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Gabriella Montez woke up with a puffy red nose and a sore throat, but being the straight A student with an almost perfect attendance record she was, she was determent to go to school; she knew her boyfriend would not even let her leave the house if she so much as coughed so she had to do her best to make herself look one hundred percent.

Snatching some warm clothes she walked into her en-suit and turned on the shower. After a hot, refreshing 10 minutes in the shower she carefully applied more make up than she would normally wear, she had foundation, mascara, eye liner, bronzer and lip gloss all trying to cover her red nose, cracked lips and the deep dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep due to the fact that she stayed up all night blowing her nose and coughing.

Gabriela decided to leave her hair out in its natural waves, but added a sparkly silver bow to try and take the attention away from her face.

Rushing down the stairs to check the time and grab some breakfast, Gabriella saw a not left on the table from her mother,


Sorry I had to leave early, Troy called and said he's be over at 7:45 to see if you were well enough for school, he didn't sound too flash himself but I told him to make you stay home if you even slightly sick, sorry!

I will be home late tonight so maybe you want Troy to stay for dinner? My shout. There is money in the drawer for you.

Look after yourself


She sighed, she knew her mother only wanted her to get better but she knew Troy well enough to know she wasn't going to school at all today. Checking the time she realised that it was almost time for Troy to be there. Blowing her nose and grabbing some Panadol Gabriella looked in the mirror. She looked horrible. Even with her attempt to cover her flaws in make up she was still, obviously, sick.

Hearing a car pull up to the driveway Gabriella rushed upstairs and grabbed her phone. To her surprise by the time she was back down again Troy was setting up the lounge room with blankets, tissues and DVD's, Gabriella sighed, and sneezed. She heard a chuckle come from her boyfriend and she walked over to greet him.

"Do I even get a say in if I go to school or not?" She asked, from the sound of her calm and curious voice Troy twirled around and lent in to give her a soft kiss on the lips good morning.

"Nope" he replied simply, giving Gabriella another gentle kiss

"Why not?" Gabriella moaned, although she knew she was not going to find a way around this - his mind was clearly made up - she gave it a try.

"Well I don't really want Chad looking after me, do I?" Troy replied walking over to the couch and patting his lap, indicating for her to sit down.

Gabriella sat down and studied him, he was right, he looked awful, nearly as bad as she did herself; Puffy nose, cracked lips. He was sick too.

Gabriella giggled quietly and before she knew it Troy was kissing her, immediately she responded and wrapped her hands around his neck. What began as an innocent kiss quickly became more heated and they found themselves lying down on the couch Gabriella resting on top of Troy. They both pulled away for air panting, but quickly resumed what they were doing. Their make-out session was cut short due to the fact that being sick; breathing became a problem quite often because they had blocked noses.

Gabriella closed her eyes and pulled the blanket over her and Troy, she was still on top of him and he wrapped his strong arms around her. Suddenly Troy remembered what he had for Gabriella, he sat up and heard a small groan escape her lips like a little girl as apparently she was comfortable and didn't want to move, which he would certainly remember next time after the very strong and painful slap her received.

Troy jumped up from the couch and stumbled over to his bag, as he was doing this Gabriella looked at him, even with his sickness he still managed to look fantastically hot, cute, sexy, amazing, everything. She still didn't realise how he had managed to find her attractive or "girlfriend material" as the girls at school would put it. He was the basketball jock, the playmaker, Gabriella knew almost every girl in the school would kill to be in the position she was in only moments ago.

She was shaken from her thoughts when Troy returned from his bag; he looked nervous Gabriella though to herself, she had absolutely no-idea why though, he was never nervous really. She didn't have time to question him though as he began to speak.

"Ella, I want you to have this" he said before carefully placing the necklace around her neck.

"T as in Troy?" she asked a small smile playing on her lips when she looked down to see the T on he new necklace, it had a ruby stone on the top right hand corner of it and it hung simply off a silver chain.

"Uhhh, yeah" he replied his cheeks beginning to redden,

"It's my promise to you Ella, I promise that no-matter what happens at school, with the team or whoever, I won't ever let anything happen to you, and that you can talk to me about anything and I will listen, Ella, I love you…" Troy said, the last three words barely loud enough to hear.

A tear rolled silently down Gabriella's cheek and before she could Troy brushed it away, his hand stayed there caressing her face.

"Troy" Gabriella sniffed, "I love you too"

Troy slowly lent in but before their lips met Troy sneezed,

"Jeez, what a way to ruin a moment" Troy chuckled

"Sorry" Gabriella sighed, Troy looked puzzled, what did she do wrong?

"What for?" Troy asked curious as to why she was apologizing.

"Well if you didn't have had too look after me and then we wouldn't have kissed and you wouldn't be sick too" she replied sadly.

Troy laughed when he heard her answer, she was always apologizing, even when she did nothing wrong at all, like now for instance.

"It was most defiantly worth it" Troy ginned and lent in for a soft kiss filled with all the love they had for each other.

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