The Project

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"So…about what project did he mentioned?" asked Naruto.

'Oh, shit' though Kyuubi and Ren together as they looked at each other.

Ch. 6

"Ummm…you know…coffee…" said Ren. Naruto looked puzzled and tried to say something but, suddenly the door flew open and Sasuke shouted "Tobi is burning your bed!"

"Wth? How did he do that?" yelled Kyuubi as he ran towards his room. Sasuke stood there and looked over the room. "Where is Akira?" he asked and looked at Ren who pointed over the bed where Akira was lying messily. Sasuke walked to Akira and started to shake the sleeping teenager till he woke up.

"Wha-what happened? Oh-black thing! Hi!" said Akira as he rubbed his eyes and yawned. Sasuke ignored the name and let Akira go.

"Do you remember the assignment that we got in biology?"


"Are you an idiot?"

"Do you want to die young?" asked Akira with a scary looking face.

Ren flinched and whispered in horror "he got 'the look'"

Sasuke just glared at Akira and dragged him to the library. They found empty seats and sat down. "Do you remember what Zetsu-sensei told is in the class about the assignment?" asked Sasuke. "No" said Akira flatly. Sasuke started to grumble "why the hell I got paired with an idiot like you?!", "Well, at least I'm not some black and lonely thing!" shouted Akira. The librarian stared at him and Akira mumbled a quiet "sorry". "First, I'm-not-lonely and second I'm not black!" shouted an irritated Sasuke "If you two aren't going to shut up, I will kick you from the library right now!" the librarian shouted, "sorry" the two mumbled. "Anyway, let get to work" Akira.


After a couple of hours Akira returned to the dorms and entered to his room with a dead look on his face. "What happened, Aki-chan?" asked Ren. "Don't ask…" hissed Akira. "He…he…he is to smart for me!" shouted Akira in frustration. "You will never guess what happened to me on the computer! There was this robot dude and he was writing to me and bugging me, so I told him he was gay, but then he said that it's pathetic that I'm insulting a computer!"

"Wow…so fascinating…"

"No it's not! It's sad!" whined Ren

"Whatever you say…"

"That's it!" Ren yelled dramatically as he took a pen "good bye cruel world!" and then he made the face of a 'kicked puppy' and started –tried- to cut his wrists with the pen.

"Oh…so tragic...omg what shall I do?!...that's so emo…! No..!" said sarcastically Akira, then Naruto came into the room and yelled "what the hell is he doing?"

"Going emo…" said Akira.

"Oh…so…how was your date with Sasuke?"

"Yea, yea! You didn't tell me!" yelled Ren beaming and jumping like a happy puppy.

"Do you want to die young? Both you?!" hissed angrily Akira.

"N-n-no" shuttered Naruto and Ren.

After 5 minutes or so, Kyuubi came into the room, spotted Akira and jumped on him. "Why the hell did you say that?! Why?! You idiot!?" he yelled as he shook Akira. Akira looked at him with 'the look' and asked angrily "do you want to die young?". Kyuubi immediately let him go and stepped back. Akira stood up and dusted himself.

"First, I didn't go on a date with Sasuke …and I wouldn't date him…ever! And second' WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT KYUUBI?!" shouted Akira angrily. Ren came to Akira and whispered in his ear "you talked about the project in front of Naru-chan"

"Oh…fuck…sorry" said Akira.

"It's fine"

"What are you talking about?" asked Naruto.

"Coffee?" answered Ren.

"Whatever. I'm going to buy some ice cream and play (torture) with Sasuke" said Naruto and walked out of the room.

"You're not going after him?" asked Akira.

"No, I need to talk to you guys about our project"


"The professor called me and said that the project will be our graduating project, so instead of staying here a month…will be here till the end of the year"

"Awesome!" said Ren.

"ha? Ahahah…you are not serious are you? Ha…haha… you are joking me right?! Tell me it is not true?!!! #$#$#&$$$&W# nooooooooooooooo!!! Why?!"

"'Cause, the professor said so…and it's fun so why not?" said Kyuubi.

"But I miss the university. This place is crawling with idiots!"

"Idiots like you?" asked Ren.

