I jumped out to the road "looks like they didn't follow me." I heard rustling in the bushes, I froze "great..now what?" I frowned and turned to the noise. Aang popped his head out "hey John!" he smiled "found you!" I fell over laughing, partly crying "how did you find me?" Aang smiled "wouldn't you like to know" he smiled clearly amusing himself in his thoughts, I got up and brushed off the dust "where is.." I stopped short as Katara walked out. Katara put her hands on her hips "John!" she moved toward me quickly "why did you run?" I couldn't tell her that I was an avatar "I needed fresh air...?"

Sokka and Toph came out shortly after "now then" Toph said while coughing "let's get going before.." the ground shook. I looked at the edge of the hill "uh oh" we jumped back into the bushes, a fire nation truck rolled by "look for the avatar! spread out!" one general said loudly. I felt a brush by my hand, I looked back slowly "hey.." I said quietly, Katara smiled "hey" I turned back to the truck "we need to do something" I grabbed my sword. Katara grabbed my hand "no..you will be killed" I looked a her, her face sparkled and her hair flowed with the wind "uhh.." she tilted her head "what?" she blushed "nothing" I looked away quickly.

I snuk out to the truck "dude.." the guard turned and got cracked on top of the head. Aang, Toph and Sokka ran at the truck "give up now!" the general smirked "never.." he started to attack with fire. I dropped ontop of the general "hey get off kid" I laughed "ok" I flung him into a near by rock, Katara came out "whoa" I jumped on the truck, using my earth bending powers to trap the truck. Toph smiled "twinkle toes, it looks like you have competition" Aang looked over at me and Katara, he shook his head "I'm not jealous..he's a great guy and a friend" Toph slapped him on the back "good luck."

We all started walking down the road "John" Sokka spoke up alittle "why don't you tell us about your life" I stopped "I don't want to" I turned to them "you don't want to know..believe me." Katara spoke first "but if you tell then we can figure something out" she looked at Aang "why don't you fix up camp" he nodded and went off to find some fire wood. I sat under a near by tree with Katara, Aang, Toph and Sokka "I'm not from this time period" they nodded slowly, trying to comprehend, I continued "I fell through a ripple in time, I'm the avatar from the future" their jaws fell to the floor "no way!?"

I looked up at the stars "they know now" I thought "maybe it won't be so bad" I heard a snap, I quickly grabbed my sword "who's there?" Katara stepped out "sorry..my bad" she sat close to me "John, your an avatar...then you can help us" she glanced at me, sort of blushing "and we will have more time to know each other." I looked at her "but Katara...I can't change the time line" she faced me, running her hand along my chin "I know.." we kissed slowly then passionately. I pulled back "I gotta rest" she nodded and we both went to seperate tents.

(Katara's POV)

I watched John go into his tent "I...I haven't felt this way before" I blushed, sort of amusing myself. I crawled under my blanket "got to rest" I shut my eyes, thinking about tomorrow and what we are going to do. I woke up late in the morning "time to roll" John yelled over the camp, I got up and dressed quickly to meet him before everyone else. John seemed to glow slightly "hey Katara!" he had a wide grin "hey John" I said running up to him, I wrapped my arms around his neck "soo, what are we going to do today?" he put his forehead against mine "don't know yet."

I walked beside John, occasionally looking at him "John" he glanced at me "yeah..?" I smiled shyly "when we get to a town...I wanna take you somewhere...alone" his face turned red, I could tell he was scared. I ran up the road ahead "ahhh!" everyone ran up next to me "the town..its on fire!"

(John's POV)

I looked at the burning town "I can put it out" I raised my arms, summoning the water bending powers "move!" everyone moved out of the way in time. The giant wave rushed down to the town, putting out the fire quickly then disappearing "wow" I turned to Aang and Katara "its nothing really." We continued to the town "the avatar!" one woman yelled as Aang walked by, Katara grabbed my hand and dragged me away when the others weren't paying attention. I walked with Katara for awhile "well..." we stopped at the river edge, she got into her water bending suit "John, come on in" my jaw dropped, Katara's outfit was not shy at the least "yeah, ok..just a sec."

I slipped off my shirt and shoes "ok, relax..she's not trying to seduce you" I sighed at the thought as I walked into the water. Katara summoned a little water bend, I made a biggger one and whipped it at her "hey!" she smiled and threw hers at me. I got close, lifting her with the water "having fun?" she nodded then I let her down "John..." she held onto me, I couldn't control my heart beat "your not just a friend to me, your more then that" I wrapped my arms around her softly "I know." Katara undid her hair "I want to be your girlfriend" I jumped back alittle "ummm" she had a seductive smile "please."

I looked at the reflection in the water "Katara...I...I'm sorry" I got out of the water, looking back at her "I can't" she came up to me "why?" I looked away. "I lost a girlfriend before..she died in battle with me" Katara held my hands "but you know I won't go into battle if you want" I half smiled "but.." she kissed me "no more..." we fell to the ground kissing. When we got back to town Toph and Aang were waiting for us "so you two.." Aang looked at at me "where did you guys go?" I shrugged "somewhere."

Toph took Katara to the side "so did you ask him?" she nodded "yeah..he accepted sort of." I sat on the nearest bench "you feel that?" Aang jumped up "fire nation...FIRE NATION!!" I stood up calmly, grabbing Katara and hiding her "stay here..please" she nodded as I ran to the middle of the road. A heavily armed truck stopped just short of me "move!" I shook my head "no" the side door opened and Azula walked out "I said move...unless you wish to fight" I smiled, getting into fighting position "sounds like fun." Azula smirked "ok..but first" she turned around then flung a fire bolt at me, I dodged but barely.

Azula smiled "nice dodge.." she moved closer to me "you seem like a perf..." Katara jumped infront of us "back off" Azula looked past Katara with a seductive smile. I blinked confusingly "what the.." Azula smirked, knocking Katara out with a flame whip "now..what is your name?" I backed into a barrel "uhh..John" she reached for me, I smacked it away "your fire nation..your bad" she smiled "yeah...and your just like me." I grew angry "I'm nothing like you!" I grabbed her hand, dropping her to the ground "oww..see you are" she smiled evily and laughed "you have fire nation anger."