author --- moi

summary --- He can't say goodbye without breaking her heart and his own in the process. [Troy/Jamie [HSM/Read It And Weep crossover

disclaimer --- don't own anything.

reason --- felt the need for an tragic romance fic.


He's Her First Mistake

In the middle of the night when there's no one, there she is. She waits by the street corner for him while he takes his sweet time walking the dim street. Her hands are smashed in her zip up hoddie's pockets.

He walks closer to her, feeling very much like a teenager. He breathes in slowly before even slower breathes out. She's still waiting patiently for him, on that same street corner.

He's inching closer and closer. He finally makes it in front of her.



They start out the same each night with those pathetic words. A simple hello isn't want they truly want; then again they'll never tell what they truly want.

"How are you?"

"Good. Good. What about you?"

"Good too."

"That's good."

They share a small laugh at the over usage of good. They don't know how they've gotten to the point of no return but they're laughing on it.

He wants to say sorry for everything he's ever said or done to her because he truly is. He wants to be sad about what's happened in the past couple of days. He just can't.

"I'm sorry."

She brings her gaze from the gravel underneath her beat up purple converse. She stares at him with wide, bewildered eyes. He used to call them her Bambi eyes that could make him do anything even walk into incoming traffic.

He almost did once.

She nods a little slower before becoming more assure of herself. "Yeah. I am too."

Suddenly the silence is a little too uncomfortable but neither wants to leave the other. She's going to miss everything about him, right down to his adorable jokes and sweet clean boy smell that only he could have.

"I should go."

He wants to stop her from moving anywhere away from him. He catches a quick breeze of her sweet floral perfume when her hair moves in his face. She moves her hand to tuck a lock of glossy hair behind her ear.

She momentary flashes an old friendship bracelet. It's pink and getting worn out, little pieces of thread sticking out.

"You still kept it."

"Wha?" she almost asks before catching his stare at her right wrist. "Yeah. I just couldn't part with it."

The sky is getting darker as stars hide further and further away from the pair.

He loves her. It's the plainest fact in the world, right next to blue skies and hot sun. He loves everything about her.

He doesn't want to say goodbye. Not yet.

Just don't let this be the end, he prays.

"Do you want to?"

"Want to what?"


She stares back into his uncertain eyes that used to hold boyish charm. Breathing back a sigh, she thinks for a moment.


He smiles softly at the beautiful girl, who smiles sweetly in return.

"Then don't."

"I have to."

He frowns, ruining his handsome smile that graced her just a moment ago. He looks back at her; his gaze is hard and questioning. She looks away.

"No. you don't."

"You've got your girlfriend. I've got my boyfriend."

The words of truth are finally spoken. Those dreaded phrases of another boy and girl they could care less about.

"I don't care."

This is reckless and stupid but it's a long time coming for the pair.

"I know."

She turns to leave with that note her heart breaking more.

He doesn't stop her because he knows she won't turn around.

Not today or tomorrow or ever.

So he'll forever just be Troy Bolton, that lonely boy who never got people and their issues but understood pain.

She'll just be Jamie Bartlett, that best selling teen novelist who fell for a local basketball player while on vacation.

Sometimes life just sucks.