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Fairies and Dragons3

Somehow, Denzel Crocker managed to get a dream charm and decided to use it on another plan to capture FAIRY GODPARENTS.

Denzel Crocker is inside the dream realm. "Finally, with this magical charm I, Denzel Crocker, will get into Timmy Turner's dreams, getting enough into his memories to learn a weakness that will allow me to catch his FAIRY GODPARENTS!" He notices a door with his name on it. "But first, I'll check on my own life just for a test and perhaps remember something about the happy boy Mom claims I once was."

Crocker enters his dream and sees the day he throws a nine ball against a wall inside his bedroom.

"Hi, I'm Cosmo."

"And I'm Wanda."

"And we're your FAIRY GODPARENTS!"

Despite what Jorgen said about no magic in the world being able to restore his memory of ever having Fairy Godparents this experience in dream world actually did it. Crocker also sees how he lost Cosmo and Wanda.

"TURNER! He must have travelled back in time to learn why I hate March, 15th and accidentally made me lose my FAIRY GODPARENTS, causing exactly what he tried to avoid what an irony. He's gonna pay for that. But the most important is: I was the one who wrote me the message about FAIRY GODPARENTS being real. Probably because my happy self hoped to get reunited with Cosmo and Wanda. Don't worry, past self. I will get them. And use their powers to rule Earth."

Because Crocker spent the whole night reviewing his past he didn't get into Timmy's dream tonight. Now we see the Longs in their morning.

"Mom, Dad? Wouldn't the Turners join us for lunch?" Jake asks.

"Timmy and his Father went to the airport to pick friends from Dimmsdale who came to visit town. The Father of one of them came here on business and brought them to see their old friend again." Jonathan explains.

Rose knocks on the door.

"Hi, Rose. Are you trying to slay my brother again?" Haley asks.

"Slay? What are you talking about, Haleykins?" Jonathan asks.

"Rose was a member of a clan of hunters who seeks to destroy all magical creatures. Mainly Dragons. When they reunited all 13 crystal aztec skulls they tried to use their power to wish for the destruction of all magical creatures but Rose interfered with the wish so the Huntsclan was destroyed instead. She survived because Jake wished the Huntsclan had never taken her away from her family and two Huntsboys named 88 and 89 survived because they utilized a loophole to leave the Huntsclan so the wish didn't affect them. The Huntsboys later found a magic lamp and wished for the Huntsclan to be restored. Spud later utilized the lamp to wish they all forgot whatever is related to the American Dragon's identity and to make Rose remember all about her life as Huntsgirl." Haley explains.

"Don't worry, guys." Rose says. "I'm no longer a part of the Huntsclan."

"Perhaps, but we'll keep an eye on you." Susan says.

"Mom, please." Jake says.

Timmy and his Dad meet A.J.'s Dad, Chester and A.J. at the airport. They all go to the hotel where our visitors are checked in and then A.J.'s Dad went to carry on business while Mr. Turner took the kids to the skate park, where Jake, Trixie, Spud and Rose are having some fun.

"Rose, how did you get back? Wasn't your family transfered to Hong Kong?" Jake asks.

"We moved back." Rose explains.

"And did my wish actually restore your memory?" Spud asks.

"Yes, Spud. Thank you." Rose answers.

"But we're gonna keep an eye on you." Trixie warns.

Timmy arrives with his friends back from Dimmsdale.

"Jake. Who's that friend of yours?" Timmy asks.

"She's Rose. I've talked about her before. And who are these friends of yours?" Jake asks.

"These are Chester and A.J." They nod as Timmy introduces them. "Chester. A.J., these are my new friends, Jake, Rose, Trixie and..."

"Spud!" A.J. interrupts.

"Do you know him?" Timmy asks.

"We've met when we studied at Pandarus's Genius Institute. We were challenged to open a mystery box and he won. I want a rematch." A.J. explains.

Luckily for Timmy he warned his new friends that A.J. doesn't know about fairies and other magical creatures. He told them that Chester's experience with Norm the Genie allowed him to know about Cosmo and Wanda but they agreed never mention it again. Team Dragon decided not to tell him about Jake's secret so they won't mention Pandora's Box.

"Dude, don't make a big deal of it." Spud says.

"That's easy for you to say. You don't have a reputation as a genius to keep. You don't even care about that." A.J. says.

"And how do you expect to have the rematch? The box isn't available." Spud says.

"There's other games that measures the player's intelligence. What about some chess?" A.J. suggests.

"I don't care about who's the smartest one of us but I agree with the challenge as long as we agree there's gonna be no rematch no matter who wins the game." Spud says.

"Deal." A.J. says.

While our little geniuses settle their differences let's see what else is going on. The other kids are enjoying the skate park.

"Trixie. You and Jake rock." Chester says.

"Thanks, Chester." Jake says.

"Chester, what about your skateboarding skills?" Trixie asks.

"Watch and learn, girl." Chester replies.

After more time, Spud wins the game (sorry, A.J. fans) and Chester and A.J. go back to the hotel before it's dark. A messenger Pixie brings Jake a message from Lao Shi.

"We must go to Gramps's shop. Hurry." Jake says.

"What's the rush, Jake? Timmy can wish us there quickly." Cosmo reminds the American Dragon.

"Oh, Timmy, you're the kid with Fairy Godparents Jake told me about?" Rose asks.

If you don't know how Rose can learn about Timmy's fairies without causing him to lose them you didn't read the loophole mentioned in the other two parts of my now trilogy.

"Right. And I wish we were at Lao Shi's shop." Timmy says.

Cosmo and Wanda lift their wands and POOF them to the shop.

"Young Dragon, any special reason for you to use Timmy Turner's Fairy Godparents to get here?" Lao Shi asks.

"I believed there would be no trouble." Jake answers.

"Jake, the magic of Fairy Godparents must only be used in case of emergency." Lao Shi says.

"What a nagger." Cosmo comments. "He just reminds me about Wanda." He notices her staring at him. "I said something stupid, right?"

"Anyway, kid, it's a good thing the boy with, may I say in front of Rose?" Fu Dog asks and they all nod. "It's a good thing the kid with Fairy Godparents is here because it might be of his concern. The Dragon Council got word from his spies that Chang is after some device that changes people's voices so she can use a kid's Fairy Godparents to make Dragons rulers of Earth. And since Timmy's the only one with Fairy Godparents as far as she knows ahe might be after him. After that no wonder the fairies won't tell us about their godchildren."

"Dude, which fairy would be stupid enough to fall for this trick?" Trixie asks.

They all stare at Cosmo, who doesn't have a time to ask why as Wanda explains about Trixie's doubt.

"It doesn't matter if the fairy knows or not who really makes the wish. Fairy Godparents must grant any wishes made using their godchildren's voices." Wanda says.

"Young Dragon, you must keep watching Timmy so he'll be safe from whatever Chang planned. It's a good thing his parents know the secret. Both yours and his." Lao Shi says.

"But my two best friends from Dimmsdale are here and we already made plans. What if Chang puts any of them in danger?" Timmy asks.

"Calling it off would be too suspicious but don't worry. We'll make sure you and your friends will be all safe." Lao Shi says.

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