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Summary (full) - Charlie and Hermione go back in time to try and sort everything out. However they go too far, they meant to go back a few years, not twenty, trapped there without anyone else they try to change the future.

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Hermione Granger looked around the great hall tears silently sliding down her face, seeing only the bodies of those she loved lying not moving scattered across the hall. The death eaters bodies had also been removed to a chamber, somewhere in the castle, so the people who had died didn't need to be with them any longer than they had to. All the Weasley's minus Charlie were dead, Remus, Tonks and Harry were to, and she sniffed trying to stop the tears. She ran out of the great hall followed closely by Charlie.

Running into Moaning Murtal's bathroom she slowed down to a walk and walked over to where the opening to the chamber of secrets was. Staring into the mirror above the sink she carefully examined the changed that had taken place to her, taller, curly not bushy hair and a figure, not the same Hermione Granger a lot had changed not the looks but personality to, where as before she'd been a quiet little bookworm now she had style and a personality.

Staring harder into the reflection she saw Charlie Weasley sprint in behind her and almost slam into her, skidding to a halt just behind her. She smiled a watery smile at him and looked him over mahogany red hair, hard brown eyes that looked like they'd seen to much suffering, and scars across his face.

He still looked scarily handsome though, but she shrugged of that though as quickly as it came. Now was not the time.

She and Charlie had become close in the last year; he'd helped them with their search, and let them know how the outside world was doing with them.

She smiled at him, a ghost of her old smile and turned round. Together they walked out of the bathroom down the corridors up to where the door to the room of requirement and Gryffindor tower were. Abruptly a door appeared in front of them, looking to be pure gold with silver writing across the frame.

Change history as much as you want.

Going through this door allows changes to be made.

History to be re-written,

But at a price.

As two go through,

And one soon joins,

Only two will come back

"I suppose it's worth a try isn't it?" he questioned.

"Yes, but just how far will be go, maybe we need to think of a time, like a date, and it will take us there. We could end up in the Victorian times couldn't we?" She said.

"I Doubt that, nothing important happened then except Grindlewald was born.

Shall we try it?"

"Yes, I think we'd better."

He put his arm around her shoulder and together they open the door and walked forward together into blackness.


She was spinning, like portkey travel, but she as also traveling by time, she recognized the feeling, and she clung tighter to Charlie and felt him doing the same to her. Without warning quite suddenly it stopped and she hit the ground with a loud thump. She stayed still for minuets letting the dizziness settle before opening her eyes and looking around. At least were not in Victorian times. Without warning she felt a sharp poke and an intake of breath from Charlie, she turned to see where he was looking, towards the Gryffindor table, sitting there among the students was a boy with untidy jet-black hair and dark brown eyes James Potter.

She was pulled up by Charlie and they made their way together towards the heads table. As they were going she realized something.

"Oh my gods, Charlie were covered in blood and scratch marks, what are they going to think?" She whispered franticly.

"Hopefully not the truth" he whispered back then he added "at least they can't see our faces; everyone would recognize me as a Weasley."

Pulling her hood lower over her face the walked she walked over to the heads table. They reached the heads table and Hermione asked the Dumbledore of that day if they could have a private word.

"Yes I think we should, just one minuet." He said in a concerned voice.

He turned back towards the students and said in a much louder voice "Students continue eating please I will be back shortly".

They walked out of the great hall into a room behind and Hermione put a silencing charm on the door. Dumbledore turned to look at them and she became aware of the fact that the Dumbledore in her time was dead killed, by the man who was just behind the door sitting on the Slytherin table.

"I don't know where to begin sir," she said in a tiny voice.

"Well I genially think it's a good idea to start at the begging and work your way forwards my dear," He said with a twinkle in his eye.

Charlie who hadn't said anything since he had informed Hermione of James said in a strong voice "but first sir what year is it?"

"1979 my dear boy why" he replied obviously confused.

"Oh, I though as much, we're from 20 years in the future, my name is Charlie Weasley and this is Hermione Granger. We were fighting the final battle, and needless to say we lost. Voldemort died but in the process we lost everyone we loved, were alone except for each other. We were walking to Gryffindor tower when this door appeared saying 'Change history as much as you want going through this door allows changes to be made history to be re-written but at a price as two go through and one soon joins only two will come back' so we went though to try and change everything, we only meant to go back a year or two, but we came back to many, but it's for a obvious reason, I just don't know what it is yet."

"Ahh that might be a problem, I insist you stay here, placed in the house you were in before you left, 7th year Gryffindor right?" He directed this comment to Hermione and she replied with a nod. The next one however was directed to Charlie "Now we need a new Care of Magical creature's teacher, would you be up to the job?" he asked.

"Yes I'd love to be care of magical creature's teacher. I worked with dragons in Romania so it should be O.K" he replied

"Excellent" said Dumbledore his blue eyes sparkling. "But I think for safety you should change your names, how about Juliette Viridian, the writer of Curses and counter-curses is your grandfather who is Vindictus Viridian. Don't worry he's a friend of mine, I'll simply tell him about you. He could be a great help." He said before Hermione got a chance to open her mouth "you're status is pureblood and you used to go to Beauxbatans, but you moved to Hogwarts because it's got a better curriculum. And you Mr. Weasley can become Mr. Carl Smith, muggleborn, and trained American auror. You don't have an American accent because you've lived in England most your life."

"That would be fine sir," said Juliette in a much lighter voice.

Dumbledore started walking back towards the door but when his hand was on the doorknob he stopped. "Are you both members of the order then, and how advanced are you? Also I think you should change you appearance you could be to easily recognized."

This time it wasn't Hermione who answered but Charlie "yes we are members of the Order, and I am a fair wizard, but Hermione is brilliant, she was often called the cleverest witch of her age, and also is an animagus and also can do non verbal and wand less magic."

"Okay then, you will both keep working for the Order if that is okay, and I suggest you follow me, once you've changed you appearance and clothes, so I can introduce you to the school." And with that notion Dumbledore walked through the door and left.

"I suppose we should do the spell then Harry." Hermione smirked before conjuring up a mirror. She muttered "Glamorizes" and pointed her wand at her hair, her hair changed, she now had bright pink highlights and it was a darker brown, she then pointed it at her eyes, which went from chocolate brown to hazel. She then pointed her wand at her robes and they were gone, in there place was a pair of skinny jeans and tank top.

Charlie copied her changing his hair to black and he had bright blue eyes. He changed his bloodstained robes to a pair of quite tight denim jeans and a top with the American flag on it, for a good effect, which showed his 6pack, a nice 6pack thought Hermione, No don't think this, Ron's brother, Ron's brother. You can't think that sort of thing Hermione. Once they were done they walked through the door into the great hall.

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