So this is my first viewaskew fic ever. please go easy on me. Um anyway so this story is Randal/Dante so if you don't like slash then you should avert your eyes. Also there's a friendship between Becky and Randal that was stronger than in the Clerks 2 movie cause I had to have someone there for Randal and I think he would have strangled Elias so Becky was a safer route.


He had left in the morning. He didn't even say goodbye, not even a note was left for him. Randal had called Dante's parents house and was horror struck to find that Dante had taken the first flight to Florida with Emma. Dante was gone, really gone and there was nothing he could do about it. He thought about hopping a plane after him, but he didn't know what he would do once he got there. Give a tearful confession about how after all their time together Randal had fallen in love with the fucking chud. Yea that would go over really well.

Becky had come over after her shift at work and was horrified to see Randal sitting on his bed nearly catatonic. "Randal?" she whispered as she climbed carefully onto the unmade bed and sat next to Randal.

"He's gone," Randal said, his voice broken and beaten.

"I'm so sorry Randal," she said and she knew she was saying sorry for sleeping with Dante as well as for Dante's abandonment.

"You gonna bail on me too?" he whispered.

Becky looked down into Randal's pained blue eyes that were usually so full of laughter and mischief.

"No, I promise I won't bail on you," Becky said as she leaned her head on his shoulder and grabbed Randal's hand giving it a reassuring squeeze.

They sat in silence, each taking their time to grieve for the loss of their friend.

"I love him," he whispered so softly Becky wasn't quite sure she had heard it at first.

"I know," she whispered back.

That night was the first time she had ever seen Randal cry.

Chapter 1

1 year later

"Pack of cigarettes," Randal heard a customer say. Robotically Randal reached above him and grabbed a pack of Nails cigarettes and placed it on the counter without even looking up from his magazine.

"You open?" he heard a familiar female voice say. He looked up from his magazine and grinned "Hell no," he replied.

"Aww I wanted to buy some gum for my friend," Becky said as she came into the store and grabbed a pack of Chewlies gum off the counter and tossed it at Randal.

"What are you doing here?" Randal asked as he swallowed the gum he was currently chewing before replacing it with a new piece.

"My last day at Mooby's, remember," Becky said as she hopped up onto the counter.

"Oh yea, you start working for me on Monday," Randal said.

"Ugh I can't believe you're going to be my boss," Becky said with an exaggerated groan.

"Hey fair's fair, you used to be my boss and now I'm yours, It's how the circle of life flows," Randal said as he started reading his magazine once more.

"No it isn't you jerk," Becky said as she reached over and pulled his red Leonardo Reaper's ball cap off his head and put it onto her own.

"So how's Elias?" Becky asked.

"Good I guess, he's probably jacking off to the Transformers as we speak," Randal said as he ran a hand through his hair subconsciously.

"Probably," Becky said.

Randal smiled, he was glad Becky had decided to stick with him after Dante had left a year ago. He wasn't sure what he would have done if she hadn't been there to keep him sane. It had been Becky who had encouraged him to buy and reopen the Quick Stop and RST Video.

"Yo faggot, lemme get a pack of smokes," Jay said as he and Silent Bob entered the Quick Stop.

Randal rolled his eyes and asked "Are you ever gonna stop calling me faggot?"

"Prolly not," Jay said as he looked at Becky who was still sitting on the counter. "Hey why you hangin out with twinkle toes here when you could be suckin my dick?" Jay asked her.

Randal shoved the pack of cigarettes at Jay "I said you could hang outside the Quick Stop whenever you wanted, not that you could come in, now out."

"Fine you faggot ass mother fucker, come on Silent Bob lets get outta here before Elton John gets mad and calls the cops on us again," Jay said as he grabbed his cigarettes and left the store. Silent Bob stayed behind and Randal waited for him to speak.

"You know he's gay too right?" Silent Bob said as he tugged on his beard. Randal and Becky looked at each other before looking back at Silent Bob. "He likes you a lot," Silent Bob said, motioning at Randal who groaned and laid his head on the counter.

"Hey limp dick get out here," they heard Jay call from outside.

Silent Bob sighed before waving good bye to Becky and leaving the store.

"That's just great a junkie has a crush on me," Randal said.

"It could be worse you know," Becky said as she put a comforting hand on Randal's shoulder.

"Yea, how?"

"It could be Elias that has a crush on you," Becky suggested.

Randal smacked his gum a few times as he thought about the pros and cons of each man. "Yea you're right it could be worse."

"It's just cause you're so irresistible," Becky said jokingly as she pinched Randal's cheek affectionately. Randal rolled his eyes and moved away from her "Damn straight," he said with a smirk causing Becky to laugh.

