–" My word was cut off. We came upon a clown-looking door. The door was huge, old and full with ancient engraving. There was a broken chain between the knobs; possibly used to locked the door. But now, with the unchained lock, the door was mean to let someone enter through it. Could it be……

"Usually I throw dice to determine the number of people," he began, "But yours is exceptional."

I am not really listening to what he says. Instead, I found myself gazed nostalgically at the ancient door. "What is this feeling?" I thought to myself. "I feel like I've seen this door somewhere before." I clutch my fist. "But how can it be? This is my first time!"

"Open the door, Miss."

"I– Can I bring friends along?"

"No," he said, sternly.

"But why? They're my best friends. I would be lonely without them."

"For MÄR Heaven, their existences are forbidden."

"Then, can my big brother accompany me? Please..." I pleaded. My big brother was everything for me. He took care of me every time our parents gone abroad. He cheers my days with his magnificent well-baked cakes and cookies. He would always listen to my problems whenever I had one. My parents were so damn busy; they did not even have a minute to spend with their son and daughters. My elder sister was studying at an elite boarding school. She seldom back for holidays, I could briefly met her. But I did not care. I would be fine as long as my big brother stay with me.

"Your siblings are the biggest threat for MÄR Heaven. I can't let such a person enters," the clown replied seriously. "Now enter." He hustled me forward, making me fortuitously pushed the door and go through inside it. "Have a nice day, girlie."

"W– Wait!!!" I screamed, but it was a useless effort. He lost from my sight. I found myself flying through a white mist tunnel, but not long before I came into realization, I was falling down. "No… You got to be kidding me… I don't want to die yet!!! I'm still young and–"



I leisurely opened my eyes. Blue sky came upon my sight. There were some birds, flying freely through the sky. Wind blew in a most dimly way. Such a peaceful view does not exist on my world. "This place is heaven," I thought to myself, "I wonder if I had died and went to afterlife." I stood up. There was a fracture on the ground I was currently stood into. I pinch my cheek. "Ouch!!" I felt the pain. "I guess I'm still alive."

"Nee-chan…. You just falling from sky and yet, didn't receive any damage… Are you a goddess?????" A sudden voice surprised me. I turned around to see the owner of the voice. What appears before me was a figure of a young boy with green eyes and blonde hair. He looked at me vivaciously.

"G– Ginta???"

To be continued…

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