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A blanket of snow covered the Montez house, inside of which, in front of a crackling fire, lay Gabriella; surrounded by crumpled tissues and discarded tissue boxes. Yup. She had a cold. With a small groan she leant forward and picked up a mug of hot cocoa taking a small sip making sure as not to burn herself.

She had tried going to school that day and made it to recess before getting her best friend Troy to bring her home, she only expected to drop her off but as her family was away he came inside, lit the fire, wrapped her up in fluffy blankets and made her the cocoa.

Troy had insisted he stay and look after her but Gabriella finally talked him into going back to school because she needed him to get her homework of her friend Taylor. She glanced at her phone after a little nap and the time read 3:30, this is the time Troy had promised he would come by after classes.

Suddenly as if on cue, there was a knock as the door, Gabriella really didn't want to get up to let him in and fortunately for her Troy must have realised and let himself in. he tiptoed into the lounge where she lay, and smiled at her.

"Hey Rudolf" he said, laughing at her red puffy nose from the rubbing of her tissues.

"A have some presents for you." at this Gabriella's eyes lit up, she stretched her arms out like a little kid, indicating she wanted them now.

Troy laughed at her but pulled out a plastic bag and a pile of homework from his schoolbag for her. Gabriella looked suspiciously at the plastic bag and snatched it from his grip, she look as if all her Christmases had come at once when she emptied the contents onto her lap.

Inside the bag there had been: a block of chocolate, a bottle of chocolate milk, ice cream, sprinkles, marshmallows, two boxes of tissues, some cough syrup, Panadol, and 3 DVD's. Troy had to suppress a laugh when Gabriella tried to squeal in delight as she looked at the titles of the DVD's; they were her favourite three, Rent, Dragonfly and 10 Things I Hate About You.

"So, what first?" Toy asked smiling down at his friend.

"Chocolate and movie!" Gabriella said her excitement bubbling over.

Troy put everything away in the kitchen and let Gabriella choose the movie,

She chose Dragonfly, mainly because she knew it had a few jumpy parts in it and might give her the chance to get closer to Troy, maybe he might finally get the hint that she had fallen for him.

Gabriella made room for Troy on the couch and opened the chocolate. Soon after the movie had begun she had changed position so that her head was resting on Troy's lap as he stroked her hair.

As the movie when on Gabriella began to doze off but never managed to get to sleep, after many coughs, sneezes and pieces of chocolate, she was snuggled up against Troy with her eyes closed and sleeping soundly.

The movie had finished but Troy didn't want to wake the sleeping beauty, so instead he continued to stroke her hair and look at the girl he was, and had been for some time, secretly in love with.

Sensing someone watching her Gabriella woke up and began to cough ferociously Troy jumped having not realised she had woken up; from this little bit of movement and the violent coughs Gabriella was having she sat up and Troy rubbed her back.

"Troy…I – can't -- breathe" Gabriella choked, while Troy handed her a glass of water.

"Gabriella, are you sure you don't want me to get a doctor?" Troy asked after making sure his friend could breathe properly.

"I'll be fine" she replied, smiling slightly at the concern in his voice, she turned to face him after setting the water on the coffee table and realised just how close they were.

Troy's breath got caught in his throat when Gabriella turned; his eyes were immediately drawn to her chocolate brown ones and he decided to do what he had only dreamed of before. Troy began to lean in and Gabriella the same, their lips brushed together, and, becoming impatient Gabriella closed the millimetre gap separating the two with a soft gentle kiss, soon the kiss deepened and Troy rubbed his tongue against her bottom lip asking foe permission to enter, Gabriella accepted and after what seemed like hours the need for air became apparent and the pair broke apart panting.

Troy smiled at Gabriella and she lent in for another kiss, this one gentle and sweet Gabriella

broke them apart with a giggle and Troy looked confused.

"You know what this means right?" Gabriella asked a smile still playing on her lips.

Troy only looked more confused, obviously with no clue as to what she was talking about but luckily for him she answered for him.

"You're going to get sick too"

Troy let out a chuckle, gave her a kiss and replied, "As long as I'm with you."

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