They both looked over as the door to the Quick Stop opened and their laughter died on their lips. There in the Quick Stop was the person they had never expected to see ever again.

"Dante?" Becky said with a gasp.

"Um, hey," Dante said awkwardly.

It was silent for a moment and Becky noticed that Dante was looking everywhere except for at Randal, while Randal's cold expression was locked onto the dark haired man.

"Why are you here?"

Becky almost shivered at the icy tone of Randal's voice. She looked over at Randal and saw the distaste written all over his face but she also saw the pain and love buried just beneath the surface.

"I heard the Quick Stop was open again," Dante said lamely.

"Yea, it is," Randal said.

There was an awkward silence and Becky felt torn between her two friends. She had missed Dante when he left without a word to any of them; but she had been horrified at how he had just left his best friend who was secretly in love with him without at least saying good bye.

"You still working at Mooby's Becks?" Dante asked.

"No, today was my last day, I start working with Randal on Monday," Becky said softly. The tension in the air was so thick she could taste the bitterness in her mouth.

"Oh, well um…that's good," Dante said still not looking at Randal, his eyes pleaded with Becky to help him but she just stared back unsympathetically.

"Yea it is, at least I know she's not going to marry some fucker and move to Florida," Randal said barely containing his rage. Dante finally locked eyes with Randal's and knew at that exact moment that it had been a mistake. Randal's eyes were filled with anger, sorrow, pain, and something else Dante couldn't place. "Randal…" "Get out," Randal growled.

"Randal please," Dante pleaded.

"I said get out!" Randal yelled, startling a customer who had just walked into the store. The woman felt the tension in the air and quickly left, leaving the three alone once more.

Dante had never seen Randal this enraged, his hands gripped the counter so hard his knuckles were white and his whole body was tensed as if he were a rattle snake ready to lash out and bite Dante, filling him with venom and pain.

"Becky," Dante turned his pleading onto her.

"I think you need to do what he says before he jumps over this counter and beats the living fuck out of you," Becky said hoping Dante would do as she said and leave so that she could calm Randal down.

Dante sighed sadly as he slunk out of the shop defeated. "Randal?" Becky asked cautiously.

Randal stared at the door to the Quick Stop, half hoping that Dante would come back to him, tell him he was so sorry that he had left without a word, tell him it had all been a big mistake, tell Randal that he loved him.

Randal shook his head at the last thought; there was no reason to get his heart involved in this. It wasn't quite fully operational after all this time.

"Randal?" Becky called to him once more.

His gaze softened as he looked back at her. "Are you alright?" she asked.

He smiled sadly "Sure," he said.

"Liar," Becky said and Randal just shrugged knowing she was right.

"Come on let's go home and watch Halloween," Becky said as she tugged on the sleeve of his Ranger Danger sweatshirt.

Randal looked down at his watch and saw that it was almost 7 p.m. and he nodded, he had had about enough of people today and seeing a horror movie was guaranteed to improve his mood a little.

"Yea ok, can you go tell Elias that I'm heading out early today?" Randal asked as he began to close up the store.

"Sure thing boss," Becky said as she gave him a mock salute before hopping off the counter and heading out the door.

Randal put his head in his hands and sighed sadly. Dante was back in New Jersey, he didn't know why and he didn't care, being in the same country let alone the same state with his old best friend was enough to drive him insane and now he could feel his heart falling apart in places he thought he had fixed. It was too much.

"Dante's talking to Elias," Becky said as she came back into the store.

"Good for them," Randal mumbled as he turned off the lights and brought out his keys to lock up the store.

"Come on lets get out of here," Becky said with a smile. Randal grinned before bending down slightly, allowing Becky to jump onto his back. "God ya fat ass, break my back why don't you," Randal said as he began to carry Becky to her car.

"You do know my foot is inches from your balls right?" Becky said as she took Randal's hat off her head and placed it back on its rightful owners head.

"Violent much," Randal said as he stopped next to the driver's side door of Becky's car and let her down.

"Race you home," Randal called over his shoulder as he walked to his own car.

"Get ready to lose Graves," Becky called as she hopped into her green Mustang and started the engine.

Randal jogged the rest of the way to his car and climbed through the open window of the driver's side door and put the key into the ignition. As he looked up to get ready to race Becky to their apartment he saw Dante staring at him sadly. Randal froze and his heart clenched in his chest as their eyes met for the second time that day. His hands gripped the steering wheel harder as he shifted the gears and revved his engine.

"God dammit why didn't you just leave me here to rot in peace?" Randal said as he peeled out of the parking lot, Becky close behind.

So I hope you enjoyed that chapter please r'n'r.