Chapter 15

Not according to plan

She hates when well thought out plans don't go according to the set arrangement. This night was a complete waste.

Kyoya had been stolen away as soon as Sara had seen him, latching her self to his arm rubbing her face into his shoulder, in a flirtatious manner. It was nauseating; Emiko was not one for displays of affection, especially in a business setting such as this. Sara lack of etiquette was appalling. She could just hear the hushed talk, from the watching business men and their wives. Emiko distanced herself from the couple, she couldn't bring herself to be seen around sure behavior, and she felt apologetic for leaving poor Kyoya. That didn't mean she was going to be part of any of that. She had the Kitamura name to think about.

She sat at a table in the excluded area, enjoying the peace. She knew she should be chatting and making an impression, but she simply didn't care for it at the moment. She was more interested in tracing shapes into crème colored table cloth, and her wine glass. She was so interested in tracing of hexagon with her French tipped nail that she didn't see him until his flowed into the sit to her left. Hazel eyes took in chocolate ones as a smile grace her lips. "Mori-san"

A small smile and a nod was her answer. Her eyes scanned from the absent blonde, only to find him on the dance floor.

He was dancing with a girl from her school an upper classmen, Emiko couldn't remember her name only that she was from an only daughter of a business associate of her fathers. Her eyes return to the content Hani. He was slowly dancing with the girl his head resting on her bare shoulder; he turned his face moving his face to her bare neck. Emiko could only smile as the girl's face innocently colored at the action. The girl continued to lead the slow dance, her eyes softly closing her cheek dropped to rest on his golden hair. The height difference between the two would usually be a source of amusement for some, given she was at least a head taller than him, and he look much like a grade school student.

A smile graced her lips, her heart swelled; it was touching in a teen love story sort of way, beyond the normal rules and roles of life. Her eyes dropped to the table cloth. She had had too much wine; her naïve heart was acting up. There was no place for such thoughts in her life. Her eyes rose to the silent male to her side. His eyes were also on the couple on the dance floor.

"When did it happen?" she questioned, she wasn't sure what she was asking. When did Hani meet the girl? When did Hani become this boy holding and dancing with a girl like a man in love? When did Hani choose to embrace a girl instead of his precious Usa-chan.

"When we weren't looking?" came the deep velvet answer.

Hazel eyes met chocolate ones; another slow song filled the air.

"Want to dance Mori-san" Emiko invited with a mischievous smile.

Her only answer was him rising to his feet offering her a russet hand. She flashed a smile placing her hand in his hand.

He was a good dance he led smoothly, he kept a respectful distance between them and his hands did not wander. Not that she expected such discourteous behavior from this host. She found herself relaxing and just letting him lead her, even letting out a small sigh at the slow twirl. The song began to fade out he slowed them to a soft halt, he stepped back putting more distance between them. She looked at him dazed her eyes searching his chocolate pools. A russet hand came into her sight, she couldn't think why until she felt it slide across her cheek tucking a loose hair behind her ear.

She couldn't help it, she giggled. She had too much wine.


Her head swing toward the sound. The possible whiplash in her neck was nothing compare to the hard glinting at her through thin lens.

"Kyoya" She said timidly, for some reason she felt as if had been caught doing something wrong and needed to explain her actions to reassure him of her innocence. Then she remembered Sara, and him letting her hang all over him, when they were suppose to put their plan into action, the plan that he contacted her in the first place in hopes of achieving.

"Yes Kyoya." She stated voice cool.

"Your father is looking for you." He stated eyes searching hers, she gave a nod, before turning back to Mori.

"Thank you for the dance Mori" She said with a small smile, before turning and leaving the two men.

Kyoya gave Mori calculating stare before a short nod before turning and leaving.


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