The Graveyard Shift
I just can't seem to stop writing. Isn't it great? 8D!

It all started with a muddled and entirely confused misunderstanding that erupted into a plethora of insults, strangely enough.

Well, perhaps it isn't so strange if you take in the fact that they were both redheads.

It was made even more likely by the fact that they were both working graveyard shift at an open-all-hours coffee bar.

However, it was neither coffee nor the time that the two feisty carrot-tops were discussing verbosely at this point in time.

"What the fuck is a mouse doing in the register?" The girl was shouting.

"How the fuck should I know?" The man yelled right back. "I only fucking work here!"

"Exactly!" Came the rather heated response. "And since you work here, you should be able to explain a simple fucking detail like that, you fuckhead!"

"Speak for yourself, you fucking whoreface!" The man exploded, shaking a hand encased in fine black leather in the girl's face. "You're the fucking checkout chick – you should know what goes on with the register!"



"Skanky molerat!"

"Testosterone-devoid pansy!"

"…Aurrrrraaaghhhh!!" Came the eventual, most unintelligible answer. With heaving bosoms on both sides, they stood awhile glaring the sharpest daggers in imagination at each other and panting like dogs.

Axel stood a little straighter and mopped his creased brow with one languid hand. "Okay. Let's just not tell Squall about this, all right?"

Kairi peered up through a curtain of highlighted hair in the artificial brightness of the coffee bar, grabbing a paper bag of sugar and ripping it open savagely to down the one-teaspoon contents. "…Right. And set traps."

"That too."


Exhausted, Axel slumped against the industrial-designed coffee machine, the kind that can make five coffees at once and still have enough room for a couple of espressos on the side. It was a pimpin' machine, all right. He found it rather comfortable resting at its base, ignoring the granules of caffeine-loaded goodness grinding beneath his butt.

Kairi crawled over to him across the plain tiles, seating herself beside him and leaning her head on his shoulder with a goliath yawn. "I'm screwed." She informed him tiredly.

Despite himself and his fatigue, he arched an eyebrow at her suggestively. "You mean, you will be."

She flapped one slim hand at him, eyelids already fluttering closed. "Later, Axel. You can do me all you want, later. I'm sleeping now."

He snorted and gently passed a hand over her hair, very briefly. "Sure, princess."

I think the title sums up me now – I really should not have written five stories in the past hour. It's now four o'clock. Ouch. Good night, yonder friends. Yay for italics, repetitive swearing and sleep. Oh, and Ratatouille meets… um, Axel and Kairi, I guess. For whoever wants. I'm buggered. It was fun to write. And a great image -- Kairi and Axel sleeping leaning against a coffee machine behind the counter. Phear ze pimpin' coffee machine. Love. Bai.

Tally is now dead after her wonderful writing spree.