Kyoya comes across an opportunity, which would offer both him and Emiko, an OC, a chance to get what they want;Kyoya, to become his father's successor, and her to keep her father's companies from her tramp of a mother. Who is trying to take everything in the divorce.

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The café was near full, and bursting with activity. It was a classy place that offered quick delicious food in elegant peaceful atmosphere,
it was the type of place you could come alone or have a business lunch. The later is why he was here. He was early, which didn't matter he was enjoying the peacefulness, while slipping his tea.

Then he saw her come in, she was fashionably ten minutes early. She looked professional yet casual, long brown hair up in a high ponytail, wearing a black double breasted peacoat which was left unbuttoned revealing a purple square-necked tunic, and black wide-legged Capri, completing the look with tall black heeled boot. Yes he had made the right decision.

She scanned the room, eyes finally finding him; she walked toward him, walking with much grace seemingly demanding the attention of the room as she did. He stood as she reached the table and remained so until she sat. The waiter came and took her drink order, then disappeared to reappear with it.

During this time he studied her face, you could see her American heritage, obviously with her brown hair and hazel eyes, but the Japanese heritage was there too just a bit more subtle. One could see it in the slight slant in her hazel eyes, the very structure of her face, even in the daintiness of her hands and lips.

"I hope you weren't waiting long Ootori-san." She stated voice much like a whisper in the wind.

"No, not long, Kitamura-san, please call me Kyoya, giving the nature of this meeting." He said with a small sly smile.

"Of course Kyoya-san, please call me Emiko." Emiko responded, earning a nod from Kyoya.

They ordered and made small talk, until the end of the meal.

"We both have busy lives; let's get to the point, Kyoya-san." Emiko demanded calmly tired of small talk and politeness.

"Yes of course." Kyoya said "let's not ignore the fact that we both did research about the other before coming to this meeting." Kyoya finished, seeing Emiko nod of agreement.

"Both of us can see that a merger of this kind would benefit us both, in the long run." Kyoya continued.

"Yes, it would allow you to surpass your brothers in your father's eyes, especially with my father's hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, which would come with this merger." Emiko supplied.

"It would also allow you to grow your father's companies and keep it from your mother…"

"Please Kyoya-san lets keep tramps out of polite conversation," Emiko interrupted.

"Of course, Emiko-san, it would help secure the safety of your father's companies in your hands." Kyoya finished.

"Kyoya-san, I understand the benefits of such a merger, and I agree with you, we are here to work out the finer points of the merger." Emiko stated, taking a slip from her drink.

"We both understand this is a merger of convenience not love." Kyoya stated.

"Of course, that being said, this may not be about love but it will be about respect, I will not stand for my father's name or my own to be dragged through the mud, due to another tramp, so if there is a thought of cheating at any point during this you will leave now." Emiko voiced; whose voice sounded fierce and eyes flashed cold and determined.

"I don't plan, dragging either of our names through the mud." Kyoya replied. "If our merger ends, I ask that it not before a minimum of ten years, that way it doesn't look too intended."

"If the merger is ended, the companies should remain combined, no sense in being foolish if this ends, but I believe they should be under separate ownership though." Emiko reasoned, earning a nod from Kyoya.

Emiko continued, "If we are going to do this it should look real." Seeing the nod from Kyoya, she continued "the courtship should be no shorter than year before we announce our marriage."

Kyoya nodded "we should at least be seen together and play the part of a couple."

"Of course," Emiko responded before getting a dazed look in her eyes, before continuing in a slight determined whisper of a voice. "I want children, this being said, even if this is a marriage of opportunity and not love; I want them to be treated as if this was. My father wants grandchildren and I'm sure you have always planned on having an heir. Also if we decide to end this later I will not be separated from my children and I'd hope you wouldn't want to be either."

Kyoya slightly shocked, paused thinking about what was said, before nodding his consent.

"Looking at your school file I noticed you have a talent for photography." Kyoya stated.

"Yes, it is hobby of sorts, I'm sure it would be a perfect reason for me to show up at Ouran, if that's what you are getting at." Emiko supplied, refilling her drink.

"Yes, it would, maybe to take pictures of the host club, it would be the quickest way to get you introduced to influential families…

"And to be seen by your friends, which makes this arrangement more believable." Emiko interjected, "Other than joining Ouran of course, but I'm rather happy at St. Lobelia's, even with the annoyance of the Zuka Club, it allows me many connections to influential women."

Kyoya nodded, before looking to his watch, "I must go, but I'll see you, Thursday."

"Thursday will be fine, I'll have a friend of mine draw up some contracts, and you can do the same." Emiko rose from her seat, pulling on her coat. Kyoya did the same, they walked out together.

Kyoya walked her to limo, before Emiko got in, she turned to him, "Kyoya-san, thank you for lunch, and the opportunities you have brought to my attention, I'm sure both of us will benefit beautifully from this union." Emiko finished holding out her hand.

"Emiko-san, thank you for hearing me out, and for your acceptance of my future proposal," Kyoya, took her hand only to kiss the knuckles lightly.

"Until Thursday Kyoya-san" Emiko said before getting in the limo.

"Until Thursday," Kyoya said walked away to his own limo.

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