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Dante missed the sound of Randal's voice, missed how he could ramble on for hours about whatever new theory had formed in his brain, missed his slow devil may care smile.

"So where are you living now?" Randal asked.

"I'm back at my parents for now," Dante said as he picked up a piece of pepperoni pizza and took a big bite, letting the cheese burn his tongue in the process.

"That's gotta suck," Randal said.

"Yea, they're both pissed that I didn't stick it out with Emma and they think I just blew my future away," Dante explained.

"Man don't listen to them, you should have been doing what ever made you happy in the first place, not tryin to please your parents, shit if I had spent my life trying to please my parents I'd probably be an accountant right now," Randal said before finishing off his second piece of pizza and grabbed his third.

Dante grinned "You as an accountant, man that would be something to see."

"Respectable doesn't look good on me," Randal said, flashing Dante that very familiar smile.

"So how did you and Becky come to live together?" Dante asked.

"Not much to tell, we didn't have enough money to buy separate apartments so we just got together one day and decided to split rent over a nice apartment than a roach infested place," Randal said deciding to lie just a little. They were finally comfortable enough to have a decent conversation, there was no need to drudge up the past year and how hellish it had been for him.

"What about the Quick Stop and RST, what's the story there?"

Randal shrugged "Becky said something about me owning the Quick Stop or something like that at work one day and Jay and Silent Bob were there and they offered my some money to open the stores again as long as they could hang out outside and I couldn't call the cops on em."

"Where did they get all the money?" Dante asked surprised.

Randal just shrugged "I would guess it came from selling drugs for 13 years straight," he said as if it were a no brainer.

Dante nodded and they fell back into silence as they ate the last of the pizza.

When they got back to the Quick Stop, Jay and Silent Bob were long gone and the street was silent except for the dull hum of the street lamps.

"I guess I should get going, I'll see you later," Dante said as he began to head for his car. Randal watched as he got out of the car and headed for his own.

Randal looked at the clock as he pulled into the parking lot outside his apartment and saw it was getting close to midnight. Quietly he entered the apartment and smiled when he saw Becky curled up on the couch asleep, the end of Ferris Bueller playing on the TV. Sighing he locked the door behind him before moving over to the couch and gently scooping Becky into his arms. She mumbled something about Frosted Flakes and subconsciously wrapped her arms around him.

He made his way to her room, careful not to bump her into anything, and managed to pull down the covers without waking her and placed her in the bed. He tried to get her arms from around his middle but he knew there was no way to get free without waking her and he was too tired to find a more fail safe way to go about things. After some gentle maneuvering he settled down next to her and pulled the covers over them. He smiled sleepily as she curled up next to him.

"Girl if I wasn't gay you'd be in so much trouble right now," Randal whispered with a quiet chuckle as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer before closing his eyes and falling asleep, silently wishing in the back of his mind that the person he was holding in his arms was Dante.