Started this before finishing my other fic; ahh, well.

It's a simple flower.

Yuffie doesn't like flowers, she says.

Just a simple flower. Yellow. It's a daffodil.

She takes it anyway, twisting it between her forefinger and her thumb and looking completely disinterested, even if it's a lie because her ears are tinged bright pink.

She's just a simple girl, after all.

Roxas loves her like that.

You know what? This is tiny, so I'm going to actually use my dA account for once and draw something for this. The scene is so vivid and cute in my mind I have to draw it, even if my drawing skillz aren't quite up to the standard of the person for whom this fic is for:

y u f f i e (at) Gaia.

Hope you enjoy.

Love from Tallysaurus.