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It's a Wishful Life – What Jorgen didn't Show

If you watched 'It's a Wishful Life' you probably wonder whatever happened to some characters not shown on that. But first let's review some things from the episode.

Chester McBadbat – In the alternate timeline Chester is Cosmo and Wanda's godchild. He no longer wears braces. He added two other trailers into the original one and makes wishes intending to benefit other people.

Elmer – He no longer has a large boil.

Vicky – Instead of being a babysitter she's Dr. Bender's assistant and administers the laughing gas, reducing pain instead of causing it.

Sophie Turner – Instead of having a son, Mom and Dad Turner have a girl like they always wanted. She's a very talented actress, director and writer who made her parents wealthy.

Mr. Bickles – He finally accomplished a 'long life' dream.

Francis – Without a target to bully he joined the football team and became a star who isn't mean to anybody. He now has a chance to get a scholarship.

Denzel Crocker – Without Timmy Turner to ruin his childhood he never got an obsession with Fairy Godparents and instead of teaching at an elementary school he teaches at Harvard's Dimmsdale Branch.

A.J. – Instead of being a bald student at Dimmsdale Elementary School he has a black power hair and is one of Crocker's students at Harvard Dimmsdale Branch.

Because of Jorgen's plan to test Timmy I believe there's a few things he didn't want Timmy to see. Before we start let's point out a few things I believe might be true in this story.

Principal Waxelplax – Because Crocker never got crazy about Fairy Godparents she never broke up with him. They are now a married couple.

Faye Crocker – A character created by 'jakndaxluver', Faye is Denzel and Geraldine Crocker's daughter. Because Crocker never got crazy about Fairies she was born earlier than in the 'Recipe for Disaster' trilogy. Being the Principal's daughter caused her (at least on my fic) to have no real friends as they shun her but being the daughter of a respected scientist who invented the cold fusion generator and won a Nobel Prize made her popular and rich enough to join the popular kids.

Alice Taylor – Because Denzel Crocker didn't become a schoolteacher she took the job at Dimmsdale Elementary School. She's an OC.

Dr. Bender – Because of one of Chester's wishes he's no longer mean, which caused his son Wendell to finally have friends and caused him to finally hire someone to administer the laughing gas. Because Bender is a good dentist now Chester and Tootie no longer have to wear braces.

Now let's begin the story.

Chester was tring to hide from Tootie (he's the target of her affections now) and succeeds the same way Timmy did in 'Oh, Brother'. But misses the bus because of that.

"Cosmo. Wanda." Chester calls for his Fairy Godparents.

They POOF him to school.

"That was close." Chester says relieved.

"What's wrong with Tootie? Why don't you simply wish her to be beautiful?" Cosmo asks.

"It's not that. I'm just not interested in girls yet." Chester explains.

"And besides, Cosmo, do you remember what happened the last time Chester used a wish to change someone's look?" Wanda angrily asks.

Flashback begins:

"Elmer lost his boil?" A surprised Alice Taylor asks. "It must be a work of FAIRY GODPARENTS!!!" She spazzes like Crocker does in the original timeline.

Flashback ends.

Unbeknownst to Chester, someone was watching him talking to Cosmo and Wanda. It was Faye Crocker.

"Did I see that right? Chester McBadbat has two Fairy Godparents?" Faye asks to her Fairy Godparents.

"Yes, my dear." Faye's Fairy Godparent, Mama Cosma, answers.

"Why didn't you tell me that?" Faye asks.

"Faye, dear. It's against Da Rules. You had to find out on your own and now that you did I am free to tell all I know about them." Mama Cosma explains.

"Do you know Chester's Fairy Godparents?" Faye asks.

"Yes. They are Cosmo, me beloved son, and his stupid wife, Wanda." Mama Cosma says, happily about Cosmo and angry about Wanda.

"What do you have against your daughter-in-law?" Faye asks, surprised.

"It's not specifically about her. I would feel the same about any woman who would try to take my Cosmo-lo-lo away from me." Mama Cosma explains.

"Why does he have two Fairy Godparents instead of one?" Faye asks.

"Because they are a married couple. But not for long if I can find a way to separate them." Mama Cosma explains.

"Now that I know Chester has Fairy Godparents may I tell him that I have a Fairy Godparent?" Faye asks.

"Yes, dear." Mama Cosma answers.

While Faye decides if she tells Chester or not about having a Fairy Godparent let's see how some other characters are going.

Alice thinks. "Some kid at this stupid school must have (screaming and spazzing) FAIRY GODPARENTS. (thinking) I just need a way to expose them (reads Doombringer's manual to fairy hunting and keeps thinking) I can't simply start giving them gold stars or else they're gonna get suspicious. I got it! I'm gonna use this school project."

Alice Taylor's students were assigned to take care of flour bags like they were their babies. Each 'baby' has got a couple of students as 'parents'. The couples include:

Chester and Tootie (much to Chester's dismay);

Sophie and Tad;

Faye and Chad;

Trixie and Sanjay; and

Veronica and Elmer.

At Tootie's house, Chester isn't too pleased at having to meet Tootie so often.

Chester whispers "Cosmo. Wanda. I wish I had another partner instead of Tootie."

"Sorry, Chester." Wanda says after hers and Cosmo's wands fail. "But Tootie loves you and" Cosmo and Chester say it with her. "magic cannot interfere with true love."

Sophie and Tad enter the Turner Mansion. Her parents greet her.

"Hi, Sophie. Hey, who's that boy with you?" Mr. Turner asks.

"He's Tad, my school project partner. May he stay here with me." Sophie explains.

"Fine, but don't let it take you a lot of time. You must be ready for the next advertisement." Mrs. Turner reminds her daughter.

"Thank you, Mom and Dad. I love you." Sophie says.

"We love your money." Mr. Turner says, causing Mrs. Turner to pull his left ear. "Ouch, I mean, we love you, too."

Faye and Chad go to her house.

"Mom, Dad, we're home." Faye says.

"Welcome home, Faye." Denzel says. "And this must be the Chad you said would be your partner at the flour bag project. Please make yourself at home. I would talk to you a little more but I must correct some tests from my students. I have some great expectations since they seem to be interested in Existencialism." Crocker gives a soft spazz.

"I'm glad Ms. Taylor is not doing some fairy-related thing that would embarrass the school." Principal Waxelplax says. "Please do your best."

This chapter ended being longer than expected. Next one will be ready as soon as I can. Please R&R.