Ruth's a freak.

Sure, she's a reasonably sociable (only with Val)

intriguingly-dressed (most people just don't get her fashion)

intuitive (she knows a lot of things, this girl)

imaginative (because you can never tell her what can't happen)

crazy (you have to be crazy, being in love with your best friend and in lust with no one in particular)

wild (even the looks are wild, with her messed hair, dark flashing eyes and red, red mouth)

tantalizing (she drives all the girls insane; whether it's with lust, or with disgust – but she manages it nonetheless, oh, and same with boys too, but she doesn't care about them)

witty (those perfect insults, you know – they work so well coming from a dirty crimson mouth and never fail to infuriate)

lesbian (and that's nonconforming enough, in itself – society does not accept feelings of wantonness towards members of the same sex, so she's automatically out of the communal loop, but really, what else do you call it when you want your best friend and you want her bad?)


Ruth's a freak. She's a freakshow and a half, but at least, she thinks to herself, she's a freakshow without the ugly.

Yeah. Um, look up the lyrics to UGLY by Daphne and Celeste. Sort of randomly nearly based off it towards the end. I AM ON A ROLL, BABY. XD. Feels kinda like a poem, by the way, actually. For both of you this time. If you don't know who you are I swear I'll shoot you.

Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (likes making her name long at 3:30 am.)