I smiled slightly "fire nation...yes...but I'm good" I threw Azula back "now go!" Azula smirked then took off as Aang appeared. Aang crossed his arms "no good Azula" I picked up Katara "let's get some sleep." The night was long, I couldn't sleep so I sat by the lake. I heard a twig snap, instantly I stood up "who's there?" I summoned some water and whipped it at the noise. "Easy sparky" Toph stepped out "sorry" I sat down as Toph walked up "it's ok, I do the same thing." I stared at the lake, the water reflecting in my eyes "Toph..." she looked at me "yeah?"

"If I tell you something, you promise not to tell anyone?" she nodded, I sighed then took in a breath "I'm fire nation."

(Katara's POV)

I watched John talk to Toph. I never meant to over hear anything, but what I heard was John saying he's fire nation. I jumped out of the tree and walked back to camp. I layed on the makeshift bed and closed my eyes.

I awoke the next day, I crawled out of the tent "Sokka? Toph? John?" I looked and saw Aang sitting by the burnt out fire. "Aang...where are the others?" he turned his head, his face grim "they are missing..." My jaw fell "when?" Aang shrugged "about three hours ago at most." Aang picked at the fire "I heard screams, but I thought it was a joke" I crossed my arms "did it ever accure to you that they might have been in trouble?"

Aang's face turned pale "I thought about it, but I didn't think it was real..." I scowled alittle.

(My Point of View)

I awoke in a fancy room, I sat up "what happened?" I got up slowly, still woozy from the smack to the head. I looked out the window "oh no..." I clearly saw the open sea, fire nation soldiers marched across the bow of the ship. I ran toward the door "shoot..." I broke the handle off the door, I hear loud thumps from down the hall. I quickly fell back into position, pretending to sleep. I heard the door open "John..." a tap on my shoulder sent a chill down my spine "huh?" I opened my eyes.

I jumped up "Azula!?" she smiled "yes" my instincts kicked in and my leg flew toward her head. Azula blocked it then frowned "I see your reflexes are still good" I looked her over, her hair was down and her outfit was casual. She moved toward me "John...do you believe in soul mates?" I backed into the wall "maybe...depends on the person." Somehow I ended up pinned on the floor "I know you fire nation, the anger burns in your soul" I grinned alittle.

I flipped her off me "then you know you can't do anything to me" she looked at me upside down "oh, but I don't want to hurt you." I raised an eyebrow then pushed her away "no...I'm not going to betray Katara" Azula's face turned red with anger "she's not fire nation!" I smiled "SO!!" she ran at me then wrapped her arms around me. "John your meant for me! not her!" she kissed me, I had no choice but to give in.

Katara's Difficult Decision

(Katara's POV)

I snuck aboard the fire nation ship, not knowing if John and the others were safe. I quickly took out the guards then over heard a commander talking "Azula is with the avatar...I don't know why." I learned of the location of Toph and Sokka. I went to the lower part of the ship, I dispatched the guards with ease and looked in the cell "Toph?...Sokka??" I saw two shadows moved. "Katara release us" I grabbed the key and opened the cell.

Toph and Sokka walked out "thanks" I smiled then got serious "where's John?" they appeared to be in thought "in the captain's room." We made our way to the captain's room when the guards raised the alarm. We made it to the room, I peered into the window and saw John and Azula making out. I shoved the door open "John!!" he stopped and looked at me.

(My POV)

I stared at Katara, not wanting her to explode at me. I got up, but as quickly as I got up, Katara knocked me down. "John! how could you?" I looked at her and tried not to cry "Katara believe me, I didn't want to hurt you." Azula licked her lips "he's a good kisser" she stood up "you see...John has fire nation blood, and with it he will be on our side." I grabbed Azula's hand "no...I won't" Katara watched me closely.

I noticed Katara was deciding what to do next so I grabbed Azula and held her infront of me. "Do it..." I threw a fire ball at Katara "Do it!!" Katara nodded and summoned water "I Love You" she threw the water at us, breaking the window and sending me and Azula to the water. I watched as the world became watery, the darkness of the water settling in. I told myself "it's for the best."

I sank into the water, still holding onto Azula.

(Katara's POV)

I collapsed to the floor crying "John!..." Sokka and Toph looked away. I slowly got to my feet "Aang is waiting for us...we have to go" I looked out the busted glass window then left. I watched the water roll past the boat, I couldn't help but cry some more. We made it back to the dock, Aang bounced with excitment then stopped when he counted the survivors.

(Out At Sea)

A hand came out of the water followed by a girl's body. She yelled "Help!" A nearby fire nation ship pulled her out of the water. When the girl dryed off she looked at the water "John...you could've been something...maybe fire lord." The boat turned to the fire nation home land. The horn blew signifiying that Azula was indeed alive.