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Pit, pit, pit, pit, pit. Rain pattered hard on the ground, drumming together like a symphony of percussion. It was as if they were singing a death song for the silver one lying half conscious on the ground, bleeding. Pit, pit, pit, pit, pit. His golden eyes fixed on the ground, and his body awkwardly turned, he was forced to watch the sky water mingle with his own blood on the ground where the grass had withered away to dead hay. Pit, pit, pit, pit, pit… Uncomfortably, he struggled to move to a more proper position, Uhn… It's… It's like they playing for my death. Thought the hedgehog, finding himself now half on his back, and half on his stomach. Pit, pit, pit, pit, boom! Boom! Pit, pit, pit, BOOM! Despite the burns and wounds on his body, particularly, a large gash in his middle and a huge lump on his head, the cold shower and the bath of running water it brought with it felt good. Numbing almost.

It's the main section. The horns are playing now. Silver thought calmly, blinking every few minutes to avoid rain getting in his eyes. Which he thought was funny. Here he was dying, and yet his body still performed based on habit, even as it was shutting down. Nature's orchestra, what an honor…

The physical trauma had caused Silver to forget the face of his opponent. He couldn't even remember why he was fighting such a foe, or what he had done to put him in this condition. The lump on his head was partly to blame for his small amnesia. It was tender, and throbbed at his head more then his gushing stomach wound hurt. He dared not to reach up and touch it, but estimated by the pain he felt, that was at least the size of a softball. Stupidly, he wondered if his spikes would hide it, and later scolded himself for giving false hope of survival.

Only about a hundred yards away a streak of lightning struck a dead rotting tree, snapping it in half and making it erupt in fire. A small ember flew onto Silver's chest, and he craned his head painfully to look at it. "This… This reminds me of Blaze!" He gasped aloud, flashing back to the past upon her departure. "No!" Silver jerked violently, and tried to sit himself up, only to voice his muscles' screams in protest. "No, I can't die. Blaze! Blaze… She sacrificed herself in my place! I could at least grow old and repay her!" Silver reprimanded himself, moving his non-scaled hand into a better position, before suddenly coughing up a mouth full of blood. The sudden shock made him move his hand back, and with that, the silver hedgehog hit the ground and passed out, the pain overwhelming him.


"Well, well, well…" The snide voice commented, milky with irony and dripping with delight. "It seems our new little friend Diego managed to come across the silver one as well." One hand lazily stroking his white mustache carefully, he started to laugh. "He's going to die unless we do something. Sonic and Shadow will need his help to defeat this jackal." His hand quit stroking the mustache and reoccupied itself by shifting his shades. "I wanted to be rid of this hedgehog, but not at the destruction of my lab, my life and the rest of the world." The thunder cracked loud, and the lightning flashed behind the doctor, making his image silhouette against a bright flash. "Erg." He grunted, slightly afraid of the danger accompanied by the rain. "EN-100009 Pick him up and bring him back to the ship. We're going to have a long night ahead of us. It looks like some of his body's workings are shot beyond repair.

"Yes Master Nega," Replied the mechanical voice of a large robot, dome-shaped green and blue robot whose arms were broad like stretchers to carry their new passenger.

"I'm going to have to hurry. The job won't be a hundred percent, but since when is making a cyborg ever easy?" The doctor made a simple gesticulation with his other free hand, and waited for his patient and his robot to move in first to the humongous parked war craft, before following aboard. Inside there was a large chamber, to witch a pilot's seat was sat near the front. On either side of this long chamber there were doors, about eight each, all lined with the same colors, yellow and black.

At some point, Nega had made his way in front of the robot, carrying his newest experiment. Calmly, he walked to the seventh door farthest from him, and stood in front of it.

"Access Code." A metallic voice commanded.

"Nega Namgee." Nega replied, nodding his head calmly. The doors slid open stealthfully pulling to the left, allowing Nega to walk in to a dimly lit, cramped room lined with shelves holding various tools and parts. The source of light was from a mere lamp that hung from the ceiling and touched about four feet over a medium sized white table. "EN-100009, put Silver on the table." The robot obliged, as Nega turned to the shelf. "Tool set 32 should be able to handle this," mumbled the doctor, after running his finger over various labels and boxes. "Let's get this over with…" Shooing the stretcher robot out of the small room to make more space, he sighed and turned towards Silver. "Measurements complete… My proto models for the new hedgehog bot should fit him."

It was going to be a long night for both Silver, and Eggman Nega.

Pit, pit, pit, pit, pit, pit, pit, pit, pit, pit, pit, boom boom BOOM pit, pit, pit, BOOM, pit, pit, boom! Silver's private orchestra played on, yet it washed away all traces of his blood from the ground. The last traces of the hedgehog before he would be changed forever, Silver would never be the same again. It was a fitting end, to a night that bore mysteries of a new foe, and a strange alliance. Pit, pit, pit, pit BOOM! BOOM!

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