Inside the Mind of a Blond Billionaire


Life after the War for a set free Death Eater is hard. Especially since he has been made to see a shrink. Who in turn makes him keep a diary. A diary. Follow Draco Malfoy's laughter, tears & red-faced moments after the Second War. All through his supposed 'Daily Journal'. Journal indeed... DMHG

In case you didn't learn in the first ten chapters, I don't own Harry Potter.


Draco stared, slightly open mouthed, as his wife-to-be walked down the long church aisle. He'd been against getting married in a church. But in the end he didn't get much of a choice. And at the moment he didn't care. She looked beautiful.


He wrapped his arms gently around Hermione, as they watched there four year old son fly around the yard on his toy broomstick. Her large belly promised another child to add to their family.

"Careful Kade!" warned Hermione. She'd been against him even getting near that infernal object. Draco just smiled.


Hermione watched tearfully as her youngest boarded the Hogwarts Express.

"It's okay baby," said Draco smiling. "She will be fine. You know that." Hermione gave a small smile, and turned to bury her face in his chest. Draco chuckled. Who could have imagined her bawling over such a little thing?


Draco watched Hermione sleep. The moonlight fell on her face through the open window, giving her an almost ethereal appearance. And to think she was his. This perfect, beautiful, delicate little doll was his. Not bad for a ferret boy ay?


The End.

I can't believe it's actually finished! wipes away tears If you liked this story, keep a look out for the oneshots that go with it (yes, I am writing them). Also look out for my new fic, called "Inside the Mind of a Dirty Old Dog". A Sirmione. From Sirius's point of view. Quite different from this one, but it should be good, so check it out. Thankyou to everyone who read and reviewed this story, you made my day hands out cookies! And thankyou so much to my friend Gina J (no I didn't forget you), you were a great help with this story! Cheers,

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