A/N: I was feeling depressed when I wrote this.

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He lay there, immobile, in the hospital bed, crisp white sheets pulled up to his chin, breath leaving him in laboured gasps. I gave a whimper of terror; I had never anticipated that this moment might come. After all, who would? No one ever suspects that the man they love will be in hospital, clinging to the life that is ebbing away from their desperate fingers…and lungs.

For a time I could only sit still, watching the innocent face that I knew so well contract with pain as he moaned. There was nothing I could do for him. I knew that, but it made it no easier for me; his wife, to be by his side, waiting for the inevitable, without being able to do a goddamned thing to help him. Unbidden tears sprang to my eyes; I blinked them away defiantly, but they continued to pour, cascading down my cheeks, a vent up waterfall I had been saving for years. The heart monitor beeped a steady monotone, comforting me, for I knew that he was alive, for at least a second longer.

"Musa-chan?" he mumbled fitfully, causing me to jump; I hadn't realised that he was awake.

"Yes, Kojiro?" I muttered, his figure hazy in my vision.

"Musashi...I just want you to know that I.. I'll always love you..."

Beep. Beep.

Silence. He was gone.

My heart went cold.

Now, the ice age began.