"Do you want to die young?"

"Sorry. You're the smartest of all, the great Satan!"

"I'm not a Satan! I just like tormenting people. That's all".

"Anyway…how are you doing with your reports?" asked the red head.

"Fine…" answered Akira.

"Ok! No penguins around!" Ren said happily.

"Wth? Idiot. Not about penguins, about the guys!" said Akira.

"Oh. It was soooooooooo boooooring. But I wrote a little…"

"You wrote something like 'I'm bored' or 'holy shit! Itachi!'?"

"What is Itachi has to do with my report?"

"You are drooling all over the poor guy"

"No, I'm not"

"Oh…liz here is Itachi!"

"Huh?! Where, where??"

"I made my point"

"What point?" asked Ren dumbfounded.

"Never mind idiot…"

"Wow…Liz…I never thought that you are into old geezers" said Kyuubi.

"What old geezers?"

"Itachi! We are talking about Itachi! You idiot!" yelled Akira.

"So…what Itachi has to do with old geezers?" asked puzzled Liz.

"Ho! That's it I give up I can't take it anymore"


The day after, Friday, all woke up and went to their first lesson, biology. Zetsu-sensai took them to the library to work on their assignments. Akira was trying to reach a book from a very high shelf, so he took a chair and stood on it, but still didn't reach the damn book. Sasuke stood behind on the floor and tried to direct Akira "left..right…no,no..up!..left..that's it!". Akira was standing on one leg and was kinda falling. "'t fall…nonono!". Akira fell on his back right on Sasuke, "Ow,ow,ow ouuuuuuch" said Akira in pain. He turned around and was facing Sasuke's face. "Umm..hehe..sorry…I didn't mean to fall on you..hehe" Akira said with a little flush on his face. "Eh…that's ok …I think" stuttered Sasuke. They looked at each other a moment or two, with a blush on their face. "Ah! Sorry..hehe" Akira said as he removed himself from Sasuke. They stood up, looked at each other and returned to work, acting like nothing has happened.

Kyuubi and Ren saw the scene and smirked. "Hey Kyuubi, do you think what I think?"

"Maybe? Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?!" asked Ren happily.

"Are you thinking wh-" Kyuubi was rudely cut off by Naruto who yelled "Will you knock it off already? I think their cute together" as he watched Akira and Sasuke working together.

"Hmmm..I was thinking about ice cream…but they are cute together…yeah…cookies and ice cream, the best couple around" said Ren. Naruto just rolled his eyes but agreed with Ren. "So, Kyuubi, what were you thinking about?" the blond asked curiously.

"You…Me…chocolate…naked…in my bed" said Kyuubi with a huge perverted grin. Naruto's face was as red as Kyuubi's hair and kicked Kyuubi in his groin. "Stupid pervert" Naruto yelled at him and walked away to Tobi.


Everyone went to their next period after the bell rang. Kyuubi was excited about who knows what, when lots of other students looked nervous and scared. They all took their regular seats and saw that Kakashi walk in. "Hello kids, and welcome to sex education! I'll be your teacher" the teacher greeted happily.

"BANZAI!!" yelled Kyuubi and Ren joined him.

"Wow, you're excited" said Akira and looked over at Ren and asked "Why the hell are you excited?".

"We're getting ice cream!" Ren answered happily.

"No we're not, you idiot" said Akira

"Hey Ren!" yelled a boy in the class


"You can lick my ice-cream any time...I think you can find it very tasty"

"What flavor is it?" Ren asked innocently.

"Wait a sec, I'll be right back, don't move" said a furious Akira and went to beat the shit out of the idiot who harassed his best friend. (A/N: friendship power go!! XD) "If you'll get near him one more time you'll wake up in the morning in south Brazil, naked, breathing through a tube" Akira hissed coldly to the said boy. Akira walked back to his sit and sighed "god, you're so innocent sometimes".

"What did I do?" whined Ren.

"Nothing, just shut up".

Kakashi took out from a big box a giant silicone penis "Ok kids, who want to put a condom on Mr. Giggles?" asked Kakashi-sensei.

"I do! I do!" Kyuubi yelled.

"Alright, come Naruto-kun"


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