The Project.

Summary: Three college students have an interesting project that will affect their lives forever. KyuuNaru! ItaOc SasuOc

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WARNINGS! The story contains YAOI – BOYxBOY SEX! And lemons :3 OC char.

Pairings: KyuuNaru , ItaOc ,SasuOc – main. And a lot of side pairings like: SasoDei, KakuHida, etc….X3

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"So let me understand…you three college students want to enter my private high school for an idiotic project?" asked a blond woman with really huge boobs.

"Umm…yes!" answered the three figures in determination.

"Hmmm...I like you guys. Ok, but no one needs to know about this except me." she said cheerfully.

"Hai, Tsunade sama!" The three said together.

"Now you can leave" Tsunade said. With that the trio went out of her office.

The brown curly haired girl sighed "I thought she will never accept this". "Yeah…we need to get fake names for both of us…" another female slightly taller from the other one said. "You are lucky bastard Kyuu-chan. You don't need to disguise yourself as a male." Said the curly one. The red head smirked "Serves you right! So Liz, what about the fake names for you two?" . "I already thought about one already" said Liz lazily. "oh! What is it?" asked Beatris curiously. "Sawi Ren" (A/N: xDD) she said proudly. Kyuubi and Beatris started laughing loudly. Liz gave them a questioningly gaze, while the other two calmed themselves. "And what is your name smartass?!" questioned Liz with a pout. "My name is Tohno Akira" Beatris said with a smile. "Bahh…whatever. Both names sucks" said Kyuubi with a chuckle.

----After two weeks----

"Class, be quiet! We have three new students in our class" said a man with a scar across his nose.

The class turned their attention to the three new students.

"Introduce yourselves" said Iruka with a soft smile.

A teen in his 16's with a deep brown long hair that tied in a low ponytail with a purple long nag. Honey-brown colored eyes with a pierced ears (right ear- one earring, left ear – three earrings) and a very feminine face, said "Hey, I'm Sawi Ren." The figure next to him had blue-grey colored eyes slightly shorter then 'Ren' with pierced ears (right ear- two earrings, left ear – one earring) and a raven hair that felled loosely until the shoulders with a long nag and a very feminine face, said "Hi…umm..i'm Tohno Akira". And the last figure with a long spiky crimson red hair with black stripes in the tip of his hair. He's golden sharp eyes shined with amusement as he said "I'm Kyuubi no Kitsune." He smirked evilly. As he leaned his firm and muscular body on the blackboard.

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