author --- moi

chapter seven summary --- Blair. Dan. Hearts are fragile things that break so easily.

disclaimer --- don't own the books or the TV show.

a/n --- Right, throw everything you really know about Gossip Girl besides the basics. This is AU. Sort of?



In this world you tried
Not leaving me alone behind
There's no other way
I'll pray to the gods: let him stay


You want to turn back home and hide for the rest of your life but that's not you. At least not anymore. So instead, you hold your head high and put on your steel eyes that might be broken when you see him.

You breathe in deeply. (You should just go home.)

Raise a closed hand.

Breathe once more.

Close your eyes.

Hastily knock on the door.

You open your eyes slowly when you hear someone shout 'I'll get it'. You wonder who it'll be to open that door and stare you down because they'll know. They'll know you were exactly what people said about you.

Shallow, bitchy, evil, horrible.

Then the door swings open and you're met with him. Oh God, his face. It falls once his eyes lay open your usually perfect looking face.


"What do ya want?"

You breathe once more and find yourself gasping for air you've been deprived of. You realize his eyes are horribly cold and so unlike him. You want to cry about what you've done to this perfect boy.

"I wanna talk."

He steps outside the apartment, shuts the door and sighs. He closes his eyes before opening them and looking at you. He's really looking at you, right into your black as night soul. The soul you thought changed with him as your boyfriend.

You were so wrong.

"I'm listening."

"I didn't mean anything by that kiss with Nate. It was this stupid mistake. I mean, I was questioning everything we had and God, I was once in love-."

"What? You questioned my feelings?"

He looks angered and annoyed and dare you say, disappointed. He does that deep soul stare and instead of melting you're cooling over.

"No! I… I don't know."

"Blair. I told you I cared about you so much. So believe me when Jenny told me that you were having this little moment with Nate, it sucked."

You find yourself staring down at the ground. Trying hard to memorize the disgusting floor's patterns and cracks and anything to avoid his burning gaze.

"I told you if anything happened between you and Nate, we were over."

You stare up at those harsh words.

"Dan. Come on. It was one mistake."

"I don't want a broken heart Blair. And if being with you is going to cause that then we're done."


"Better to hurt a little now than hurt even more later, right?"

"Dan. It didn't mean anything."

You know it's the truth because Nate is just the boy of your past. You so badly need and want Dan to know he's the only one for you. He might be the only boy you've ever given your heart to without waiting for the bad things to fall onto the two of you.

"Maybe but come on Blair. Me and you?"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It was always going to be you and Nate and two kids and a dog and… all kinds of shit. It was never me."

You fall silent because he's right. That dream of the perfect family and a dog was always pictured with Nate as her future husband. You just wish you could find some way to tell Dan that that dream was long given up on.

"Dan. I … I love you."

He scoffs a moment and your heart breaks because it's over.

Honest to God, burned down in the night, leave you broken forever, heart stopping, suicidal over.

"Don't say things you don't mean."

He doesn't wait for more of your words as he closes the door. Tears are surely forming in your eyes as you find yourself having a hard time breathing.

You can't see clearly as the tears start falling. His door getting blurrier and blurrier with each moment.

Dan Humphrey has left you broken.

Dan Humphrey has said goodbye to you.

And this time, you known in your heart, is the last.



I couldn't just end my fic on that not fluffy moment, I mean come on! I love BD too much for that. OMFG!! Blair and Nate. OMFG!! Nooooo…. Okay Chace is amazingly hot but I'm too much of a BD shipper to love BN.

I officially dub Dan and Blair, the new Seth and Summer because come on. I mean rich, slightly snobby girl and total sarcastic loveable nerd.

BD is the new SS.

Who loved that last eppie where Blair's all like, "You have a garage door in the middle of the room!" or "is that Cedric?" LMAO!! I mean here everyone is talking about the Rufus/Lily relationship and she starts acting all spazzy.

Did anyone notice that Dan talks constantly of Blair? I mean he's talked to her with his dad, Vanessa, and like half of the New York population. And they say he's in love with S. PLEASE!!

Can you guess my revision of a LoVe quote?