We're all friends here.
On, Bloc Party.

"Ye're a freakin' moron, that's what you are." Cid calls out humouredly, chewing on that godsforsaken blasted straw of his, hands on decidedly unsexy hips.

Leon-Squall-person-bear-thing's shaking his head. Just, shaking it. Maybe that's what he's doing, or maybe he's smiling, but the thing is, it seems to be the case at the time so that's what Yuffie's going with.

Aerith? She has that exasperated, fond, motherly look on her face again. It seems to crop up whenever Yuffie does something like this, and it probably will again. She's at least having fun, though. It looks almost like she's trying to achieve Leon-Squall-person-bear-thing's somber lack of expression; she's pursing those pretty full lips of hers as though she wants them to stop moving, but really, she's making it a whole lot worse.

And Yuffie just giggles, again. She can't help it. Watching all her friends act so stereotypically predictably, she just wants to laugh and laugh and laugh. She feels like there's nowhere she'd rather be than here.

What did Yuffie do? That's for you to decide. For Zanisha and her crossover awesomeness. It unleashed another two-minute drabble; I read she liked Hollow Bastion gen on her profile (not that I didn't know already) and suddenly Yuffie being an idiot with Cid and Leon and Aerith watching her popped into my head.

Still on some sort of unofficial hiatus, by the way. Don't ask me where I've been; I'll likely not give an answer just yet, although it's not bad. Expect a mega-long rant on LJ in about a week, though. I really have no time. Sorry, though, for abandoning every place I usually frequent. Love to everyone!